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14: State of Confusion

Ricky and DC welcome the return of special guest Rich from the Listography podcast. It’s Martin Luther King day, but Ricky doesn’t feel like talking about race. Instead the guys discuss the general state of things in America these days. Join us to hear about the tradition of “King Arthur Luther Day”, learn which nationalities know how keep the lettuce off your Big Mac, and thrill to a surprise call from Ricky’s retarded cousin Kevin! DC and Ricky actually agree about some stuff in the end,...


13: Deal With The Devil

After Oprah’s dramatic speech at the Golden Globe awards, the guys get together to figure out what it all means. At least that was the plan…Special guest El Jordana Diablo from the hit podcast “Let the Hate Flow Through You”, joins Ricky and DC in an incendiary political debate. We learn that Ricky was “super into” award shows during a “brief stint in the 90s”, El Jordana Diablo explains how Ajit Pai personally got him banned from Twitter, and DC threatens to marry Ricky’s daughter under...


12: Dropping The Ball

In the wake of New Year’s Eve revelry, Ricky and Producer Brent find themselves alone in the studio with an empty seat. Determined to make the best of it, Ricky introduces a new segment entitled “Calls From My Retarded Cousin Kevin”. It’s sort of self-explanatory. We then take a look back at 2017, including the fake news, celebrity deaths, and general chaos. It’s been a long year, but by the end Ricky is feeling sentimental, which is pretty funny. #Alt-right, #Libtard, #RickyMelton, #Trump,...


11: Yule Be Sorry

It’s an Alt Right Libtards Christmas, as Ricky and DC get together to discuss the true “reason for the season”. For some reason, this involves DC explaining the details of his extremely religious wedding, and Ricky reminding us all that both he and Tony Soprano were raised Catholic. Oh yeah, and Donald Trump finally won the war on Christmas. Stay tuned to the end for a special guest appearance by a deceased wrestler who is for sure not DC. Happy Holidays? #Alt-right, #Libtard, #RickyMelton,...


10: Deep in the Heart of Taxes

Join Ricky, DC, and special guest Ryan as they discuss the massive tax reform bill slated to be signed into law this week. Ryan explains how Ridley Scott made a war movie that was so good it made him want to jump out of planes, and Ricky teaches DC that 1% is less than the rest of the percents. DC counters brilliantly by noting that “Pedro picks a peck of pickled peppers because Peter won’t”. The words “corporation” and “welfare” are said a whole lot, but good luck trying to figure out from...


9: Keaton Up With The Joneses

In this very special episode of Alt-Right Libtards, Ricky and guest-Libtard Rich from Listography address the Keaton Jones video and the topic of bullying. We learn how Rich’s crew turned the tables on the bullies at his high school, and that Ricky used to have “beautiful, long, flowing hair”. Join the controversy as Ricky fiercely defends his strong conviction that “they put ham down my clothes” is the funniest thing that anyone has ever said, EVER. As always, email your thoughts to:...


8: I'm Juan Fire

This week, Ricky, DC, and special guest Jeff from Listography discuss the polarizing topic of immigration. From “the wall” to Chinese slave labor, the guys get to the bottom of all of those people crazy enough to want to make The United States of America their new home. Ricky explains how his Chinese friend married a white girl and became a success, while DC shockingly disagrees with his hero President Obama. Jeff ends up disagreeing with both Ricky and DC, but is quick to remind us that he...


7: No Pussyfooting

Join us this week as Ricky, DC, and Chuck the Truther discuss the “pussification” of America. You know what I’m talking about. Ricky tells the story of how a bum once yelled at his daughter, and DC confesses to “allegedly” killing people in the woods as a child. Chuck makes some good points, and ends with a strong dick joke. One thing they all agree on, it ain’t like it was in the old days of the late ‘90s. #Alt-right, #Libtard, #RickyMelton, #ArtieLange, #LevityLive, #Magoobys, #cucklife,...


6: Howdy, Pilgrim

DC returns from his “safe space” just in time for a very special Thanksgiving edition of Alt Right Libtards. Join Ricky and DC as they explore the true meaning of the holiday, including the Cleveland Indians’ logo, genocide, and modern-day imperialism. In the meantime, we learn DC’s favorite Thanksgiving side dish, and discover that Ricky has “people on the ground” in Puerto Rico. #Alt-right, #Libtard, #RickyMelton, ArtieLange, #LevityLive, #Magoobys, #Thanksgiving, #Pilgrims, #Indians,...


5: Truther Consequences

In this episode, DC is once again conspicuously absent in the wake of recent sexual harassment scandals. Joining us in his place this week is Chuck, a self-proclaimed “Truther”, who believes that the events of the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012 were an elaborate hoax. Please join us as we step into the world of crisis actors, false flags, Bilderbergers, and the NRA. #Alt-right, #Libtard, #RickyMelton, #crisisactors, #AlexJones, #Bilderberg, #Illuminati, #TomPetty, #RushLimbaugh, #911,...


4: Drugs Are Bad, M'Kay?

In this episode, DC returns with a vengeance following his brief hiatus. After reading a few listener emails, Ricky and DC launch into the topic of drug regulation and legalization. DC reveals shocking facts about his experiences with opiates, robo-tripping, and ex-wives. Ricky demands harsh prison sentences for PCP-addicted lawnmower thieves, but doesn’t believe that drunk driving is “the epidemic it’s made out to be”. It gets a little weird, but it all comes out okay in the end....


3: Politically Incorrectly

DC is conspicuously absent after last week's emotional discussion of sexual abuse. Joining Ricky this week is special guest and alternate Libtard, Rich, who is the host of the popular podcast, Listography. Join us as Ricky and Rich explore the murky waters of political correctness. In this episode we learn that the military is taught to treat terrorists with respect, what it truly means to be African-American, and that the Civil War happened "probably sometime in the 1970's". As always, drop...


2: Hashtag MeThree

Ricky and DC discuss the controversial #MeToo movement. Ricky is confident that he has a compelling argument, but DC is very uncomfortable discussing the topic of sexual abuse. It's still pretty funny anyway, though. #MeToo, #alt-right, #Libtard, #RickyMelton, #HarveyWeinstein, #HollywoodMachine, #ChiefOliver, #LenaDunham, #MilitaryIndustrialComplex, #SystemicAbuse


1: Kneel Diamond

In the inaugural episode, Ricky and DC discuss the current debate over NFL players kneeling for the national anthem. Please email any comments to: #RickyMelton, #Libtard, #Alt-right, #kneel, #politics, #NFL