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Case Closed

Six days ago Colin Kaepernick's attorney's announced that Kaepernick and Eric Reid had reached an agreement with the NFL to dismiss their grievance and lawsuit that claims collusion amongst the owners and league personal to keep the two from being employed by a team. As part of the agreement, no details will be given on what the actual settlement is. Thats let supporters on each side wonders if their side won. Was this a victory for Kaep? For the NFL? Was this the wrong move for the cause?...


Where Ya Been? Where We Going? How'd We Get Here?

After a far too long hiatus, the season 2 premiere of Be Conscious is here. Damien Barling opens up about the orgins of the podcast, how and why it got started, where it's failed, and when people he works with started to notice. Damien also discussed what to expect moving forward in season 2 and how the podcast thrived during its break. A very different episode here that answers a lot of questions.


Camara Williams - An Opportunity Stolen

A special early holiday edition of Be Conscious. Camara Williams, an attorney in Florida, and guest columnist for the Orlando Sentinel, joins me to discuss the mid-terms in Florida, why Andrew Gillum lost and how big of a factor race was in the campaigns. We discuss the parallels between what happened in Florida, what happened in Georgia, and which one of these states got away with stealing the election. Camara gives his thoughts on the electoral college, the voting system as a whole, and...


Richard Rothstein - Color Of Law

On this weeks edition of Be Conscious, Damien Barling speaks with author and historian Richard Rothstein about his book The Color of Law. Mr Rothstein has researched the history of segregation with regards to housing and education. Theres many layers to this conversation, just as there to his book. The two discuss how segregated most major cities in the United States are right now and how “de-facto segregation” isn’t real and has been used as way to explain away laws and policies that have...


Is Malcolm Jenkins a Sellout

What is The Player's Coalition? What set off the pregame confrontation between Malcolm Jenkins and Eric Reid? Is Eric Reids assessment correct… Did Malcolm Jenkins sellout him and Colin Kaepernick? In this episode of Be Conscious, Damien Barling gives a detailed history as to what the Player’s Coalition is, how it started, and what it is today? The strange culture of the Player’s Coalition is also discussed as we don’t know exactly who is in it because so many don’t want to be acknowledge as...


Carron J Phillips - Dak Prescott Is George Foreman

The show opens with Damien Barling sharing his thoughts on meeting Tommie Smith, John Carlos, and Dr Harry Edwards at an Athlete and Activism panel at San Jose St and shares the details of his conversation with Dr Edwards and what he had to say about the NFL’s Players Coalition. We wrap up our week long look at sports and politics in the 60’s with New York Daily News columnist Carron J Phillips. Back for his second visit, Carron and Damien discuss the impact of Muhammad Ali, his refusal to...


David Steele - Silent Gesture

October 16, 1968 marked one of the most historic and iconic events in sports history. After an epic 200 meter race, Tommie Smith took his place on top of the Olympic medal stand, followed by Peter Norman of Australia, and teammate John Carlos. With no shoes on their feet, beads around their neck, and black gloves on their hands, Smith and Carlos turned to the flag and raised a fist to the sky. The narrative of what took place in that moment has taken on a life of its own over the last 50...


Background of History

The events of the 60’s served as a background for one of the most historic and iconic moments in sports history. With the 50th anniversary of Tommie Smith and John Carlos victory stand demonstration happening this week, Damien Barling lays out what will be a unique week for the Be Conscious podcast. Understanding the impact of Tommie Smith and John Carlos requires one to understand the landscape of America. Specifically, black America. This episode acts as an introduction to a week of...


The College Dropout

There’s a lot to cover in this weeks edition of Be Conscious. Damien Barling the conversation by applauding the Carolina Panthers and the signing of Eric Reid. You’ll hear Eric Reid’s comments about why signing with an NFL team won’t silence his voice that he uses to speak against racial inequality. Next, the focal point of the episode centers on Kanye West, with the backing of Donald Trump, “leading the charge” leading the charge as the black face of MAGA. You’ll hear Kanye’s remarks about...


The Fact and Fiction of What Happened to Botham Jean

On the night of Sept 6, 2018, Botham Jean was sitting in his apartment in Dallas when an off duty police office, Amber Guyger, opened his door, fired her weapon, and killed him. The story of what happened that night has been told, changed, retold, then changed again. In addition to the changing story we’ve also seen an attempted smear campaign by Fox and its affiliates. We’ve heard of noise complaints, shouting, and have learned the physics behind the doors in that apartment complex. What’s...


