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EU030 - Young Candidates Breaking the Mold and Taking Over, Part 2

In Episode 30, we are recording live from Def Con 26 in Las Vegas, the world's largest and oldest hacker conference, to talk with experts on elections, hacking, and privacy. First up, we talk with Montana State Representative Daniel Zolnikov from District 45. He ran for office at 25 years of age, was sworn into office at 26 and is chair of the powerful Energy and Technology Committee at 31 years of age. We discuss how this conservative gets high praise from the ALCU, what he's done to...


EU029 - Campaign Tools Review: Outvote

In Episode 29, our hosts talk with Naseem Makiya, owner and CEO of a new GOTV app, called Outvote. Friends who get reminders from friends are twice as likely to vote. With Outvote, you can become a digital canvasser for your favorite campaigns by matching your contacts lists against voter files to see who is registered to vote in the districts or jurisdictions of your favorite candidates. It's a simple and effective app for campaigns of any size.


EU028 - Case Study: Gayatri Agnew for Arkansas' 93rd District

In Episode 28, our hosts talk with Gayatri Agnew, candidate for the State House in the 93rd District in Arkansas. In a regular series of case studies on campaigns, our Election University hosts discuss the state of Gayatri's campaign midstream, what makes this red-leaning district winnable and what advice Gayatri would give other prospective candidates. Plus we learn how Gayatri plans to double the number of women of color in the Arkansas legislature when she wins her election and what she...


EU0027 - Campaign Photos: How to Get the Best Shots

In Episode 27, our hosts talk with Nate Gowdy, Time Magazine and CNN photographer for the 2016 Presidential election. He photographed the Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Trump campaigns and gives our listeners great advice on how to get the best shot. Whether you have a sophisticated digital camera or a simple iPhone, you can improve the photos on your campaign with some tips on maximizing the best lighting and angle.


EU026 - Working the Media So It Doesn't Work You

In Episode 26, our hosts talk with Marco Lowe, political commentator on King5 News and adjunct professor at Seattle University where he teaches "Campaigns and Elections." Marco brings two decades of campaign and media relations experience to the podcast to help campaigns calibrate their press expectations and help them maximize their chances of landing a great article or story. Nervous about dealing with reporters or journalists? This episode will ease some of those concerns and prepare you...


EU025 - Preparing Now for a Future Run for Office

In Episode 25, host Jason Bennett talks with veteran political consultant, Dean Nielsen of Cerillion N4 Partners about the planning involved for prospective candidates who want to know what to do now to prepare for the future. With experienced in 37 states, Dean walks EU listeners through messaging, photos, contacts lists and the single best piece of advice in preparing a potential run for office.


EU024 - Not Every Campaign is a Nightmare

Not every campaign involves a bloodbath or negative campaign or even raising thousands of dollars. Some are actually pretty tame. In Episode 24, our hosts outreach into a small suburban town in New Jersey to speak with Interlaken School Boardmember Jill Barrett. She walks us through what motivated her to run for this position, what it was like to have her young son help swear her into office, and what we all should do to get more people to run for office. If you're feeling daunted by the...


EU023 - Campaign Tools Review: ECanvasser

In Episode 23, we talk with Brendan Tobin, Head of Growth for ECanvasser.com - a field canvassing app for political campaigns. We discuss how this low cost app is being used in more than 70 countries and how the company is handing the more than 100 campaigns it is onboarding a month. Plus, we talk the repeal of Ireland's Amendment 8, GDPR and toxic partisan climates.


EU022 - Crafting an Excellent Speech

In Episode 22, our hosts talk with Eric Liu, former speech writer and policy adviser for President Bill Clinton. Based on a specific request from an avid podcast listener the Election University Podcast covers the topic of speech writing and how to deliver an effective stump speech. Plus, we talk about how to retain optimism during particularly trying times.


EU021 - Our Website is Launching Two New Features

In today's episode, the Election University website is getting an upgrade. Our hosts discuss two new free tools for candidates and campaigns: a free jobs board and a free approved vendor list. Jobs will always be free to post and free to access. We are requiring employers to list a salary range - NO DOEs allowed! We also detail how a political vendor gets "EU Certified" and how you can make or claim your own profile for free. Plus, we talk about our other free tools we've previously...


