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Episode 10: From Kabul With Bling

Making Afghanistan fabulous again: Queer artist Shamayel Shalizi started designing everything from "halal" booty shorts to rings shaped like AK-47s in Kabul. Now she's in California and has a lot to say about everything - be it Warax's shore leave antics (oh my) or sympathy for the Soviets. Tune in for a strange and hilarious conversation about war, intersectionalism, being queer in places that aren't LGBTQ friendly, and boobs (because where would we be without boobs?).


Episode 8: "Tactical Advances In Military Porn." feat. Brick Yates

Navy vet turned porn producer Brick Yates drops in to talk porn, the military, the military in porn & some of the actual dangers of getting off to videos online. Warax shares his van kidnapping fantasy. Natasha reveals the shocking scientific truth about our slutty ancestors.


Episode 9: Sex, Lies, Spies, and Bureaucracy

Alex Finley, who *claims* to be a *former* CIA spy is here to discuss everything from accusations of collusion against the president to why redheaded spies are hot. Alex is the author of Victor in the Rubble, a satirical look at what it's like to work for the CIA and the owner of many beautiful accessories. Natasha is in awe. Warax thinks it's hot that Natasha is in awe. Shenanigans ensue. On a more serious note: We are again disappointed with how the audio for this podcast turned out. We...


Episode 7: Journalism Doesn't Suck, You Suck

Episode 7: Journalism Doesn't Suck, You Suck by


Episode 6: We're Going To Live On, We're Going To Survive

The legendary Malcolm Nance talks about his new book, The Plot to Destroy Democracy. Our country is in peril, he says. And he is right. But there is a light at the end of this tunnel. And it's not just Natasha's blonde highlights.


Episode 5: The One About Lady Parts

Talia Lavin drops by the podcast to discuss how incels are not merely awkward guys who have trouble talking to women — but an actual hate group. Women's bodies are discussed in some detail, shocking Warax's Puritan sensibilities. Then there is a bit about getting shot in the face — because what Warax and Natasha podcast be complete without some discussion of violence?


Episode 4: Everything Dumb Is New Again

Hello, Mr. President! The former leader of Estonia drops in for a chat about how politics today have become a sh*tshow — hence the title of the episode. The dirty old tricks of demagogues everywhere — be they Putin or Trump — haven't changed much. But how best to counter them, whether as Americans, Estonians, or, for that matter, as Ukrainians? Toomas Hendrik Ilves may have some answers. Bonus: Warax discusses what it was like to prepare for a potential war with Russia, while Natasha, in...


Episode 3: Some Veterans Are Jerks

Author and National Book Award winner Phil Klay drops by the program to talk war porn, moral narcissism, SEALs gone wild, and dumb things one can say to Joe Biden when debating the Forever War. Notice how this episode is shorter than the others? Yeah, we still need better equipment — sound problems are a bitch. Which is why we need you, yes YOU, to click on our Patreon link and become a patron. You know you love us. We promise to love you right back. Unless you're Seb Gorka or something.