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A bold, irreverent podcast by, for, and about Baby Boomers.

A bold, irreverent podcast by, for, and about Baby Boomers.


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A bold, irreverent podcast by, for, and about Baby Boomers.








08. talkin’ ‘bout Our Generation Episode 008. COPING WITH COVID & "TRUMP ANXIETY DISORDER"

Under Trump’s rule many of us have been traumatized, experiencing signs of chronic stress, depression, anxiety. We tried everything we could to block him out, lead a normal life, but like a bully he kept coming back at us. And even now that he has been officially defeated, the anxiety continues. Back at the beginning of Trump's presidency, Dr. Jennifer Contarino Panning, a psychologist from Illinois, not only recognized what was happening, she coined a name for it, T.A.D. or "Trump Anxiety...


07. talkin’ ‘bout Our Generation Episode 007. HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - Dia de los Muertos

talkin' 'bout Our Generation. a podcast by, for, and about Baby Boomers.


06. talkin' 'bout Our Generation Episode 006. Michael Lang

Host Julian Simmons talks with the visionary creator of Woodstock 1969, Michael Lang. The iconic gathering of a half-million young people with absolutely no violence moved a generation, and marked a sea change in American culture. Michael shares insight into how he managed to pull it off, and why that "Woodstock Spirit" is so vital today.


05. talkin' 'bout Our Generation Episode 005

Continuing with "The Woodstock Episodes," host Julian G. Simmons taps into that powerful positive "Woodstock Spirit" with one of the original members of the freewheeling Hog Farm Commune that fed more than 200,000 people: Photographer, Documentarian, Humanitarian ... a a remarkable, tough lady with a heart of gold, Lisa Law. Lisa documented every aspect of the Sixties and has shared her images with thousands of people over the past 50 years. But she doesn't just observe; she takes matters...


04. talkin' 'bout Our Generation Episode 004

talkin' 'bout Our Generation is the podcast by, for, and about Baby Boomers. In Episode Four, we continue our series, “The Woodstock Episodes,” and invite you to join the conversation as host Julian G. Simmons talks with John Morris, the Head of Production at Woodstock and also the famous "voice of calm" that held it together during the ferocious storm and general chaos that threatened to turn that massive gathering of half a million people into a historic disaster. It's a voice we...


03. talkin' 'bout Our Generation Episode 003

Part 3 of our continuing series "The Woodstock Episodes," revisiting that iconic event and the magic spirit that made it happen. This time we talk with Carol Green, a founder of "The Woodstock Nation," as well as bringing you a rare interview with the amazing, soulful, Richie Havens. There are many surprises in this conversation. At the time Woodstock was happening in the Summer of 1969, thousands of our young men were fighting in Vietnam. The stereotype was that Woodstock folks were...


02. talkin' 'bout Our Generation Episode 002

Episode 2 of "The Woodstock Episodes," with official photographer Henry Diltz.


01. talkin' 'bout Our Generation Episode 001

Join Host Julian G. Simmons on the journey of several different individuals who find themselves headed to Woodstock. All have an important role to play in the making of that historic event fifty years ago in 1969. This episode's guests include Santana drummer, Michael Shrieve, Official Woodstock Photographer, Henry Diltz, Photographer and Hog Farm member, Lisa Law, and founding member of the Woodstock Nation, Crew Cook Carol Green.


00. talkin' 'bout Our Generation Promo Episode 0

This is "Episode Zero" -- our Pre-Launch test and promo for the new podcast "talkin' 'bout Our Generation," which officially launches on Friday night, August 16, the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock. ”talkin’ ‘bout Our Generation,” is a new podcast series by, for, and about Baby Boomers. Focusing on the issues and interests of a generation of 76 million Americans, the program will be delivering its first three episodes dedicated to all things Woodstock and its 50th anniversary.. For more...