EU020 - The Woman Project

When you think of states that have earned an "F" rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America, which states come to mind? Does Rhode Island? It should because it has. How is one of the bluest states in the country earning such low scores when it comes to women's reproductive health? In today's 20th episode, our hosts talk with two founders of The Woman Project, a feminist art-activism project in Rhode Island to learn more about what's happening in Rhode Island and why five women came together in...


EU019 - Understanding the Blurry World of Digital Ads with CampaignGrid Direct

In Episode 19, co-hosts Reiny Cohen and Jason Bennett discuss the confusing and blurry world of online advertising, IP and cookie tracking and how to better improve your targeting of online ads. Audience Partner's President, Jordan Lieberman walks us through his simple, low-cost tool, CampaignGrid Direct, which allows campaigns to place their own ads with their own targeting. If you're trying to understand how campaigns can better target their ads online, then you don't want to miss this...


EU018 - Are Robocalls Dead?

In this week's episode, the Election University Podcast hosts continue their roadshow in Nashville with a great interview with Chris Hayler, Senior Account Executive of Stones' Phones, to discuss phones and campaigning. Is this once highly-used, cost-effective, targeted method for reaching voters going the way of the dodo bird? Or are phones evolving and getting more creative about the ways they can engage and persuade voters? We discuss specific ways campaigns can use phones to help spread...


EU017 - Diversity and Politics

In Episode 17, our hosts talk with China Dickerson of Dickerson Strategies and Deputy Political Director of NARAL Pro-Choice America about the topic of diversity and the Democratic party. In our 3-part series from the AAPC's Pollie Conference in Nashville, China joins the Election University Podcast after her conference speech to discuss how political folks can do better in their candidate recruitment, their staff hiring and their retention of people of color in campaigns and government.


EU016 - Are Democrats Bad at Message Discipline?

In today's episode of the Election University Podcast, our hosts talk with Minnesota's Congressman from the 5th CD and Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison. Is there a blue wave coming in November 2018 and, more importantly, will Democrats seize the opportunity? Congressman Ellison walks us through message discipline, running for office, and his thoughts on this year's elections.


EU015 - Opposition Research and the Peculiar World of Dumpster Divers

In Episode 15, we talk with opposition research consultant, Jake Wagman of Shield Research on the what opposition research is, how you can do it, and why you should do it on yourself and your staff. No one wants to be caught off-guard on the campaign trail. You may not want your election to devolve into mudslinging but it's best that you arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible.


EU014 - Campaigning on the Environment

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a global environmental group that started in the 1960s, talks with the Election University Podcast hosts to discuss ways to use environmental messaging on campaigns. We talk with Morgan Pinnell, EDF's political affairs manager, about their new Campaign Academy - four free training modules for candidates who want to learn how to message their campaigns with an environmental bent. If you're a candidate who wants to incorporate pro-environmental messages...


EU013 - #MeToo on the Campaign Trail

The Purple Campaign, a non-profit dedicated to ending workplace sexual harassment, is partnering with the Election University Podcast to discuss ways to end harassment and assault on campaigns. In our 13th episode, we talk with Purple Campaign co-founder, Jessica Patterson, to discuss what sexual harassment is, the education campaign around raising awareness and the steps needed to end it once and for all. Plus, we discuss the two free tools campaigns can use to set clear standards on the...


EU012 - Running Blue in a Field of Red

Now-Senator Doug Jones in deep Alabama - a trend of things to come or a fluke situation? Democrats have picked up more than 40 seats across the country since the 2016 election, many in red districts where President Trump won by more than ten points. In our 12th episode we speak with the former Executive Director of Idaho and Arizona's Democratic Party, Maria Weeg, who has seen waves before and offers great insight and advice to candidates on what they can do to optimize this environment.


EU011 - Campaign Tools Review: Voter Circle

In our 11th episode of the Election University Podcast, we review "VoterCircle," a low-cost friend-to-friend outreach platform that leverages campaign supporters' address books to connect with voters. VoterCircle CEO Sangeeth Peruri walks us through his own contentious school board race which inspired this new campaign tool. He shares how VoterCircle was used extensively both in the big Virginia wins and also in Doug Jones' huge upset in Alabama's special election in 2017.