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This is a show about three thirty-something dads and their quest to collect and play as many games as possible while attending to family responsibilities.

This is a show about three thirty-something dads and their quest to collect and play as many games as possible while attending to family responsibilities.
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This is a show about three thirty-something dads and their quest to collect and play as many games as possible while attending to family responsibilities.




Episode 37 - PRGE 2018!! Halloween Nostalgia Feels, Fighting Robots, and Buried Import Hidden Treasure

Join the fellas as we discuss our recent visit to Portland to attend the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. We cover our Videogame Book Club Picks of Techromancer for the Sega Dreamcast and Uforia for the mighty Nintendo Entertainment System.


Episode 36 - PSX mini classic, Twisted Metal, New Switch?, Beatemups, Portland Expo prep, Safest way to travel, SNES Omnibus

In this fun filled episode we have a full house, all 4 dads talk Playstation classic, Polymega funded, Beatemups collection, a New Switch on the horizon, plane crashes, Retro expo prep, while we delay the BookClub and talk about an actual book, The Snes Omnibus


Episode 35 - NPR Impersonators, Bonus Interviews with Radical Reggie and Adam Koralik, Legendary Wings, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Arcade 1Up, Polymega, Neo Geo Mini

In this action Packed episode, we discuss our VGBC picks of Legendary Wings for NES, Jojo for Dreamcase, Polymega, Arcade 1UP machines, Neo Geo Mini, and special edition PS4. We also cover some view feedback and discuss our upcoming trip to Portland Retro Gaming Expo. A little Dadding thrown in for good measure too. Bonus Content at the end: Interviews with Radical Reggie and Adam Koralik.


Episode 34 - MoGameCon!!, Mortal Kombat, Metal Jesus Crew, Rampage

In this special episode Ben and Shane share their gaming convention pickups, sales, and much more. From Fatalities to Friendship we talk Mortal Kombat, Rampage, meeting fans, and the awesome Youtubers from the northwest. BONUS Interviews with con organizer Jake Friedel and Kelsey Lewin of Pink Gorilla. Find us on Facebook at


Episode 33 - Top 5 Most Wanted Items, Shinobi 2, Armada, Micro Machines guy alive?!?, Mortal Kombat Babality

In Ep. 33 The guys talk Dreamcast shooter Armada, Shinobi 2, Motor Mouth 80s commercial guy, Pre-convention check list, MoGameCon, and our top 5 gaming related dream pickups.


Episode 32- Adam Discusses His New Little Gamer, Michael Organizes Our First Videogame Swap Meet, and We Try to Decide When to Stop Keeping Up with New Games

In Episode 32, Adam discusses his new adoption, the guys talk about our first swap meet (organized by Michael), we discuss some listener mail, and we dish on our Videogame Book Club picks of Drakkengard for PS2 and Zombie's Revenge for Dreamcast.


Episode 31 - N64 Wrestling Renaissance, Genesis game hidden *not a gem, Dreamcast Rulez!, Hot Potato

In this episode Shane and Ben talk about the glory days of wrestling and the wonder of the N64, Normys Beach babe-o-rama for the Genesis and Hot Potato is another new sponsor, can we just make a Dreamcast episode already? Haha would anyone want that?


Episode 30 - Shane Shares Fantastic News, A Few of Our Favorite Things, Splatterhouse 2 for the Sega Genesis, and Silicon Valley for N64

In this episode, Shane gives us a wonderful update regarding his daughter's cancer treatment, we cover some of our favorite things, and we discuss our Video Game Book Club picks of Splatterhouse 2 for the Sega Genesis and Silicon Valley for N64.


Episode 29 - Epic Pick-ups, NES Gang Recruitment, Mischief Makers, and Ghosts of Collecting Future

Join the guys for another trip down memory lane. In this episode, we discuss our Video Game Book Club picks of Crash and the Boys for NES and Mischief Makers for the N64. Also, Michael and Adam discuss a couple of big game pick-ups, and we think about our future goals in collecting. Adam's Pick-up Video with Shane Michaels Pick-up Video


Episode 28 - The Topless Episode, Comicon, Blast Corps, Birthdays, Getting Older, Pick-ups

Join us as we discuss our Video Game Book Club Picks of Blast Corps (N64) and Lone Ranger (NES). We also do some dumpster diving, talk about Date Night at Game Night, and share recent pickups.


Episode 27 - Super NT, Retro USB AVS, Disney World, Kickle Cubicle, Snow Board Kids 2, and More Games with Bad Names!

