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John Tamny on Trade, Tariffs and The End of Work

Ep. 126 - John Tamny discusses President Trump's trade policy and the impact on the economy, John also discusses his fascinating new book The End Of Work where we learn how the idea of work is forever changing, ie: people now make millions on coaching video gamers. John’s the Political Economy Editor at Forbes, Editor of RealClearMarkets.com, a Senior Fellow in Economics at Reason Foundation, and his articles can be seen in The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Financial Times,...


Omar Qudrat: GOP Congressional Candidate on the Sanctuary State

Ep: 125 - Omar Qudrat, an American-Muslim Republican Congressional Candidate, joins us for this Election Day Special Interview. Omar is an American-born military veteran, Department of Defense lawyer and may become the GOP’s first Muslim American Congressman. Omar was born in California to Afghani parents and became a Counter-Terrorism Prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Defense where he prosecuted Guantanamo Bay Detainees, and his office handled capital cases against Khalid Sheikh...


Brian Maloney - Media Equalizer

Ep: 124 - Brian Maloney from the Media Equalizer Project joins Dave at Whiskey Politics to discuss bias, double standards, and malfeasance by our mainstream media. From Roseanne Barr and Samantha Bee to Don Lemon and David Brock to Google, Facebook and Twitter, Brian covers how the institutional mainstream and social media conglomerates control what most people hear and see. Since 2004, Brian and his team have cut through the noise and demonstrated media bias where they find it. Brian’s a...


Michael Walsh - Fiery Angel

Ep: 123 - Michael Walsh returns to Whiskey Politics to discuss his new book Fiery Angel, Art, Culture, Sex, Politics, and the Struggle for the Soul of the West. From movies to sex in Japan to the #resist movement, and even the Rosanne firing, we get Michael's perspective on everything in our culture and politics. Michael is an award-winning journalist, author, screenwriter and was a classical music critic and foreign correspondent for Time Magazine and is currently a contributor to PJ...


Andrew Klavan, Kyle Kushuv and Dr. Warren Farrell on School Shootings: Live from the AFA

Ep: 122 - Live from the American Freedom Alliance School Shooting Conference, Dave interviews 9 speakers on one of the most heart-wrenching issues of our time, the epidemic of school shootings. This is the first of three episodes, each with three speakers. Andrew Klaven, Author, Screenwriter and host of the Andrew Klavan Show discusses culture, how the right can reclaim the narrative from the opponents of the second amendment; the progressive left who believe they can run things better...


Nonie Darwish: Infidel, Apostate and Arab (For Israel)

Ep: 121 - Nonie Darwish is a human rights activist, founded the group Arabs For Israel, is an outspoken, fierce advocate for reforming Islam’s authoritarian ideology, has called for stricter immigration laws on Muslim and Arab immigrants and to stop multiculturalism. Nonie has been featured on many news channels and written articles, was awarded the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute "Woman of Exceptional Courage" Award and is the author of several books including Now They Call Me Infidel...


David Sheehan: JFK and The Rat Pack to Julia Roberts

Ep: 120 - David Sheehan, CBS and NBC broadcaster, interviewer, host, and reporter shares some wild stories about the Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, and the biggest stars of the last few decades and today. Sheehan's storied news career spans 5 decades and at 80 years young, Sheehan doesn't hold back his opinions about some of our favorite entertainers and how Hollywood has changed, politically and culturally. David just released his latest special And The Winners Are (40 stars over 50...


Mark Weinstein; Perils of Social Media Surveillance

Ep: 119 - Mark Weinstein is the Founder and CEO of the revolutionary social network MeWe, and MeWePro. Mark served on President Obama's 'Steering Committee' overseeing internet privacy and he single-handedly prevented the Obama Administration from creating the Orwellian sounding 'National Identity Database'. Mark Weinstein is a leading privacy advocate, is one of the inventors of social media and is ranked as one of the "Top 8 Minds in Online Privacy.” Mark has written about privacy and...


Gary Graham: Alien Nation, Star Trek, and Acting Up as a Hollywood Conservative

Ep: 118 - Gary Graham, television and movie actor, musician and outspoken conservative provocateur joins Dave Sussman at the 'Whiskey Politics Studio' overlooking the Pacific to take in the sun, enjoy the view and a couple of mimosa's while discussing how Gary went from medical school to acting, Star Trek on-set stories and the craziness of Star Trek conventions. We also venture into the unlikely relationship Gary had when meeting and writing for Andrew Breitbart, working in Hollywood in...


Gregory Wrightstone: Inconvenient Facts, The Science Al Gore Doesn’t Want You To Know

Ep: 117 - Let’s call this the “Earth Day” episode where we continue this weeks theme of arguing about the “science is settled” approach and how politics has permeated our hard sciences. In our last episode, Dr. Brian Keating discussed how politics impacts who wins the Nobel Prize. One such winner was the Former Vice President Al Gore for his focus on global warming and climate change. A decade later, much of Al Gore's predictions have not only not come true but Gregory Wrightstone's...


