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Brooklyn, NY




Art of the Deal!

Vito and Vito welcome Newsmax columnist Julio Rivera to discuss the Omnibus spending bill, Trump's negotiating skills and THE WALL!


Vito and Vito Welcome a STAR STUDDED Lineup of Guests!

Vito and Vito welcome an episode of all star guests! Antonia Okafor join's the program to discuss gun rights and feminism. Regis Giles, the creator and owner of talks about her new book "How to not be a #MeToo Victim, but a #WarriorChick", Bryan Crabtree, a contributor to and host of "The Bryan Crabtree Show" on Atlanta’s Biz 1190 talks Trump, and comedian Nick Tilleli joins the boys for "fuhgeddaboudit" moments of the week! Vito and Vito have a...


CPAC 2018



Introducing the Disgusting, Degenerate, Democratic Party!

Vito and Vito rip apart Liberal Democrats and their push to politicize a national tragedy with the Florida school shooting. Hear Vito and Vito as they attack the "Mainstream Liberal Fake News Media", as they seek to undermine Trump voters, attack the second amendment and slam Republicans. Vito and Vito do not hold back when the "Boys from Brooklyn" attack the left and expose their new gun grabbing scheme! Vito and Vito also go off on the Senate Democrats and RINO Republicans as they seek...


AMERICA FIRST! Trump Storms Davos!

"America First does not mean America alone!"- President Donald Trump, Davos, 2018 Vito DiGiovanni took the night off so Vito Palmeri goes at it alone tonight on The Vito and Vito Show! Vito P goes up against the Fake News media as Trump takes Davos by storm! Hear what Vito has to say about America First and the unfavorable coverage against the President. Listen to why America First means a more prosperous and stronger America and why the Globalist elites fear a Trump trade plan. Vito P...


Juanita Broaddrick Joins Vito and Vito!

Vito and Vito are joined this week by Juanita Broaddrick. Juanita was raped by former President Bill Clinton years ago and joins the program to explain her life story, her new book and her ability to rise above the noise. Juanita shares the details of the heartbreaking night her and former President Clinton were alone, how she overcame the struggle and sought redemption with President Trump. Also, hear why New York State is a cesspool of corruption! Steve Saperstein joins Vito and Vito as...


"Horny Harvey!" Vito and Vito are Back!

Vito and Vito are back to help fight the left and Make America Great Again! After time off to help elect honorable MAGA minded candidates, Vito and Vito are back to talk about #MeToo, DACA and THE WALL! Vito and Vito also are back with their "Forgetaboutit" moments and a sex robot! Find out just what this robot does and who inspired it on this weeks epiosode of The Vito and Vito Show! PS: Vito DiGiovanni was on Fox & Friends...we talk about that too!


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