Join Shane, Michael, and Adam for our discussion of the VGBC picks of Kickle Cubicle for the NES and Snow Board Kids 2 for the N64. We talk about Adam's recent trip to Disney World. We explore horrible game names from the 90's. Come join us!


Episode 26 - Street Fighter the Movie the game for Sega Saturn, Walt Disney World Plans, Peripherals, Completing Video Game Sets, and Baby Seals on Slip n' Slides

Join four video game dads as we discuss our Video Game Book Club picks of Street Fighter the Movie the game and Astal for the Sega Saturn. We also dive into the topic of completionist collecting for a single system, our favorite gaming peripherals, announce a recently completed set (and a near-complete set), and talk about Adam's Disney World trip plans. Next weeks Video Game Book Club Picks are Kickle Cubicle for the NES and Snow Board Kids 2 for the N64. Opening and closing music from...


Episode 25 - Saturn Bomberman, Nintendo Labo, Adam gets profiled while shopping for Zelda

The trio is back together again to talk about our VGBC picks of Saturn Bomberman and Extra Innings. All three OG dads are back and better than ever. Find out our thoughts on Nintendo cardboard, and listen to our tales of videogame shopping gone wrong. Find us on Facebook at or YouTube by searching "videogame dads" or using this handy link:


Episode 24 - Videogame Road Trip, Struggles of Upper Respiratory Infections, the Aftermath of Christmas, and an Interview with Author Brett Weiss

We're back with the first episode of 2018! Join Adam, Shane, and our Friend, Michael, while we discuss our videogame road trip, Christmas, challenges of upper respiratory infections, and pink eye. We also have an interview with a fantastic author, Brett Weiss. Plenty of videogame shenanigans await!


Episode 23 - Super Mario Odyssey, The Best Videogame Years, Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen for Playstation 1, Muramasa for the Wii, and a new guest host

In this episode, we cover our Videogame Book Club picks of Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen for PlayStation 1 and Muramasa: The Demon Blade for the Nintendo Wii. We also discuss some of the best years in Video Game History as well as picking our favorite. We also discuss our newest Pickup of Mario Odyssey. We are also joined by a guest host and Benjamin's childhood friend, Chris. Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen Muramasa: The Demon Blade...


Episode 22- Our First Anniversary! Videogame book club picks of Battle Cars and Steel Harbinger, Ben gets a NIntendo Switch, the future of retro videogame prices, and much more

All three guys are back! We discuss our first year of the podcast. Listen to our tales of Videogame Book Club picks, discuss a wide variety of topics, get to some listener mail, and have some fun! Opening and closing music from King of Fighters '98. You can get the soundtrack on iTunes. You need to see Steel Harbinger FMV scenes: Battle Cars:


Episode 21 - SNES Classic delights a special girl, Little Nemo: The Dream Master, RIP Hugh Hefner, Scalpers are bad, JUICY FRUIT, Wrestling with the Handheld HOLLA!

SNES Mini CLassic is out and Shane's daughter Lexi is thrilled. Little Nemo for the NES is really really good. Scalpers are really really bad. Playboy is without its Captain. "It" is worth it to go see. Our new VideoGame Book Club Pick is in. Juicy Fruit is great to sniff And put in your mouth.


Episode 20 - Nintendo Direct, Shane is here (!), Sunset Riders, Sega Dreamcast turns 18, Gaming regrets

Shane returns in this episode! We talk about the new Nintendo Direct, discuss our VGBC picks of Sunset Riders and Double switch, pick a new name for the "Handheld Minute," remember the Dreamcast launch 18 years ago and feel old at the same time, and talk about a few gaming regrets!


Episode 19 - Sega CD, a hidden gem platformer, Android Assault, Mountain Dew Xbox and Gamecube Kiosk pick-ups, and kids growing up

Hello again! In this episode, we discuss the VGBK picks of Plok and Android Assault, profile the Sega CD, talk about kids and family, and detail our recent pickups in addition to a few other surprises. Android assault: Plok!


Episode 18 - Maniac Mansion, Ben Cradles Rare Prototype, MoGameCon, SNES Classic Pwn'd, Sonic Mania, N-Gage

Join us as we discuss the VGBC picks of Maniac Mansion and Silent Debuggers, we talk about Missouri Game Con and our experience there, and we share the trials of obtaining the elusive SNES classic preorder. Also, a Lexie update with good news! Maniac Mansion: Silent Debuggers: Lexie: