Interviewing interesting people with interesting careers. Plus! Free Australian employment law questions answered by an employment lawyer.

Interviewing interesting people with interesting careers. Plus! Free Australian employment law questions answered by an employment lawyer.






Interviewing interesting people with interesting careers. Plus! Free Australian employment law questions answered by an employment lawyer.




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Episode 8 Series 2. Jim Casey. Current Firefighter, former Union Leader and much more.

WorklawyersFM is in the studio with Senior Firefighter, former Union Secretary and Greens Candidate Jim Casey. It hasn't always been this uneventful though. From gardener's labourer to cleaner, to short order cook to grabbing a Bachelor of Sociology, all these career avenues put Jim on the road to being a Firefighter and then the elected Secretary of the New South Wales Fire Brigades Employee Union, leading the only general strike of firefighters in living memory Australia wide that hosed...


Episode 7, Season 2. Megan Oliver. A no nonsense tattoo artist with a fantastic portfolio her clients love

WorkLawyersFM meets Megan Oliver: one of the best tattoo artists around with a fantastic portfolio of work and a great capacity to make art that looks great and (speaking from experience) her clients love. While it all began measuring soil samples and weighing worms, Megan quickly realised tattooing allowed her to be an artist and not live in poverty. Working in NZ, the UK and Australia, Megan now does her body art at Little Tokyo in Sydney. We explore getting what you pay for, art vs craft...


Episode 6, Season 2 [Ex] Senator Lee Rhiannon: An animal loving, political animal that is a bright burning light of progressive politics.

Lee Rhiannon is in the studio and in depth on WorkLawyersFM! We discuss the glory of working at Woolworths Bondi Junction and being the first woman to get a job as a keeper at Taronga zoo. Then we talk getting into the Greens and the importance of having a world view. Flip to greedy people and an explanation of disruptive conservatives and what its like to have lots of enemies in lots of places. Oh and there's that 20 year Parliamentary career in the NSW and Australian Senate too. Tune in to...


Episode 5, Season 2: Dan the Cop/ Private Investigator

Pour yourself some hard liquor before you meet Dan. A quietly spoken and thoughtful gentleman who abandoned a somewhat unpromising career as an optometrist in exchange for a 17 year career with the NSW Police Force that culminated in a further conviction of one of Australia’s badest arses- the one belonging to Neddy Smith: A senior Sydney gangster, industrial scale heroin dealer, brawler, convicted rapist and multiple murderer. Not settling for that, Dan now works for a Private Investigation...


Episode 4, Season 1: Simmo the B737 Pilot

What do you get when you mix a pre internet era stock market "boy" , with hospo work and the determination to become an aviation pilot? You get a person that has worked their way up through the nuts and bolts of the general aviation industry including working as an aircraft refueller at a regional airport, to flying in and around Darwin, a range of night freight routes in NSW to now work at a major Australian Airline operating as a Captain of the B737. Ladies and Gentlemen, please ensure...


Episode 3 Season 1. Kate Gleeson. From the Newcastle dole office to international expert.

Question: What do Newcastle, the recession 'we had to have', a Greenpeace call centre, the regulation of sex and working for the Vietnamese Office for the National status of Women have in common? Answer: They've all been influences upon the fantastically diverse career of Kate Gleeson; culminating but by no means over as an academic teaching law and politics at Macquarie University. Whip smart. Funny. And an exploration into the not at all ivory towers of the Australian tertiary education...


Episode 2 Season 1: Mark Riboldi, Spin Doctor, Political Staffer and Communicator

Meet Mark Riboldi. A genuine strategic thinker. Accomplished in politics, media relations and lobbying Parliament and the frequently odd personalities that frequent it. A perfect addition to your strategy group unless you want him to work in your tobacco warehouse. True story. Listen, learn and laugh.


Episode 1, Season 1: Wendy Bacon: journalist, activist and academic. Queen trouble maker and proud of it.

WorkLawyersFM's inaugural show hosts Wendy Bacon - where we discuss her first job, what its like working for Channel 9 and broadsheet media when money was no object, meeting Kerry Packer in unusual circumstances, protesting, breaking the law and of course, getting arrested. Our WorkLawyersFM legal question explores the significance of making Unfair Dismissal claims within 21 days of being sacked and what kind of facts can permit an application to be late. Hint: not many really.