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Shopping for a Medicare Insurance Plan? Two popular areas to avoid

Not a day goes by that some one doesn't call me and say " I can't believe how bad some of the Medicare advice has been when I called _ _ _ _" ( intentionally blank ). Just had another call today from Ingrid in Texas. She had been listening to my Podcasts to educate herself and than the problem began. She went to the Internet and started doing her research ( which I recommend...) but made a call and got into a call center and before she knew it, she enrolled into a plan because the sales...


Want to switch to a Medicare Insurance Plan from a Medicare Advantage?

For decades I have had to tell people they could not move from a Medicare Advantage to a Medicare Supplement. We also told people no if they just wanted tho switch Medicare Supplement plans. Well, great news..... that has all changed now! I will unpack some of the concerns you should be aware of... better yet, feel free to just call me for your Free Medicare Consultation or Checkup. Thanks, Tracy McManamon 877-549-1212


Free great Medicare Preventative benefits you are probably not aware of

Hopefully, you have taken advantage of these services if you are already on Medicare. If not, please be aware of just how great these services are for you and the numerous benefits to your long-term health. Now is the time to know and understand them. This is the top guide ( produced by Medicare ) I hand out to each and every new client or in my free consultations. Call 877-549-1212, or email me for your free guide. I am happy to provide them to you via...


Best way to compare Medicare Plans

After nearly 30 years of helping folks to learn, understand and to educate them on the numerous benefits of Medicare, I developed this handy easy to download tool. This tool is something you should complete ( not to worry, ... it should only take about 10 minutes ) with your insurance broker when shopping for Medicare and deciding between an Advantage or Supplement plan. Take this checklist with you when you are meeting/shopping for the best Medicare plan with your insurance...


Big Medicare changes for 2018

Today's brief podcast announces and explains some of the changes coming to Medicare for 2018. These are some of the changes that I am asked about daily with Medicare beneficiaries. It is hard to believe it has taken this long to make these changes but they are surely some important changes you will approve of. Please remember to subscribe now to Your Medicare Benefits Podcast channel. Lots of great news and money saving tips to announce for seniors. The program deals with issues and topics...


Medicare Supplement: Pro's and Con's

Are you trying to unravel all the different Medicare Supplement plans? What about the Medigap Plans? Did you know there are 11 different Medicare Supplement and Medigap Plans. Which one is best for you? Are any of them affordable and how do they work? Can I keep my doctor? Will this Medicare Supplement be accepted everywhere I want to go? These are the questions I am going to answer today for you so you can stop "googling" all those different websites and God forbid, calling one of the...


Medicare Advantage- The Real Pro's and Con's

So what is a Medicare Advantage program and how does it really work? Well, a Medicare Advantage replaces traditional Medicare or Medicare Parts A and B. If you do not select a Medicare Advantage and just go with Medicare, than your claims are handled by Medicare. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan than you are working with a traditional Medicare Insurance carrier such as AETNA, Medical Mutual or Blue Cross Blue Shield or one of the many other carriers involved in the Medicare Advantage.


Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement

Are you confused about all the differences in Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans? Which one is best for you? Well before you make your final selection as to which route you want and desire for your health care needs ( likely for the rest of your life), you need to properly compare a Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement Plans. Which one is right and best for you?


Best Medicare Supplement Discounts and Savings Tips

Top tips to save on your Medicare Supplement. Unless money grows on trees in your backyard, you'll want to listen in to these unique top tips to save on your Medicare Supplement. For some reason, many " Medicare Sales Agents" never talk about these benefits yet they could end of saving you thousands over your lifetime if you understand the options, discounts and "freebies" given to you if you enroll in the right Medicare Supplement Plan.


Best Medicare Supplement

The most popular question I receive on a daily basis is " What is the Best Medicare Supplement Plan" for me or my spouse. It really boils down to three choices. Plan F, Plan G or Plan N. I will walk you through, step by step, the three most popular plans offered by Medicare today. Well, those are the top three plans nationwide, but it is important to understand how each plan will work and why one of these plans is likely to best for you. Medicare offers 11 plans nationally, but not all...


Medicare Supplement Plans F and G Comparison - One Source Benefits

Before you select your Medicare Supplement Plan, find out the real difference in Medicare Supplement Plans F and G Comparison. Check out the differences in costs and the benefit differences as well. It has been reported that Medigap Plan F will be taken "off the market" starting in 2020, but if you have this plan prior to 2020, I am told you can keep this plan, often called the " Cadillac or Rolls Royce Plan". Not all insurance carriers offer Plan G yet, so tune in to see how you can best...


Medicare Supplement Benefits-3 Most Important Questions - One Source Benefits

Medicare Supplement Benefits-3 Most Important Questions you should be asking when you are looking into a Medicare Supplement Plan. This is especially important if you are new to Medicare or have never had a Medicare Supplement Plan before. Medicare Supplement Plans currently come in 11 different choices of benefits, coverages and of course in premiums... beyond that, some carriers offer certain discounts for added family members or even coverages like hearing aids or glasses These issues are...