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The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.

The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.
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The host's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. He takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news.




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Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 11/14/18 - The House Progressive Caucus leader Mark Pocan is getting down to business, and he's ready to take calls about it too. Luke Vargas knows what Theresa May coooked up for Brexit. And MSNBC's Lawrence O'Don

Congressman Mark Pocan- the House Progressive Caucus leader- talks with the people about our expectations and aspirations as the Democratic blue wave washes over the House of Representatives. ----- Greg Palast is fresh back from getting arrested for facing Bryan Kemp in Florida as reporter, and sneaking into a Trump rally. ----- Foreign Correspondent Luke Vargas tells Thom what Theresa May cooked up for Brexit.... and how Venezuela plans to computer-track its citizens with Chinese...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 11/13/18 : As Republicans quietly dismantle Medicare and the social safety net while peddling hate and fear- what will they do if it stops working? And what should the Progressive response be? Including both recent

Looking at the recent election, Thom asks what the Republicans will do if hate and fear doesn't work for them anymore. Callers respond. ------ Thom reads from 'Mortal Republic- How Rome turned in Tyranny'. ------ Luke Vargas from Talk Media News always has tremendous headlines, the best headlines. ------ Thom reads from Bernie Sanders new book 'Where do we Go From Here?'. ------ Breakfast cereal and orange juice now has measureable amount of glyphosate, what could go wrong? ------ Alex...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 11/12/18 : Who should Democrats run in 2020 for president? Is it a case of good, better, Beto? And, Igor Volsky is asking America to please put the guns down. Plus- health insurance company corruption, spies on the

Thom reviews Trump's disregard of veterans both on his recent trip to the French Armistice observation and upon his return to the US. Trump protected his hair instead of laying a wreath on the grave of the unknown soldier, sent the troops to whip up immigrant fears, and disregarded military mail-in ballots in his rush to see the elections settled. ------ Climate change contributed to California's historic fires, but Trump's blames the victims for not cutting enough lumber, and threatens to...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 11/09/2018 - Live from The Nation Magazine in New York City, Thom has great guests today to discuss the next move for Progressive Democrats.

Thom beams in the show from the conference room of The Nation Magazine in New York City, where he sits down to chew on the news with publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel. ------- Thom talks strategy with activist philanthropist Tom Steyer and his call for Trump's impeachment- and whether the Democrats are likely to proceed with it. ------- The author of 'The Horsemen of the Trump-ocalypse', The Nation staff writer John Nichols comes bearing many questions about his home state. How will Wisconsin...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 11/08/2018 - Live from New York it's.. Thom Hartmann! Post midterms:: What did we learn, where do we go?

Thom examines an insightful new essay in the Guardian, "Is Trump The New Confederate President?" and reflects reasons it may ring true. And Thom's take on Georgia, where Brian Kemp has declared victory as governor, but Stacey Abrams is not conceding. ------- Bob Ney of Talk Media News is happy to say his election predictions were pretty close- and the former congressman still has had his ears to the ground so he can bring us today's chit-chat from Washington. ------- Thom has a discussion...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 11/07/2018 - What Progressives have learned from this election, as votes in Texas, Georgia, and Florida came within a voter suppression whisper of winning what were thought of as safe Republican positions. As Dems

Thom gives his thoughts post-election, including the success of the Democrats winning back the House of Representatives. German politicians are puzzled why the American vote count does not reflect the results. Given the possibility of voter suppression, Thom argues that Beto O'Rourke and Andrew Gillum conceded too soon. ------- As many feel a bit beleaguered, Thom reads from his book 'Walking Your Blues Away- How to Heal the Mind and Create Emotional Well-Being'. ------- Thom fields...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 11/06/2018 - A full show on ELECTION DAY! - Will voter suppression and right-wing propaganda win a majority for Trump-style fascism? What difference will Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Brian Kemp, the DNC, nuclear w

Will voter suppression ensure we continue down the road to Trump-style plutocracy and fascism? Georgia's Brian Kemp rears his counting-challenged head as he unethically supervises throwing out voters in his own election. ///// Triumph the Insult Comic Dog dings Cruz. ///// Thom wonders if the bottom may be quietly falling out of the economic system as treasuries just had the 2nd worst auction since the Great Recession. ///// Caller Glen gets Thom thinking about what kind of deadlock we might...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 11/05/2018 - Will America vote for Trump's fascism on Tuesday? Thom surveys the political landscape. Bernie stops by, Greg Palast has tips for actually voting, and former congressman Bob Ney triangulates.

