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Long Read - Identitarianism in America

With the UK and Irish branch of Generation Identity currently in disarray after the exit of clarinetist Tom Dupré (around the neo-nazi links of a senior GI member), it's timely to share this long read on the ongoing influence of identitarian ideas in the American alt-right.


Convicted fraudster Stephen Yaxley-Lennon

HOPE not hate CEO, Nick Lowles makes his podcast debut to talk about the release of Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, the media reaction, and how his newfound international celebrity impacts the threat of the far right. We've launched the HOPE Action Fund because our research work directly combats the threat of Tommy Robinson and his Islamophobic agenda. You can support the fund from just £5/month here – www.hopenothate.org.uk/hope-action-fund


"It's starting to smell a bit fascist-y"

Joe, Safya, and Matthew round up the many recent happenings around the far right. Donald Trump used his visit to the UK to appeal to white nationalists, the latest demonstrations in support of Tommy Robinson, and this week's trials and convictions of violent nazis in British courts. You can help sustain our work by becoming a member of the HOPE Action Fund here – www.hopenothate.org.uk/hope-action-fund


US special: Ctrl Alt-Right Delete

***Special episode*** This week, we're hosting the first ever HOPE not hate USA conference in Washington D.C. We discuss the event with Melissa Ryan, creator of Ctrl Alt-Right Delete, a weekly newsletter devoted to understanding how the so-called alt-right operates online and developing strategies to fight back. The conference, TRUMP’S AMERICA: HOW THE FAR RIGHT IS RADICALIZING AMERICAN POLITICS, takes place on 28 June in Washington, D.C. It features panels and speakers from nonprofits,...


Some sort of racist Thunderbirds

We’re back with another episode! To mark Windrush Day, Safya’s has a candid interview with HOPE not Hate Organiser Dawn Livingston, providing a poignant insight into the Windrush generation and the experiences of racism and marginalisation they endured since their arrival. Also this week, Joe gives us the low-down of the international far right’s response to Stephen Yaxley Lennon’s - also known as Tommy Robinson - arrest. Safya explores the fall out from the international row over the NGO...