Dr. Brian Keating: Losing the Nobel Prize

Ep: 116 - Dr. Brian Keating, PhD. is a professor of physics at the Center for Astrophysics & Space Sciences (CASS) in the Department of Physics at the University of California, San Diego. He is a public speaker, inventor, and an expert in the study of the universe’s oldest light, the cosmic microwave background (CMB), using it to learn about the origin and evolution of the universe. He has written for many publications including Scientific American and is about to be the first speaker from...


Annie Duke: Poker Champion, Betting to Win on Business, Life and Politics

Ep: 115 - Annie Duke, world champion poker player (retired), sought-after speaker and best-selling author joins Dave Sussman to discuss the how Thinking In Bets can be applied to politics (the November 2018 election), business and our personal lives. It's a fascinating, scientific approach to life that led Annie to win millions and the title "Dutchess of Poker". For two decades, Annie was one of the top poker players in the world. In 2004, she bested a field of 234 players to win her...


Daniel Hannan: London, er Brussels Calling

Ep: 114 - Daniel Hannan joins Dave Sussman to discuss England leaving the EU in less than a year, European Leftism, the media (BBC and CNN), trade/tariffs, his opinion of Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn and much more. Daniel has been Conservative Member of the European Parliament for almost 20 years. He was the first Secretary-General of the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (ACRE), serving from 2009 to 2018. Outside of Europe, he is probably most known for being one of the...


Bill Whittle on 2A, California's Catastrophe and Conservative Video Games

Ep: 113 - Bill Whittle joins Dave Sussman on a beautiful Malibu hillside where he waxes poetic about gun rights and the Left's attack on 2A, California's upcoming catastrophe and how it can be saved, and Bill's announces a new $180 million project to bring video games to youngsters teaching them conservative values. This is not your typical Whiskey Politics episode length, but if you were sitting at a Malibu mansion above the ocean drinking whiskey with Bill, you may have gone long...


Sharyl Attkisson: Dark Forces Behind Fake News and Media Bias

Ep: 112 - Sharyl Attkisson is one of the few journalists respected on both sides of the political divide. In 2014 Sharyl resigned from CBS after 21 years of investigative reporting, and now can be seen at her program "Full Measure". Sharyl chats with Dave Sussman about media bias, the dark forces behind 'fake news', social media's influence and how we can stay informed while acknowledging the inherent bias in much of the media. Sharyl can be followed on Twitter at @SharylAttkisson and...


Brett King: Artificial Intelligence, Singularity and the Augmented Age

Ep: 111 - Brett King joins Dave Sussman to discuss Artificial Intelligence, Singularity, and his book Augmented: Life In The Smart Lane which covers the incredible leaps technology has taken and the profound impact it will have on all our lives, from medical and healthcare advances to the application of computer technology to solve many of the world's problems. Brett King is a Futurist, an international bestselling author, a renowned commentator and globally respected speaker on the...


David Horowitz, Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens and Michelle Balconi

Ep: 110 - Live from the Saving California event we interview David Horowitz, Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, concluding with Michelle Balconi. This event for activists was held on March 17th, 2018 at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center, Los Angeles. We sit down with David Horowitz, Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens in a private breakout room and Dave interviewed Michelle on stage in front of a large hall of activists. David Horowitz, is the founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Foundation...


Grover Norquist: Comedy, Taxes and Tariffs

Ep: 109 - Grover Norquist joins Dave Sussman to discuss tariffs and taxes, and announces yuuuge breaking news regarding a new Trump tax plan (recorded Mon. March 12th). Grover Norquist is the President for Americans for Tax Reform, a taxpayer advocacy group he founded in 1985 at President Reagan’s request. He has authored 4 books, a board member at the several organizations including the NRA, the American Conservative Union, has an MBA and BA in Economics from Harvard, and is a frequent...


Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Media, Tariffs, North Korea and 2018 Midterms

Ep. 108 - Dr. Sebastian Gorka served as Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump, is currently a Fox News National Strategist and author of the best selling book Defeating Jihad. Dr. Gorka discusses the state of the media, the economic impact and strategy of President Trump's tariffs and the potential trade wars, the surprising announcement North Korea is willing to denuclearize and we finish off with his suggestions as to what both the White House and the GOP need to do to retain...


Candace Owens and Cabot Phillips: The Kids are Still Alright

Ep: 107 - Candace Owens and Cabot Phillips. Candace Owens at Turning Point USA discusses victicrats, the death of Hollywood, CNN, and how using social media is resulting in students and millennials becoming 'red-pilled' - (80 Million downloads on her YouTube channel). Candace is also a Vlogger (video blogger). Director of Urban Engagement for TPUSA http://WWW.TPUSA.COM/JOIN. Follow Candace on Twitter at @RealCandaceO We also speak with Cabot Phillips who is the Media Director for Campus...