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Dom Tristram presents his thoughts on UK news, politics and current affairs.

Dom Tristram presents his thoughts on UK news, politics and current affairs.


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Dom Tristram presents his thoughts on UK news, politics and current affairs.




School Strike 4 Climate

In the last episode Dom went to the first ‘Solidarity for Greta’ vigil in Bath which took place in October 2018. This vigil has been repeated every week with another on Saturdays, and the number of people involved has been steadily growing. Extinction Rebellion is now quite a large and dynamic movement. The school strikes, inspired by Greta Thunberg, have spread and now take place around the world. Today, the 15 of February, was the first nationally co-ordinated ‘School Strike 4 Climate...


Extinction Rebellion - Solidarity with Greta

At the end of November Dom went along and joined the first Extinction Rebellion ‘Solidarity with Greta’ event outside the Guildhall in Bath. Extinction Rebellion is social movement using non-violent direct action to try to avert catastrophic climate change. It is quite new, being formed at the end of October 2018, but is growing rapidly. Many areas have their own groups, and the one in Bath is active and growing quickly. ‘Greta’ is Greta Thunberg, a 16 year-old student in Sweden who has...


The Green Party: The Real Alternative

Some policies which other parties are presenting as radical today in 2018 have been Green Party policies for a long time. This is a recording of a 2013 public meeting in Bath featuring Natalie Bennett and Molly Scott Cato talking about how the Green Party is the real alternative and presenting our radical manifesto for change. The meeting was held as part of the campaign for the 2014 European elections which saw Molly elected as an MEP for the South West. All of the points and topics...


Action on Syria

With the developing crisis in Syria, Syrian refugee families in Bath have organised an event to draw attention to what is happening in their home country. Dom goes along and talks to the people there about what the event means to them, including Bernie Howley, chair of Bath Welcomes Refugees and Tim Warren, leader of Bath & NE Somerset Council.


We Deserve Better

It's spring 2017 and after years of 'austerity' the cuts are really starting to hit home. Many local authorities have or are planning to cut services. In Bath this includes plans to dramatically alter libraries. With a population already angered by a completely unsuitable park and ride proposal, even people who had never protested before are beginning to take to the streets. Dom joins in and chats to other protesters about their reasons for being there.


Reclaim The Night March

Yesterday was International Women's Day. In Bath a march was organised to 'reclaim the night' for women. Dom went along to talk to those who came out and ask them why it was important for them.


Junior Doctor's Strike

In this episode, Dom heads to his local hospital, Bath's RUH, to talk to striking junior doctors about why they are taking industrial action.


Europe for the Common Good

As negotiations for the UK's departure from the EU draw towards the date set for our supposed departure, here's a recording from possibly the last European Election campaign. Soon-to-be MEP for the South West, Molly Scott Cato, presents the Green Party vision for Europe. She then takes questions along with me (I'm there in my capacity as the parliamentary candidate for Bath in the 2015 General Election). The work of MEPs does not receive the media attention it deserves, and in part that...