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Vaping, E-cigarettes and Electronic Smoking Devices

This week we are joined by Dr. Richard Deming from MercyOne Des Moines Cancer Center to discuss the dangers of e-cigarettes and vaping, and the outbreak of severe lung disease associated with vaping. Dr. Deming is also the founder of Above and Beyond Cancer, a public charity with a mission to elevate the lives of those touched by cancer, to create a healthier world. The group's journeys have led participants to places like Mount Everest Base Camp and the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. November is...


Solutions for Stress

This week we take a deeper dive into techniques for managing stress. Colby and Sheri talk about some proven methods to bring a little bit of peace to your life, and explain why stress isn’t always a bad thing! Do you have any stress management tips to share? Send us your feedback by emailing Your Best Life - powered by MercyOne


Holiday Stresses & Winter Blues

We "gained" an hour with the end of Daylight Saving, but here come shorter days, longer nights and colder weather! We're joined by psychologist Dan Ekstrom and Chris Latta, director of Behavioral Health and Emergency Care at MercyOne Northeast Iowa, to discuss the impact these colder, shorter days can have on our well-being. We'll cover seasonal affective disorder (SAD), different stresses the holidays can bring - such as financial stress or family stress - as well as general discussion...


Flu and Flu Shots

It's flu season! In this episode, we're joined by pediatrician Dr. Daniel Wright to talk about influenza. We discuss why it's important for most people to get a flu shot, why there are sometimes shortages in vaccine, what influenza is, and why it's different than the "stomach flu." We all learned something in this discussion and bet you will too! Send us your feedback and questions by emailing Your Best Life - powered by MercyOne


Breast Cancer Screening

It's October, and that means this episode is all about breast health! We're joined by Dr. Meghna Krishnan, a radiologist fellowship-trained in breast imaging; and Kelly Flaucher, supervisor of breast care at MercyOne Waterloo Breast Center. Learn about risk factors for breast cancer, why it's important to know your breast density, breast screening tips and much more. Send us your feedback and questions by emailing Your Best Life - powered by MercyOne


Holiday Weight Gain

October brings colder weather, Halloween candy, and we’re looking ahead to holiday gatherings and big holiday meals! We’re joined by Registered Dietitian Virginia Brown for some expert advise about holiday eating, and general guidelines to follow when it comes to our daily diet. Should you skip meals to make room for a big holiday meal? Do trending diets work? We cover a wide range of topics to help you keep the weight off over winter. Send us your feedback and questions by emailing...


Some Relief for Incontinence

In this episode, Sheri and Merriam are joined by Physical Therapist Bryndee Nichols for some "real talk" about an issue that many women (and some men) have to deal with: incontinence. Why does it happen? How can it be treated? We sort out some fact vs. fiction, and what people can do to provide them some relief. Send us your feedback by emailing Your Best Life - powered by MercyOne


Know Your Numbers!

Do you know your numbers? Cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, body fat, body mass index (BMI)... What does it all mean?!? Why should anyone care? Sheri, Colby, Merriam and Deb explain the number games. Send us your feedback and questions by emailing Your Best Life - powered by MercyOne


Tackling Concussions

We're tackling fall sports and concussions in this episode! We're joined by Adrian Rains, PA-C, ATC, a family medicine provider who spent several years as an athletic trainer; and Colby shares his experiences as a long-time high school football coach. What are signs of a concussion? How many concussions can an athlete have before it's not safe? What needs to happen before an athlete can return to their sport? It's not all about football, we cover women's sports too! Send your feedback to...


Don't Be a Dumbbell, Start Using Them!

Don't be a dumbbell, start using them instead! On this episode, Sheri, Colby & Merriam discuss the importance of strength training! It's not all about bulking up, it's a key to life and living! Send us your feedback by emailing Your Best Life - powered by MercyOne


What is Wellness?

Welcome to Your Best Life - powered by MercyOne! In our debut podcast, Sheri & Colby discuss: What is "wellness?" How well are you? When was the last time you did something for yourself to be more well? How long did you stick to it? What are the struggles of being well? How do you conquer them to start a more healthy and well life? Email your feedback to