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Episode 3: Conflicts of interest and the state budget

On this week’s episode, we talk about conflicts of interest — which lawmakers have them, how they’re reported and why it matters. We raise questions about how transparent Virginia lawmakers are required to be as they take certain votes, and if everyone is following the rules. We’ll also give you an update on what is happening with the budget impasse in Richmond, and do a brief chat with Daily Press education reporter Jane Hammond who caught up with Sen. Tim Kaine during his visit to NASA...


Episode 2: Medicaid and the state budget discussion continues

On this week’s episode, we discuss what is happening under the surface as state lawmakers continue Round 2 of trying to pass a state budget. Medicaid expansion is a key anchor of the House of Delegates budget plan, and delegates will need to win support from the state Senate for that. We talk about the potential peace offerings from one side to another in hopes to reach a deal. We also talk about a state senator who broke ranks to support Medicaid expansion, the consequences for him and...


Episode 1: The challenges of passing the state budget

In the first episode of Virginia Politics with Ress and Reema, we talk about the state budget — rather, the lack of one. While the budget itself has the simple goal of funding state spending for the next two years, the politics behind passing one can get really hairy. This year, the battle over Medicaid stopped lawmakers from deciding a budget plan by their deadline of March 10. So, now what? With a dramatically different General Assembly — the result of an election that the entire...


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