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How to leave your job in pursuit of your dreams, with When to Jump, Author, Founder and CEO Mike Lewis: TWMM 052

Mike Lewis left a prestigious job at Bain Capital to pursue his dream of traveling around the world to play professional squash. In the course of his journey, he interviewed hundreds of people who have made bold jumps, leaving something comfortable in pursuit of their dreams. Mike breaks down the process he went through and what you should think about if you consider making a jump.


Building the confidence, courage, and mindset fundamental to making it to the C-Suite, with former CIO of Southern Company, Becky Blalock: TWMM 051

Author, speaker, and former CIO Becky Blalock shares robust advice on how and why managing your mindset, learning how to take risks, and re-thinking failure are all core to business and career success. Becky also provides great advice about exactly how to work with a mentor, and the things she does each day to find success. As a trailblazer to the C-suite and the author of Dare: Straight Talk on Confidence, Courage, and Career for Women in Charge, Becky shares her expertise from both her...


Social media & influencer marketing expert, and CEO of Everywhere Agency, Danica Kombol on how to use social media to elevate your career or build your business: TWMM 050

Danica is an expert on all things social media and shares lots of great advice on how to leverage your online presence for professional gain. She provides concrete tips for both business owners and corporate climbers. She also discusses her entrepreneurial journey and how she was able to start her wildly successful firm during a recession, while raising three kids.


Representation Project Chief Operating Officer, Heather Ainsworth, on making advances in gender equality, pursuing her passions, and creating a work life on her own terms: TWMM 049

Heather Ainsworth helps us to understand the importance of gender norms and perceptions and the work of the Representation Project to promote gender equality. She discusses her career committed to making the work place supportive of employees who have care giving responsibilities. She also shares practical advice on having a big career and a thriving family life.


Tai Beauchamp, internationally recognized style influencer, TV host, and entrepreneur, shares candidly on living life in the spotlight and wrestling with tough decisions: TWMM 048

Fresh off of the stage at Essence Fest, TV host, producer, and founder of Tai Life media company, Tai Beauchamp, takes us behind the scenes to understand the hard work, personal sacrifices, and triumphs of her glamorous, jet-set life.


How did she build a 7-figure business and land on the cover of Fortune magazine using skills from her life experience? Stacy Blackman tells us how: TWMM 047

Stacy Blackman describes in detail the steps she took to create a side business that wasn’t based the skills outlined on her resume, but from her lived experience. We discover how she began the company while working a job in corporate marketing and how she was empowered to leave corporate and run her business full-time after the birth of her first child. We learn how she grew the business organically to a multi-seven figure company that serves clients around the world.


Is This A Mid-Life Crisis?: TWMM 046

Julie discusses the many questions you may be asking yourself about your life and career and provides a heart-felt lesson on the power and wisdom of betting on yourself


John Lee Dumas, host of one of the most successful business podcasts of all time, Entrepreneurs on Fire, on leaving corporate, building a wildly successful business, and giving back: TWMM 045

John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast shares great advice on pursuing your dreams. He takes us into the thought process that led him to leave a corporate job and create his first podcast. He discusses the critical systems he put in place in order to be successful and shares concrete advice on living life on your own terms. JLD tells us more about his new endeavors including the Daily Refresh podcast and his 3 Hours to Your Big Idea training.


Executive Producer and Showrunner for Marvel’s Luke Cage, Cheo Hodari Coker, shares great advice about working in the entertainment industry, how he built his career, and juggling it all with a full family life: TWMM 044

Cheo provides a behind the scenes view into his amazing career and gives us practical advice about pursuing your dreams, building a career on your own terms, and integrating it with parenthood.


CEO of the Third-Largest Art Center in the US, the Woodruff Arts Center, and founding CEO of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Doug Shipman: TWMM 043

Doug shares personal insights into how he built his amazing career, his role in the development of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, and how he and his wife balance big careers with family life.


From CNN to entrepreneur, media maven Alicia Stewart on re-inventing yourself, finding your voice, and following your own path: TWMM 042

Alicia provides a masterclass on re-writing your own story and making small decisions that add up to building a life you love.


Chief Executive Officer of UnboundEd, Kate Gerson, on attachment parenting, adop

Kate shed light on how attachment parenting affects her relationship with her kids, the responsibilities involved with adopting across racial lines, and the effects of unconscious bias in the delivery of education.


Building a career dedicated to impact, with the COO of the Schott Foundation for Public Education, Heidi Brooks: TWMM 040

Heidi provides insight into her high-power career in the non-profit sector, her optimistic outlook on life, and her global adventures that have led her to over 80 countries and counting


Everyone Should Be an Entrepreneur...or At Least Think Like One : TWMM 039

Julie details four important things that entrepreneurs do well that you can start doing today to help you build your career or your business.


Square CFO Sarah Friar with concrete advice on building a big career, being a great leader, and integrating your life: TWMM 038

Sarah provides lots of great, concrete tips and strategies for being a great leader, finding mentors, learning from failure, and juggling family life.


Do you have a goal or a dream you’d like to pursue? You may need to give yourself permission before you can move forward: TWMM 037

Julie discusses the 6 types of permission you may need to give yourself in order to move with confidence toward your goals and dreams.


Ever wonder how a podcast is made? We go behind the scenes of the making the Working Mother’s Mentor: TWMM 036

Julie shares surprising details about the making of the Working Mother’s Mentor podcast as she walks us through her 6-step process for creating the episodes.


From a high school teacher to a CMO, Deloitte’s fmr Chief Content Officer on managing pivots and building a successful career: TWMM 035

Jonathan Copulsky, Northwestern lecturer and former Chief Content Officer for Deloitte, shares great, concrete advice about building your career and navigating change, all while being authentic.


Do you feel like you do the lion’s share of kid and home related work for your family? Learn more about the mental load and its impact on working women with Bright Horizons, VP (Horizons Workforce Consulting) Jennifer Vena: TWMM 034

Jennifer and I discuss the never-ending list of things to manage a family, the “mental load”, so many working moms carry. Jennifer shares surprising research about who carries the load and advice on how to decrease its impact.


Learn how an influencer built her career − Forrester Research VP and Principal Researcher Sucharita Kodali: TWMM 033

Sucharita shares tips for building a fantastic professional network and discusses how she became one of the country’s leading retail industry experts.