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Episode 26 - Zak and Keith for the Win!

Both Zak and Keith joined me tonight for what I can only describe as just a full on circus. Politics to DC comics. I mean, it was seriously all over the play and I think for the most part it was probably a little bit entertaining.


Episode 25 - The Right and Wrong on Immigration

A conversation this week that would have been on the atrocities that our White House and Department of Justice was doing to terrorize and destroy families seeking asylum here in the United States, but then President Trump had to ruin that by signing an executive order, stopping the separation of children and parents. So just listen, it all goes somewhere, and no where at the same time. As always, follow us on twitter; @aan_pod!


Episode 24 - The Ups and Downs of a North Korea Peace Summit and More

What a whirlwind of a week it has been. The Preside met with Kim Jung-Un. We had a primary election here in South Carolina. California has enough signature to put splitting the state into three on the ballet. It's been an insane week. Zac King joins me again for another crazy pod. As always, follow us on twitter; @aan_pod!


Episode 23 - The "Great" First Lady Has Been Found

President Trump today had his First Lady by his side, after nearly a month, in public. Where was she? What happened? Why'd she return? Who know? She does. But I think it will be like most things, we'll never know.


Episode 22 - Another Welcome Back

I decided to bring back Zac King this week to help me start podding again. This week, it's all over the place and all I can really tell you is, you're welcome. Politics, world events, theology; it's all in there for your ears.


Episode 21 - Can't Believe You Didn't Bring Up Tim Tebow

Another guest this week; Keith Cooper is back on the program to help me decipher as much of the politics, and world as we can. I'll be honest, we seemed to be all over the place this week with talks of mass shootings, to gun control, and our theories on how protection of our schools can be handled. And a couple minutes on Tim Tebow.


Episode 20 - He Put His Own Roadster in Space!

This show I welcome my friend Zac King, from the Podcast "Anything Goes, The Podcast", to have a conversation. After the dramatic week, it was good to have Zac on and be able to talk about all of it. From the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, to the revelation of yet another alleged affair by the President, to Rockets in space. As always, follow me on the Twitter; @AAN_pod.


Episode 19 - Welcome Back, with no Excuse

Nope. Not dead. Just Hibernating. That's right. Hibernating. #Hibernation. No. Not really. Just lazy. But, I am going to start coming back on a more regular basis because, frankly, my weekly not podding gets boring, so we're coming back. This week, it's all political. So sit back, take a sip of whatever gets you through these pods and enjoy. As always, follow me on @AAN_pod!


Episode 18 - End of Year Madness

It's the end of another year. A first end of year for this Pod. A lot of disorganization this time, but some politics, some stories. Enjoy for what it is and we'll get my act together in the new year.


Episode 17 - LeVar Burton is not LaVar Ball

This week I get into my opinion on the sexual harassment, the allegations, and some of the accused and my opinions on them. Also talk about how LaVar Burton is not LaVar Ball, even if some in this country feel like it doesn't mean that should put a little research in before they tweet-shame someone. As always, follow me on the Twitter; @barrettgruber.


Episode 16 - He Should Have a Sign In His Yard

Back again with another episode of opinion and delusion. This week we talk about why I didn't have a show up before now, as well as the presidents recent adventures in Asia. Also another excuse to talk about responsible gun debate, and why Roy Moore should have a sign in his yard, as opposed to running for Senate in Alabama.


Episode 15 - Post-Trick-Or-Treat with a dash of Terror-ism

This week is another week back after a short hiatus. I'm back this week to talk about some Halloween, Halloween experiences, and my abuse of the "trick-or-treaters" that visited last night. Also talk about the event in New York City on October 31, yesterday. Also, the puppet show that is the White House Press Briefings. As always, follow me on twitter; @barrettgruber.


Episode 14 - More of what makes you sick to your stomarch

Opening with my first camp letter to my mom, read by my son, for all of those that get such a kick out of hearing my misery from camp. But the show continues with some of the highlights of the week, and my opinions on such events. President Trump makes the most of his office by insulting congressman, and yanking back the leash on his VP. All of this on an all new episode. As always, follow me @barrettgruber.


Episode 13 - It is time to have the Gun Debate

In memory of the all of the victims, affected directly and indirectly of the Las Vegas Massacre. I send my thoughts and prayers to all of those who need comfort and peace.


Episode 12 - Protest This! Silently. Peacefully.

Back to the show this week with an all new pod. Everything from the NFL's silent, peaceful protests, to massive amounts of fresh water pours into the North Atlanta, and an all new surplus of ice in the South Atlantic sea.


Episode 11 - From Hand to Foot to Mouth, Gale Force!

This week we explore the symptoms that I suffered with my most recent fight with Hand-Foot-Mouth Virus, and then transition right in to Climate Change, because that's what the kids want. As always, follow me on twitter; @barrettgruber.


Episode 10 - Back in from hiatus

This week we jump back into the topic pool and monologue my opinion on what we might should do with North Korea. I talk about why I feel like my opinion with how to handle North Korea is valid on a planetary scale. And then some how work that in to the annoucncement of the new iPhone 8/8 Plus, and iPhone X (or 10, or Edition). Follow me on twitter; @barrettgruber.


Episode 9 - Football on the Brain, or is that Rain

This week has a lot to do with football; be it College Football, Fantasy Football, or Pro Football. Specifically about my teams; the Georiga Tech Yellow Jackets, and the Atlanta Falcons. I talk about my Drafting-woes, as well as my opinion of how I'll do. Some kickball, as it's a new season, and of course the floods. All this and more. Follow me, as always, on twitter, @barrettgruber.


Episode 8 - To Be, or Not To Be Eclipsed

This week, discussing the increadible experience of seeing a total eclipse of the sun, which was easily one of the coolest experiences I can remember. Also talk about our President's experience with the eclipse and move into my opinion about why we should or shouldn't keep these Confederate memorials up around the South.


Episode 7 - "Just in Case" Everything Falls Apart

A "Just in Case" show is one that you do in case you don't have any guests. So this week, as most weeks, you have me, and just me and my crazy opinions on politics, internet, society and whatever else I decide to talk about. This week I go into a little bit of the non-sense that is our president and how he handles his press conferences and what he considers to be "Facts." And I talk about some other things.