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The global politics podcast at the end of the End of History. From a left perspective.

The global politics podcast at the end of the End of History. From a left perspective.


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The global politics podcast at the end of the End of History. From a left perspective.






/139/ Dollar Empire ft. Yakov Feygin & Dominik Leusder

On dollar hegemony. Dutch disease has long been seen as the curse of resource-rich economies in which a currency appreciates and jobs are lost overseas. But what if the greenback is having the same effects on the US economy, the largest in the world? Many historians and economists have studied the global effects of having the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. But what is the effect on the US economy itself? The authors of an influential essay on this question join us to talk about...


Excerpt: /138/ Fuck, Abolish, Defund: The Police

The episode is for patrons only. Sign up at The protests in the US against police violence - and their globalisation - prompts us to discuss radical proposals for what to do about the police. We look at the US, the UK and Brazil, each in their own national contexts, and debate how policing is structure and what makes realistic responses to state repression a political priority. Readings: Symposium on Policing, NonSite, various authors incl. Dustin Guastella,...


Excerpt: /137/ Reading Club: War, Technology, The State

Reading Club episodes are only available to patrons $10+. Sign up at This month we discuss Wolfgang Streeck's reading of Friedrich Engels which appeared recently in the New Left Review, which deals with the Marxian understanding of war and technology, how they relate to social development, and what this all means for our understanding of the state. Engels's Second Theory: Technology, Warfare and the Growth of the State, Wolfgang Streeck, New Left Review


/136/ Banana Monarchy ft. David Edgerton

On British decline. Much ink has been spilled over the Britain’s fate since the end of its empire. Could it be that decline has been overstated? And what will happen to Britain as it leaves the European Union? We discuss how the history of the Industrial Revolution and Cold War militarism still shapes British politics today, as David Edgerton joins us to talk about the his latest book, 'The Rise and Fall of the British Nation'. Readings: A misremembered empire, David Edgerton,...


UNLOCKED /115/ Singapore Shangri-La ft. Lee Jones

Singapore is held up as a free-market utopia: rich, orderly and clean. But the reality is quite different. Why does Singapore exert such a magnetism for neoliberals, when its reality strays from orthodox prescriptions? What and who made this model 'global city', and how does its communist and anti-colonial past lead to its hyper-capitalist present?


Excerpt: /135/ Aufhebonus Bonus (June)

This episode is for patrons only. Sign up at Mailbag + bonus content ft. Corey Robin In this new semi-regular slot, we feature bonus recordings (here, 20mins of additional discussion with Corey Robin from episode 129) and respond to your comments and criticisms received over the past month.


Excerpt: /134/ The Call - Afterparty

This is a sample. For the full episode, sign up at The three of us discuss some of the themes that emerged from our interview with Krithika Varagur (ep.133) - the entanglement of the US state with Islamism, the Americanisation of the Middle East, and especially the Gulf States, and Wahhabism as religious justification for the Saudi state project.


/133/ The Call ft. Krithika Varagur

On Saudi religious proselytism. Saudi Arabia has actively sought to export Salafism. How has it done this - and what have been its effects, in countries like Indonesia, Nigeria and Kosovo? Why was fighting against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s such a formative experience for jihadists? And why has appeal of secularism faded? Readings: The Call: Inside the Global Saudi Religious Project, Krithika VaragurHow Saudi Arabia's religious project transformed Indonesia (Long excerpt from...


/132/ Partial to Slavs ft. Lily Lynch

Aleksandar Vučić's coalition won the recent (21 June) Serbian parliamentary elections amidst a mass boycott. We talk to Balkanist editor Lily Lynch about what Vučić represents - violent ultranationalist or technocratic centrist? We also take time to discuss geopolitical rivalries over Kosovo. Plus: cigar socialism, Yugoboomers and the enduring appeal of Balkan orientalism. According to Julian Assange, the future always comes to Serbia first - what does this mean? Intro clip: Vučić's very...


Excerpt: /131/ Reading Club: The PMC

This episode is for patrons $10 and up. Please sign up at On the Ehrenreich's re-evaluation of the Professional-Managerial Class. We discuss Barbara and John Ehrenreich's "Death of a Yuppy Dream". Also attached are the Ehrenreichs' analyses from the late 70s, also referenced in the discussion. Thanks again for all your questions!


