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Republicans Hold Back Blue Wave, But Democrats Avoid Shutouts In California Primary

California's contentious congressional races in Southern California brought in millions of dollars in campaign spending from national Democratic organizations that previously ignored these districts. Host Ben Bradford asks political strategists whether the choice to spend big bucks paid off. Experts also talk about the "political chess game" that the parties played in order to succeed under California's "top-two" primary system. And they weigh in on each party’s advantages and challenges...


The Dem-On-Dem Factor

Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has earned the nickname “Putin’s Favorite Congressman.” And it’s put a target on his back, in a district where Democrats outvoted Republicans in the 2016 presidential race. But so many Democrats are running to unseat him that it possible none may make it past the primary, under California’s unusual election rules. Host Ben Bradford and guests explain how Rohrabacher’s district is a prime example of a problem Democrats face in multiple...


GOP California Convention Post-Mortem

California Republicans are struggling to hold onto key congressional seats in this year’s midterm election. In our first roundtable podcast, reporters discuss the state's annual GOP convention, where Republicans aimed to energize their base by targeting California’s sanctuary laws and repealing a recently passed gas-tax increase. But when it comes to President Trump, the party is taking a much more delicate approach this year. There’s also concern that if Republicans don’t have a...


Republicans On The Ropes

When it comes to national elections, the sad truth for Californians is we don’t really matter. But this year, something unusual is happening: A handful of longtime Republican congressional districts are suddenly vulnerable. Capital Public Radio’s Ben Bradford charts the rise and fall of California’s Republican Party — and its prospects going into tough midterm election battles.


Introducing Keys To The House: A Podcast Following California’s Contentious Congressional Races

California’s vote often doesn’t have an impact on national elections. It’s a known commodity in the general election, particularly as it’s gotten increasingly Democratic. But this upcoming midterm election is shaping up to be different. Republicans are so on the ropes in the state, and President Donald Trump is so unpopular here, that something unusual is happening. Congressional seats that were once solidly Republican just four years ago are all of a sudden up for grabs. Nationally,...