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Episode 3: Some Veterans Are Jerks

Author and National Book Award winner Phil Klay drops by the program to talk war porn, moral narcissism, SEALs gone wild, and dumb things one can say to Joe Biden when debating the Forever War. Notice how this episode is shorter than the others? Yeah, we still need better equipment — sound problems are a bitch. Which is why we need you, yes YOU, to click on our Patreon link and become a patron. You know you love us. We promise to love you right back. Unless you're Seb Gorka or something.


Episode 2, The Spy Who Trolled Me

How do you spot a Russian spy? Is the pee tape real? Should you go to Russia for the World Cup? For this and more, Warax and Natasha turn to the expertise of Mark Galeotti: academic, analyst, expert on shadowy things and people, and author of VORY: Russia's Super Mafia. Mysteries are revealed, suspicions are raised, and Natasha whines and complains about being labeled a spy while having to deal with harassment from actual spies. Hah! Should've thought about it before being born on the...


Warax and Natasha: Episode 1, Nothing Is Good And Everything Is Terrible

On the first episode of the Warax and Natasha podcast — a not at all irreverent analysis of current issues by an angry Afghan war veteran and his faithful companion, an angry Russia expert/journalist — Pulitzer winner Tom Ricks drops in to discuss everything that's wrong with the United States today. Everything that's wrong with Russia gets a shout-out too. Everyone is depressed. Natasha suggests that empathy can save us. The men agree. Everyone gets more depressed anyway. Stephen King...