How Did We Get Here?

On this edition of Be Conscious, Damien Barling discusses how personalized programming has effected our ability to think independently. How right and wrong has been reduced to Democrat and Republican and black and white. Damien uses examples such as the Black Lives Matter protest that occurred in Sacramento and how Sheriff Scott Jones attempted to launch a counter protest. Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination is also used as an example of right and wrong so been overruled by gender and...


Samuel Sinyangwe - Mapping Police Violence

On the latest edition of Be Conscious, Damien Barling opens the show by answering some questions that have come his way over the last week pertaining to Colin Kaepernick and Nike, the racism surrounding Serena Williams following the US Open, and the passing of Mac Miller. One of the founders of Mapping Police Violence and co-host of Pod Save The People, Samuel Sinyangwe joins Damien to discuss the challenges of tracking police violence and what his research says about the relationship...


Deray McKesson - On The Other Side Of Freedom

There are few activists as recognizable as Deray McKesson. With the release of his brand new book On The Other Side of Freedom, and the co-host of Pod Save The People, Deray joins Damien Barling to talk about social media’s role in activism and in his recognition that came after Ferguson in 2014. The two also discuss the how the system of policing is broken, what needs to be changed, and why prison reform is such a necessity. Deray also discusses his meetings with Hilary Clinton, Bernie...


Darnell Moore - No Ashes In The Fire

No Ashes In The Fire is one of the most powerful memoirs you’ll ever read. On this week’s addition of Be Conscious author and activist Darnell Moore joins Damien Barling to discuss the moments from the book that have shaped the man he is today. The two also discuss the desperate need for criminal justice reform, why jail cells aren’t always the answer, and what we need to do to change the system. Mental health issues are also a prominent conversation as Darnell and Damien share their...


AC Thompson: Documenting Hate - Charlottesville

Just over a year removed from the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, the journalist behind the Documenting Hate piece for Frontine/ProPublica AC Thompson joins Damien to give us a first hand account of what it was like being on the ground during those 48 hours. The two discuss the atmosphere, the lack of police involvement, and some of the fallout him and his team of journalists have discovered in the last year. The two also discuss the role Donald Trump has played in the spike of...


I Don't Need A Tape

In a week where the news cycle was dominated by a former reality show contestant and reality show host, Damien Barling spends some time talking about Omarosa, her book, her claims, and why a tape isn’t necessary to prove what Donald Trump is and why Trumps behavior towards black athletes and white supremacists tells the entire story. Damien also discusses the Baltimore cop caught on video beating a man on the street. Subscribe, rate, and review. Send any feedback to the attached email...


Kwabena Nixon & Berry Accius - State Of Our Youth

Activist, poet, author, and youth leaders Kwabena Antoine Nixon and Berry Accius join me to talk about the state of young black youth in this country. The two discuss with Damien Barling their history, what lead them down the road of activism, and the learned trait of hopelessness. The three also discuss entering a conscious state of thinking and how that effects every walk of their lives. Kwabena and Berry have dedicated their lives to helping the youth in their communities and share their...


Ijeoma Oluo - So You Want To Talk About Race

Ijeoma Oluo’s thought provoking writing is prominent in the fight for social equality. Her New York Times bestseller, So You Want To Talk About Race, explores the difficulty of conversations surrounding race, white privilege, the school to prison pipeline, and racially charged micro-aggressions. In this conversation Ijeoma and Damien discuss her book, the system of white supremacy, Twitter trolls, and her work as a feminist. The two also engage in a discussion focused on how the value of men...


Trayvon Martin & The Right Side of History

This week, Damien gives his thoughts on Trayvon Martin, his place in history, and why Black Lives Matter scares people so much. Damien also talks about being on the rights side of history and how the narrative surrounding some of todays most polarizing black leaders will be completely different 10-20 years from now. Subscribe here: iTunes: Google Play: Tune In: Stitcher: Email:...


Astead Herndon - Helsinki & Beyond

It was an interesting week for Donald Trump, this country, and for all those that cover him. Damien talks with national political reporter for The New York Times Astead Herndon about the Helsinki Summit, Donald Trumps choice of words, and what the truth is about the election meddling investigation. The two also discuss the drop off in minority voting since President Obama left office and how that may influence the November mid-terms as well as the 2020 election. In addition, Damien shares...