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Thursday, December 14 – 2017

We have changed the format of our daily news feed. Besides the traditional audio format, news tidbits are now presented in video format, with closed captions in English. The audio, YouTube link to the video and the full transcript of the news items can all be accessed here.


News Tidbits for Wednesday, December 12

Good morning, This is Peter Walker, with your news tidbits for Wednesday, December 12.


News Tidbits for Friday, December 8

Double-click any word for Google Translator Palocci Drops a Bomb on Lula and the PT Source: Veja Muammar Gaddafi financed terrorist groups and political movements in the four corners of the world. According to Antonio Palocci, Lula and his party, PT (Workers’ Party) also benefited from these donations. In his statement to the Public Ministry, Palocci said Gaddafi secretly sent a million dollars to finance Lula’s campaign for president in 2002. This bombastic information has the potential...


News Tidbits for Thursday, December 7

Tension in the Middle East Source: The New York Times Arab and European leaders, Pope Francis and the U.N. criticized President Trump’s decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Pope Francis said, “I cannot remain silent.” The United Nations secretary general spoke of his “great anxiety.” The European Union expressed “serious concern.” American allies like Britain, France, Germany and Italy all declared it a mistake. A number of countries asked for an emergency...


News Tidbits for Wednesday, December 6

Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Capital Source: The New York Times President Trump told Mideast leaders he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a move that would overturn decades of U.S. policy, upset peace efforts between Israel and the Palestinians and risk igniting unrest. His decision is driven by a campaign promise aiming to attract evangelicals and American Jews. Mr. Trump is to announce his formal recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital in a formal speech at...


News Tidbits for Tuesday, December 5

Former President of Yemen Killed Source: The New York Times Muhammed Muheisen/Associated Press Ali Abdullah Saleh, the former president of Yemen, was killed amid fierce battles in the capital, Sana. His death came at the hands of his former allies, the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels, after he made propositions for a deal with the Saudi-led coalition to end the country’s catastrophic civil war. Hi s death will make it harder for a negotiated end to the conflict, analysts said, while renewed...


News Tidbits for Monday, December 4

Arab Peace Plan Ignores Palestinians Source: The New York Times Construction in the Israeli settlement of Brushin in the West Bank. Credit: Tomas Munita for The New York Times Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia presented a peace plan that would be more in favor of the Israelis than any plan ever embraced by the American government, one that no Palestinian leader could ever accept. Analysts said they believe the prince is trying to force a settlement in order to cement Israeli...


News Tidbits for Friday, December 1

Republican Tax Bill will Increase Deficit Source: The New York Times The sweeping tax bill proposed by the Republican party in the United States seemed headed for certain victory on Thursday, but came to a halt as senators rushed to find ways to raise several hundred billion dollars after some members objected to moving forward without a plan to safeguard against ballooning the deficit. An analysis by the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation found that the tax cuts would add $1...


News Update for Thursday, November 30

Trump Shares Inflammatory Videos Source: The New York Times President Trump set off a racially charged controversy on Wednesday by sharing videos from a tiny British ultranationalist group to his millions of followers on Twitter. At least one twists the facts of what the viewer is seeing, while two others are provided without necessary context. His move was quickly condemned by Britain’s prime minister as well as politicians across the spectrum. No modern American president has promoted...


News Update for Wednesday, November 29

Russian Brexit Meddling Source: The New York Times Not only did Russia try to use social media to influence the U.S. 2016 election, they have also been suspected of meddling in last year’s bitterly divisive referendum in Britain, in which the country voted to leave the European Union. More than 150,000 Russian-language Twitter accounts posted tens of thousands of messages in English urging support for the withdrawal, known as Brexit, in the days before the vote on June 23, researchers have...


News Update for Tuesday, November 28

Lower Power Rates Source: Globo After increasing electric power rates to red flag level 2, the highest on the scale, because of the lack of rains in October, ANEEL, the Brazilian National Electric Power Agency, has announced they will drop back to level 1 in December. This is possible due to a slight increase in the level of the hydroelectric power plant reservoirs. The system of power rate flags was created to help consumers become aware of the cost of power production in the Continue→


News Update for Friday, November 27

Tip to our readers: click the underlined words for translation. Double-click any word for Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Full Week in Brasília Source: Globo President Temer has been discharged from the Sírio-Libanês hospital, where he was admitted on Friday for a procedure to unblock three arteries. He will now need to beat the clock if he wants to smooth out things with his allies, finish his ministerial overhauls and approve the new social security bill by the beginning of December....


News Update for Friday, November 24

Tip to our readers: click the underlined words for translation. Double-click any word for Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Rio de Janeiro – Land of Outlaws Source: Veja According to Raquel Dodge, the Brazilian Attorney-General, Rio de Janeiro is a land of outlaws – and she wasn’t talking about the drug lords who are constantly warring among themselves. Her remark was elicited by the ever-increasing number of politicians behind bars in the state. Wednesday, November 22, represents a very...


News Update for Thursday, November 23

Tip to our readers: click the underlined words for translation. Double-click any word for Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Thanksgiving Day and Macy’s Source: The New York Times Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is an indelible and durable holiday tradition. However, battered by e-commerce competition, the company is struggling to stay afloat, and the magic of the department store has faded in this era of instant online gratification and free...


News Update for Wednesday, November 22

A Step in the Right Direction Source: Globo The Brazilian Senate approved yesterday two bills to establish mixed district voting for aldermen and state and federal representatives. The bills will now proceed to the House of Representatives. Under the new system, which if approved, would only be effective in the 2020 elections, states and counties will be divided into districts, and each party will nominate one candidate per district. Citizens will cast two votes: one for a candidate of...


Daily Update for Tuesday, November 21

Abortion Bill Source: Globo The bill changing the abortion law will be voted today by the Brazilian House of Representatives special committee. The law aims to guarantee the right to life “from conception.” Under the current law, abortion is allowed in cases of rape, when the mother’s life is at risk, or if the fetus is anencephalic. Argentine Submarine Still Missing Source: The New York Times An Argentine Navy submarine on a mission to stop illegal fishing boats off the coast of Patagonia...


News Update for Friday, November 17

Policeman Stops Bomber from Killing More Source: The New York Times An Afghan police office, Lieutenant Sayed Pacha, used a bear hug to stop a suicide bomber trying to enter a wedding hall in Kabul yesterday. Upon seeing a man who looked like a suicide bomber approaching the heavily guarded gate of the hall filled with civilians, many of whom were dignitaries, Lt. Pacha told him to stop, but instead the suspect began running. The officer stopped him, throwing his arms around him in a...


News Update for Thursday, November 16

End of an Era Source: The New York Times After almost 40 years in power, the reign of Robert Mugabe may be coming to a close as tanks were deployed in the streets of the capital of Zimbabwe. Mr. Mugabe appears to be under house arrest. Much of the public anger centered on his wife, Grace, amid allegations of graft and plans to install her as his successor. France Takes a Leading Role Source: The New York Times French president Emmanuel Macron invited Saad Hariri, the Lebanese prime...


News Update for November 14

Earthquake in Iran/Iraq Update Source: The New York Times The death toll of the magnitude 7.3 earthquake that hit the region of the Iran/Iraq border left at least 445 people dead and thousands injured in western Iran, and at least eight dead on the Iraq side of the border. Many buildings and cars were destroyed and people slept in the streets in fear of aftershocks. The quake was felt as far away as Turkey and Pakistan. E.U. Moving Towards Joint Defense Force Source: The New Continue→