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PoliceWOman (Part 2)

In this conclusion to Keith's interview with R.D, she talks about being an instructor and training coordinator at the academy, an experience attending SWAT school, her interactions with male colleagues, and some of the interesting and yes, humorous calls from her career so far. (hint: Most of those also involve CJ) Be sure to stay up to date on all CLP goings on by checking out the website. You can also follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All the links to social media as...


PoliceWOman (Part 1)

In this month's episode, Keith sits down with "R.D.", a female police officer with over 31 years experience. R.D. has worked in numerous units in a large police department and is currently a Sergeant. Also in the studio with the two is a well known friend of the show and past guest, C.J. R.D. discusses life as a female police officer and the differences as well as challenges she has faced throughout her career. She brings valuable insight and gives great advice to female police officers and...


The Rural Cop (Part 2)

In Part 2 of our interview with rural police officer Seth, we talk about what equipment he has or doesn't have as well as some notable calls from his career so far. Keith looks a listener email and discusses calls from the past month including a voice from the past! You can follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and you can contact Keith at Finally, you can check out the website, for more information including branded...


The Rural Cop (Part 1)

What is it like to be a police officer in a rural environment? How does it feel when you approach that call knowing backup could be 45 minutes away? In Part 1 of this two part series, Keith talks with Seth, a police officer in a very rural area of Eastern Tennessee. Seth talks about his academy training, very abbreviated field training, and just how far away is backup can be at any time. Also in this episode, Keith answers listener email and talks about going the extra mile when working...


Police Department Structure

4 Months! Yes, I know it's been that long. It's been a long Summer and in this latest episode of CLP, Keith talks about what's been going on this summer. We hear some listener feedback as well as questions and an example of another dumb and stupid move by a rookie officer on social media. To finish out the show, Keith covers a topic requested by a listener awhile back relating to the basic structure of a typical police department. Remember you can follow the show on the website at...


Tales of the Tape II

Lots to talk about this month as Keith dives into some listener email and discussion description on a traffic stop last month. Keith then dedicates another episode to videos that show police officers doing the right thing in spite of outright lies and attempts to discredit them. Links from this month's...


The Dumb and The Reckless

This month's episode addresses the dumb and the reckless on both sides of the badge. Keith will be taking a look back at calls over the last month as well as news involving police officers. He reads a few of the many emails received recently and answers listeners questions. As promised, a full review of the Netflix documentary "Flint Town" will be shared as well as updates about the body camera and a local story where officers' body cameras destroyed the complaints of a cell phone...


Body Cams, Back Pain, & Bridge Jumpers

In this month's episode, Keith talks about his experience with the new body camera. He also shares a couple of stories from calls, including one that focuses on one of the many "hats" that police officers are required to wear. Also within the last few months he discovered another hazard, or negative of the job for the first time. Finally, Keith goes into detail as to why he initially planned to end the show and what exactly caused him to change course and keep it going. The website is...


K9 Life

In this episode, Keith invites CJ into the studio once again where the two discuss CJ's 15 years in as a K9 handler. What do departments look for in a K9 Officer? What kind of training is involved? Do K9 handlers really have a panic button on them to release the dog from the car? Keith and CJ answer all these questions as well as talk about calls where the dog has been deployed and all kinds of interesting details about like as a K9 Officer. Don't forget you can follow the show on Facebook,...


A Veteran's Perspective (Pt 2)

In Part 2 of our discussion with 30yr veteran officer CJ, we take a deep look into his shooting. Also, CJ shares with us his experience on television show COPS and we look at some interesting and notable calls from his career. We also cover a few controversial topics including one rare example of a subject we disagree on. Remember you can follow the show at Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Also you can email Keith anytime at Check out the website for more:...


A Veteran's Perspective (Pt 1)

In this first half of an interview with a 30 year veteran police officer, Keith and CJ discuss the changes that have occurred in policing during that time. CJ, who worked all his career in a very large metropolitan police department will chronicle the various units he worked in which included DWI. He will discuss a memorable call where he worked a DWI that involved an officer being killed. Also, CJ will talk about a major injury he sustained while attempting to catch a fleeing suspect. Keith...


Social Media Snares

In this edition of CLP, Keith discusses the responsibility and the importance of police officers being extremely careful in their social media posts. Also, we do a little catch-up on some recent calls and Keith, being no stranger to talking about the hot topics of the day gives his analysis of the Philando Castile verdict and the video of the traffic stop that was released publicly. Finally, Keith shares some exciting news regarding upcoming episodes and some listener email. Follow the show...


Things I Wish the Public Understood About Cops

In this episode of CLP, Keith discusses a list of things he wishes the public would understand about police officers and policing in general. Also, due to a recent large number of emails from listeners who are either applying for police jobs or interested in a career in law enforcement, Keith gives some tips and pointers for the process and the interviews. Of course, there is also the segment that covers some recent calls including an incident where a supervisor was completely cleared of a...


Tales Of The Tape

In this edition of CLP, Keith takes a deep dive look at a couple of recent popular police videos and gives his analysis....both the good and bad. Also, he discusses a couple of interesting calls from the past couple of weeks and a very interesting conversation with a gentleman who has quite a story to tell. Don't forget to check out the website at You can also follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat and you can email Keith anytime at...


A Rookie's Perspective (Part 2)

This week's edition of CLP is the conclusion of Keith's interview with rookie officer Kline. He discusses some interesting and exciting calls he has worked thus far as well as his overall opinion of midnight shift. The two also talk about the importance of maintaining physical fitness and Kline gives his likes and dislikes about police work so far. And finally, Officer Kline gives some advice to those who are considering applying or are currently in the application process for police...


A Rookie's Perspective (Part 1)

In this episode of CLP, Keith sits down with rookie Police Officer Kline to discuss his experience and opinions of the academy, training, and that first year of solo patrol. Also, we hear an interesting conversation with an individual with a wild imagination that Keith met on a call. Two calls are discussed from the last couple of weeks as well as an email from a listener who also happens to be a rookie officer. Don't forget to check out the website at and you can...



It's common knowledge that simply based upon the nature of the job police officers do, there is a great deal of stress involved. Coping with that stress can be the difference between a healthy life with a positive outlook and a very dark and unhealthy existence. In this episode of CLP, Keith gives his formula for dealing with stress and some of the simple solutions he has found for decompressing and keeping a positive outlook on life. Also, we look at a few calls from the past couple of...


Investigating Death

Police officers are also referred to as First Responders. When a death has taken place, whether it be natural, suicide, accidental, or murder it is police that are the ones who are called first and arrive first. There are a lot of responsibilities involved in that process. There is the protection of the crime scene as well as the securing of witnesses. There is the possible search for a suspect and the necessity to be vigilant when it comes to our own safety. Then there is the investigation...


It's About Time!

Cop Life returns for a brand new year! In this episode, Keith gets caught up on a lot of listener email and Facebook messages and questions. Some of those emails include questions about applying for police officer positions and a unique medical condition. Also Keith answers a listener question about being the wife of a police officer. As usual, we highlight some calls that have taken place since the last episode. And finally, Keith is not stranger to diving into hot topics discusses his...


Rookie Blues

After two weeks of training a new recruit, Keith gives an update and even a glimpse inside the patrol vehicle for a couple of debriefs after the recruit made traffic stops. Life can be stressful for a new recruit learning the ropes and this episode is a real time update to all that's been going on. Also included is listener email as well as an example of Keith's own errors(yes he is human) and a recent news story about a cop that has no business wearing the badge! Don't forget you can...