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Using the power of food to achieve your health goals & building your business while growing your family, with the founder of the Homemade Method, Anna Rakoczy: TWMM 064

Anna is a lawyer turned entrepreneur on a mission. Anna describes her popular method for creating nourishing, inviting meals that also help you to achieve positive health outcomes. Anna shares her expertise on cooking, overcoming emotional eating, and preparing simple, nutritious meals—even with a hectic schedule. She also takes us on her entrepreneurial journey that began as a practicing lawyer in Australia and has led her to a building wildly successfully company that serves and supports...

Parenting Expert and NYT Best-selling author Julie Morgenstern with the instruction manual to parenting, self-care, and time management: TWMM 064

Julie generously provides a ton of concrete advice on how to navigate parenthood at different stages and to re-calibrate the way you spend your time. We tackle timely, specific issues including how to stop feeling guilty about how much (or how little) time you feel you spend with your kids, managing screentime, and how to talk to your kids about values in a contentious world.


CMO and Chief Parenting Officer of BARK and tech TV commentator, Titania Jordan, on keeping your kids safe online, building your dream career, and overcoming personal struggles: TWMM 063

Titania shares her inspiring journey that has included being an entrepreneur, a TV tech commentator, and working in the C-suite. She candidly shares her struggles with postpartum depression, anxiety, and imposter syndrome and the great advice has anyone who has similar challenges.


[ENCORE] Gemma Hartley, Author of Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward, on her path back to writing after the birth of her children, finding work-life balance, and how to divide responsibilities at home

Gemma provides her expertise on the subject of Emotional Labor, addresses the resentment that often arises around the unpaid work done to sustain a family, and gives great examples and advice on how to share responsibilities at home. We did this interview after her wildly popular Harper Bazaar articles on emotional labor, before her book Fed Up was released.


Macaroni Kid Founder and CEO Joyce Shulman on taking the leap to entrepreneurship, scaling your business, and taking care of yourself: TWMM 062

Joyce is a lawyer turned creative, visionary entrepreneur. Her company, Macaroni Kid, reaches nearly 3 million households per month with hyper local information about great resources and events for families. Joyce shares concrete leadership, business, self-care, and parenting advice in this episode. Joyce is warm, wise, and inspiring and provides specific tactics to help you avoid the martyr mom syndrome and to integrate your busy professional and personal lives.


Scandal, Goliath, West Wing, & the Sopranos star Matthew Del Negro on building his acting career, overcoming obstacles, and pursuing your dreams: TWMM 060

Matt Del Negro has been featured on some of the most popular shows in TV history. The road to success has not been easy and Matt shares sage wisdom on how to push forward in the face of uncertainty. Matt also describes how and why he’s started his fascinating podcast, 10,000 No’s, and how he integrates his big dreams with his family life.


Senator Cory Booker’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Tamia Booker, takes us behind the scenes of life on Capitol Hill and shares how she built her career dedicated to public service: TWMM 060

Tamia has been involved in politics since her freshman year in college and her career has already taken her places she could have never imagined. Tamia inspires us to have impact wherever we are, in whatever way we can. She provides concrete advice on how to live a full, busy, high-impact life while remaining grounded.


Google Head of Progressive Engagement and Strategic Partnership Counsel, Michele Jawando on how to have massive social impact while raising a healthy family (hint: don’t sweat the small stuff): TWMM 059

Michele provides a masterclass in how to keep perspective, serve the world, and raise healthy, grounded children. Michele shares a ton of great insight, wisdom, and knowledge on everything from social impact, to career, to parenting


Creating Impact Through Podcasting with Elsie Escobar, Libsyn’s Community Expert and Podcasting Veteran: TWMM 058

Elsie is a podcasting guru who says that podcasting saved her life. She shares her love of podcasting, its power to change the world, and how she integrates it with being a homeschooling mom.


Questions and answers for making big career & life choices, considering your Ambition Decisions with Hana Schank and Liz Wallace:TWMM 057

Hana Schank and Liz Wallace are the authors of the fascinating book, the Ambition Decisions. Examining the triumphs and challenges in real women’s lives and aggregating their experiences, the Ambition Decisions discusses issues women consider as they hit major career and personal decisions and debunks many of the myths that are embedded in our conventional wisdom about women and ambition.


