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Gimme Shelter X L.A Podcast Crossover Spectacular

A first of its kind for Gimme Shelter: A crossover episode! Matt and Liam join comedy writer and all around smart guy Hayes Davenport, Curbed editor Alissa Walker, and housing guru Scott Frazier of L.A. Podcast to talk about the intersection of state and local housing policy in L.A. If you're interested in good local news podcasts, you should subscribe to them:


How's that housing package working, with the mayor of Cupertino and the state housing head

Last year, state legislators passed a suite of laws billed as the biggest attempt to ease California's housing crisis in a generation. Matt and Liam discuss how those new laws are playing out on the ground, and how we should judge whether they're working or not. First, the Avocado of the Fortnight takes us to Ben Carson's twitter feed, which is causing headaches for California YIMBYs (3:30). Then the debut of the podcast's new segment, Housing on the Ballot, where Matt and Liam talk about...


The Gimme Shelter One Year Anniversary Spectacular

It's been one year of Matt and Liam talking about California's housing crisis. They reflect on the biggest stories of the past twelve months, and what they expect to be on the podcast in the year ahead. First, an Avocado of the Fortnight takes us to a potentially awkward roommate situation at UC Santa Cruz (5:00). Then a recap of the last month of housing legislation at the Capitol, including Liam's choice for the most important housing bill that passed(10:00). And finally, Matt and Liam...


The Lebowski property tax break, with a cameo from Jeff Bridges

What do the Big Lebowski, Proposition 13 and feudalism have to do with each other? A little-known ballot measure passed in the mid 1980's that allows children to inherit the property taxes of their parents--and that is costing the state billions. Matt and Liam discuss Liam's investigation into a uniquely Californian property tax break that has disproportionately benefited the state's elite. First, a very brief interview with the Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges, profiled in the story as one...


Enviros and Housing, a Complicated Love Affair—with Ethan Elkind

If California is going to meet its ambitious climate change goals, it will have to solve its housing crisis. In the wake of the California Sierra Club's opposition to SB 827, Matt and Liam devote the hour to the intersection of environmental and housing issues. First, an Avocado of the Fortnight (3:20) is awarded to Gov. Brown's State of the State address. Then, Liam and Matt discuss the housing leg in the three-legged stool of greenhouse gas reduction (9:00), the ideological divide among...


Why Rent Control Died in the Capitol, with Asm. David Chiu

Expanded rent control won't be coming to your city anytime soon--at least via the state legislature. Matt and Liam discuss why the repeal of Costa-Hawkins died at a dramatic Assembly hearing last week. First, Liam flags some other major housing bills you should keep an eye on (2:45). Then, an Avocado of the Week where in the middle of a hearing on rent control a legislator admits he doesn't know a key law affecting landlords and tenants (6:40). Matt and Liam then recap the drama of the...


What housing stories to watch in 2018, with a real-life California homeowner

The Gimme Shelter year-end holiday spectacular. First, Matt and Liam submit their nominations for "Avocado of the Year", that story which most distills the absurdity of CA housing in 2017(2:00). Then, a quick preview of the GOP tax plan and its possible CA fallout (8:30). Liam and Matt predict the major housing storylines of 2018, starting with new CA legislative leadership (16:00) and the political dominoes falling after San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's death (19:30). Finally, an interview with...


How tax reform will hurt California housing, with affordable housing developer Mary Murtagh

Matt and Liam discuss the potentially massive consequences of federal tax reform on California's housing woes. First, an avocado of the week poses the question of whether it's easier to build a basketball arena or reform California environmental regulations (5:00). Then, a deep dive into the federal tax plan, touching the fates of the low income housing tax credit (18:00) and the mortgage interest deduction (28:00). Finally, an interview with Mary Murtagh, a nonprofit affordable housing...


Is Rent Control Good or Bad, with AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein

A simple question, a complicated answer. Ahead of a possible 2018 ballot initiative that could dramatically expand rent control, Matt and Liam explain who benefits and who loses under economists' least favorite housing policy. First, a legendary avocado of the week (4:00) is awarded to a Sonoma County Supervisor's comments on how to rebuild Santa Rosa. Then, Matt Matt-splains a groundbreaking new Stanford study on rent control in San Francisco (10:30) and tries not to bore Liam too much....