Excerpt: /130/ Three Articles: BLM

Full episode is for patrons only. Sign up at On this latest Three Articles, we discuss the global Black Lives Matter protests. Reading: The Triumph of Black Lives Matter and Neoliberal Redemption, Cedric Johnson, NonSite ‘As soon as I saw the slaveowner’s statue being toppled in Bristol, I knew the real anti-racism protest was OVER’, Lisa McKenzie, RT The Triumph of American Idealism, Alex Hochuli, Damage Alex's additional notes on his blog


/129/ The Right Is Weak ft. Corey Robin

On the left case for freedom. We talk to Corey Robin about how the left has sacrificed the realm of freedom to the right. And why the Left's weakness is also the Right's. Plus, why is it clear that Trump is not a fascist? And insight into the BLM protests in NYC and responses to the pandemic. Reading: What People Power Looks Like in a Pandemic DemocracySymposium on the Challenges Facing Democrats: Freedom NowIf authoritarianism is looming in the US, how come Donald Trump looks so weak?


/128/ BACKLASCH! ft. Anna Khachiyan

On culturally conservative critics of capitalism. Neoliberalism’s fragmentary and atomising tendencies have gone too far. In response, some right-wingers have turned against the market. At the same time, there’s a (marginal) tendency on the left turning against cultural liberalism. Are we witnessing a major political realignment underway? What is the substance of these "culturally conservative" critiques, and do they offer anything new, beyond what people like Christopher Lasch advanced...


Excerpt: /127/ Mr Bunga Goes to Washington (3bis) ft. Angela Nagle & Michael Tracey

This is a sample. For the full episode go to Bonus content (always the best stuff) from our interview with Angela and Michael (episode 126).


/126/ Mr Bunga Goes to Washington (3) ft. Angela Nagle & Michael Tracey

Why did Bernie Sanders fail? In the third in an occasional series on the US presidential election and the Left, we talk to Angela Nagle and Michael Tracey about their analysis of Bernie Sanders' campaign. We put to bed some bad arguments as to why Bernie didn't win the nomination, and examine some better ones: was the campaign was too establishment-friendly? too "left"? too middle-class? too anti-nationalist?... or are structural factors to blame instead? And we ponder the end of the union...


Excerpt: /124/ Three Articles: Money & Power

This is a subscriber-only episode. Sign up at In this latests Three Articles we discuss power, money and the power of money - in a post-Covid world. Readings: The Death of the Central Bank Myth, Adam Tooze, Foreign Policy Why the Neoliberals Won’t Let This Crisis Go to Waste, Philip Mirowski, Jacobin Plan A for the coronavirus, Curtis Yarvin, Medium


/123/ Mr Bunga Goes to Washington (2) ft. Nicholas Kiersey

In the second in an occasional series of episodes on the US presidential election and the Left, we talk to Nicholas Kiersey, a volunteer with the Bernie Sanders campaign in Texas and host of the Fully Automated podcast. What were things like on the campaign trail, and what went wrong for Bernie? Will Biden go the distance, and are there more shenanigans in store? Readings: Like It or Not, If We Run Third Party, We Will Lose, Dustin Guastella, JacobinThe Tyranny of Decorum Hurt Bernie...


Excerpt: /122/ TFW NO GF

On the so-called "incel documentary", TFW NO GF. This episode is for patreon subscribers only. Sign up: We discuss the new documentary TFW NO GF, which focuses on the lives of extremely online alienated loners in the US. It has consequently been labelled the "incel documentary". Because the subjects are allowed to speak for themselves, it's also been called "irresponsible". We take apart what, if anything, makes this cohort distinct from the past - is it the...


UNLOCKED /120/ Damaged Beyond Repair? ft. Anton Jäger

On the end of Left Populism. Friend of the podcast Anton Jäger joins us to discuss the fate of Left Populism, investigate the response of the Left to the ongoing Coronacrisis, and question whether we're really witnessing the end of neoliberalism. We refer to his recent piece in Damage magazine, in the readings below. Did Left populism ask the right questions but get the wrong answers? Are the next three years going to see the blossoming of the 'Well, Actually' Left? Or is the...


/121/ Those Murdering Bastards ft. Vincent Bevins

On The Jakarta Method. We're joined by Vincent Bevins to discuss his new book on the 1965-66 mass killings in Indonesia, Cold War anti-communism, and the destruction it wrought around the world. The mid-60s proved pivotal, with US-backed coups in Indonesia and Brazil setting the template. What was their effect on the Left worldwide? How did it alter developmental trajectories across the Third World? What lessons can we take from these historical experiences? Running Order: Reading: The...