Finding your purpose, beating cancer, and bouncing back after divorce, with business leader and women’s empowerment coach Melisa Alaba: TWMM 056

Melisa is an energetic, passionate leader who supports women entrepreneurs in living their best lives. She is the founder of a global network to connect and educate women, particularly women of color, business owners. She is a thyroid cancer survivor who shares how her journey affects the joy and enthusiasm she brings to every day life. She also provides great, concrete advice on how to find your purpose and to live a full, abundant life.


Teaching your kids good eating habits, using food as medicine, and having impact through social enterprises, with Jess White, SVP Good Measure Meals/Open Hand Atlanta: TWMM 055

Jess shares her nutrition and behavior modification expertise as we discuss strategies to help busy families eat healthy meals. Jess will help you to see that food is medicine and how taking a wellness approach to life with affect your eating decisions. You will also learn about the successful social enterprise, Good Measure Meals, and how they leverage an income generating business in order to help fund their social impact programs. Jess discusses how she integrates her work and family...


Mastering your mindset will transform your life, with seasoned executive coach, David Taylor-Klaus: TWMM 054

David is a wise, insightful, and humorous executive coach who leverages his decades of experience to deliver powerful advice on how to master your mindset. This episode is full of wisdom, personal stories, and concrete tips on how to reframe your thinking in order to achieve your goals. We discuss negative thought patterns, depression, adult ADHD, confidence, and work-life integration in this deep, yet tactical conversation.


[ENCORE] Online courses can help creators earn 6 and 7 figure incomes: learn how with Jeanine Blackwell, Founder and CEO of Create Six Figure Courses and the Launch Lab

Jeanine shares her journey from corporate to creating her own training company. She discusses how her desire to have more time with her daughters and to have control over her financial destiny led her to jump from a comfortable job into entrepreneurship. Jeanine is a master teacher and provides concrete tips you can follow today to help you figure out what business you could start today.


[ENCORE] Facebook, Head of Products, Platforms, and Insights, Business Marketing, Jessica Jensen, on working in Silicon Valley, a non-linear career journey, and fresh starts

Jessica shares her journey that led her to her senior role Facebook, what it’s like to be a woman working in Silicon Valley, her fertility struggle, and how she finds balance.


[ENCORE] Leighann Lord, Co-Host StarTalk Radio, Stand-Up Comedian, Author, and Keynote Speaker on being a caregiver, building the career meant for you, and working with Neil Degrasse Tyson

Leighann Lord tells us how she left corporate, created her multi-faceted career, and juggles it all with caring for aging parents.


[ENCORE] Tiffany Dufu, Author of Drop the Ball, on how to create balance at home and how freeing your capacity at home affects your ability to do big things in the world

Tiffany teaches us the specific strategies that can empower us to show up more fully in life. She shares her professional and personal journey that led her to pen her best-selling book, Drop the Ball.


TV anchor, author and host of the How to Be a Financial Grownup Podcast, Bobbi Rebell on how to find financial freedom: TWMM 053

Bobbi takes us behind the scenes of her fascinating career journey that has led her from the TV anchor desk at Reuters, to becoming a best-selling author and podcast host. She shares how she made the big decision to leave TV in order to pursue her dream of helping others to find financial freedom as they become Financial Grownups.


How to leave your job in pursuit of your dreams, with When to Jump, Author, Founder and CEO Mike Lewis: TWMM 052

Mike Lewis left a prestigious job at Bain Capital to pursue his dream of traveling around the world to play professional squash. In the course of his journey, he interviewed hundreds of people who have made bold jumps, leaving something comfortable in pursuit of their dreams. Mike breaks down the process he went through and what you should think about if you consider making a jump.


Building the confidence, courage, and mindset fundamental to making it to the C-Suite, with former CIO of Southern Company, Becky Blalock: TWMM 051

Author, speaker, and former CIO Becky Blalock shares robust advice on how and why managing your mindset, learning how to take risks, and re-thinking failure are all core to business and career success. Becky also provides great advice about exactly how to work with a mentor, and the things she does each day to find success. As a trailblazer to the C-suite and the author of Dare: Straight Talk on Confidence, Courage, and Career for Women in Charge, Becky shares her expertise from both her...