A slow-growth "rager" in Redondo Beach, with state housing head Ben Metcalf

Matt and Liam award the Avocado of the Week to Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (5:00). Then a discussion of the House GOP's tax plan and how it would impact California, including Liam's hot takes on the mortgage interest deduction (6:30) and Matt's take-it-to-the-bank prediction on the crucially important Low Income Housing Tax Credit program (12:00). Our tour of California's housing crisis takes us next to Redondo, where we interview slow-growth city councilman Nils Nehrenheim (21:00)....


North Bay Housing after the Fires, with Santa Rosa Mayor Chris Coursey

Gimme Shelter's tour of California's housing woes takes them to Sonoma County this week, where the devastating North Bay fires have thrown a harsh spotlight on the region's housing shortage. First, Liam and Matt discuss an initiative possibly headed for the November 2018 ballot that would dramatically expand rent control in California (1:30). Then Liam describes the destruction he saw firsthand in Santa Rosa (8:00), and Matt poses the question of whether the city can and should rebuild in a...


Zocalo Public Forum: "Are Housing Prices Killing the California Dream?", with Sen. Kevin de Leon

Liam and Matt will be back next week for your regularly scheduled programming. This week, we're airing a Zocalo Public Square/AARP forum entitled "Are Housing Prices Killing the California Dream?" The panel features California Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León, AARP ​housing policy expert ​Rodney ​Harrell, executive director of Housing California Lisa Hershey, and dean of the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs Gary Segura, and is hosted by CALmatters CEO Dave Lesher.


Tell Me When to Go (Away from the Bay Area), with Kim-Mai Cutler

Starting this week, Matt and Liam explore how state housing policy affects different regions of California. This episode is devoted to the Bay Area, the epicenter of the state's housing woes. Featuring an avocado of the week where a city official tells Liam how he'll evade state law (2:40), how to interpret California poverty figures (6:30), and how the tiny Bay Area community of Brisbane is a microcosm of the housing mess (9:30). Then, an interview with the great Kim-Mai Cutler, former...


9/28: A developer, an affordable housing advocate, and a lobbyist for cities walk into a studio...

What makes or breaks good housing policy? The wonky details. This week, Matt and Liam break down the ins and outs of all 15 bills in the state housing package: where the new affordable housing revenue will be spent (6:00), whether the so-called "streamlining" bills will actually make it easier for builders to build (10:00), how inclusionary zoning ordinances will actually work (19:00), the new additional layers of planning cities will be required to do (21:00), and how beefed up state...


9/20: WE HAVE A PACKAGE!!! (Part I), with Asm. Brian Maienschein

We have a housing package! It's such big news, we're breaking it into two mega-pods: This week dedicated to the politics behind the package, and next week to its crucial policy details. Matt and Liam discuss the late-night drama at the Capitol (6:50), Asm. Marc Levine as YIMBY heel (9:30), the broad political forces that aligned this year for a deal (17:00), and what to look for next year in housing policy (24:00). Then, an interview with Assemblyman Brian Maienschein (R-San Diego) (32:30),...


Emergency Podcast: Why No Housing Package Yet?

Three days and counting until the Legislature adjourns for the year. We thought we could see a housing package passed as early as July. Why the delay, and what's happening now?


9/6/17: An opening in Prop 13, Margaret Atwood as NIMBY heel, and an interview with Carol Galante

Every week, Los Angeles Times housing reporter Liam Dillon and CALmatters' data reporter Matt Levin chat about the latest developments in California housing policy and interview a key housing newsmaker. This week, Matt and Liam discuss the Margaret Atwood NIMBY controversy (3:00), why the housing package didn't pass last week (8:00), and whether the state Supreme Court created a gaping hole in Prop 13 or something more ambiguous (9:30). Then we speak with Obama-era HUD official and UC...


8/30: What's in the state housing package, the interest group hornets nest, and Sen. Scott Wiener

The inaugural episode of Matt and Liam Fix the California Housing Crisis (working title). Every week, Los Angeles Times housing reporter Liam Dillon and CALmatters' data reporter Matt Levin chat about the latest developments in California housing policy and interview a key housing newsmaker. This week, Matt and Liam discuss the major elements in the long-awaited housing package awaiting a vote in the Legislature, the muted impact of that package, and the interest groups that shape state...