Thom considers the political mood on the eve of the election and looks at interesting stories. A Canadian fan letter sparks Thom's suggestion that America might also use a national medicare identification card for voting, though that would give Republicans one more reason to oppose national health insurance for the U.S. .. Thom reflects on a new Daily Beast article by Matt Lewis that considers the historical backlash advantage for sitting presidents who lose a branch to another party during...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 11/02/2018 - As the election inches forward, Thom exposes Trump's lies on asylum seekers, Greg Palast shares insights for voters, and intense ads from the Immigrant Film Company bring an emotional impact.

Thom exposes Trump's lies about the asylum seekers and shares the intense new videos from Immigrant Film Company. Greg Palast joins the conversation and answers listener phone calls about voting as Election Day inches closer. Chris Massicotte of Victory Fund discusses election activism for the LGBTQ community and how to defend freedoms for all. Thom reads from An Uncivil War: Taking Back Our Democracy in an Age of Trumpian Disinformation and Thunderdome Politics by Greg Sargent.


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 11/01/2018 - The midterms are a choice between Fear and Hope. And, we try to put Trump back on the couch, but he can't sit still. Plus, listeners parley with Pocan the Progressive.

Trump and the Republicans are selling baseless fear to win the midterm election; that's all they really have! ------ Trump is activating the primitive, wordless, angry, fearful part of the brain to manipulate us all. Psychoanalyst Dr. Justin Frank returns, author of 'Trump on the Couch' with the science. ------ Thom welcomes back Congressman Mark Pocan to get his sense of the state of politics in the impending election. Callers respond with questions from LGBTQ issues to immigration reform,...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/30/2018 - Funny how schools and many parents in Silicon Valley are banning computers and phones from the classroom, while poorer cities go the opposite direction. Meanwhile, Trump continues to take a page from t

Thom looks at critical look of the fragility of socially isolated youth growing up with their attention fixed on phone screens. With a consideration of the new book, "The Coddling of the American Mind" co-authored by Jonathan Haidt, Thom reflects on the impact screens have on developing minds including increased suicide rates, and a rejection of digital dependence on their children by Silicon Valley parents. ----------- Listeners call in with very interesting observations and experiences on...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/29/2018 - Congressman Ro Khanna gets us ready for the election, Pro Publica looks at the past schemes of the Trump Crime Family- and after so many, many shootings, why do we allow weapons of war on our streets?

The Republican Party has morphed into a death cult, can its victims be deprogrammed? Congressman Ro Khanna of California is back to take listeners' calls in the countdown to the election. Thom welcomes ProPublica's Heather Vogel, author of in-depth stories of the Trump Crime Family's history of ripping off real estate investors. Thom's take- after so many, many shootings, why do we allow weapons of war on our streets? And isn't this as much about the fear of immigrants as it is antisemitism?...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/26/2018 - As the midterm congressional election looms, Republicans are pulling every trick they can think of to prevent Democrats from being counted for their vote. Meanwhile the male-ocracy tries to keep a lid

After briefly checking in on the CIA's investigation of the Khashoggi murder, Thom spends most of the hour discussing the ongoing voter suppression efforts of the Republican party, as they try to cheat their way to a congressional majority- again. Thom gives specifics as listeners respond. ------ Investigative reporter Greg Pallast checks in on electoral shenanigans, from exit poll 'conforming' to Republican registrars dropping as much as ten percent of the American voters from the rolls...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/25/2018 - Trump continues to follow the fascist playbook, as bombs start showing up in the mail of demonized Democrats.

Someone has attempted to assasinate Democrats so often demonized on right-wing media, and the president commented 'They brought it on themselves.' Thom draws a historical parallel to a key turning point in the fascist takeover of Germany. Callers respond. Thom reads from his book 'Screwed - The Undeclared War on the Middle Class and What We Can Do About It. Congressman Mark Pocan takes listener questions on issues including universal health care, midterm elections, and more. Bob Ney beams in...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/24/2018 - Is Trump and the right wing gang responsible for stochastic terrorism here in America?

With the frightening news of so many bombs mailed to Democratic targets, Thom revisits the dangers of 'stochastic terrorism'. Is Trump and the right wing gang responsible? ------- Listener Maverick asks what Thom means when he says 'small D democratic' Listener Dana reminds us the immigrant Rupert Murdoch brought us Fox Fascist Fake News- the propaganda running this country. ------- Nancy in Arlington reminds us that Sarah Palin put the crosshairs on congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/19/2018 - The cons sell "Trickle Down Racism" in Trumpworld and hope nobody notices the demolition crew getting ready to knock down what's left of the social safety net.

Thom explains how racism- ever present in the Republican party- has moved from covert subtlety to conspicuous blatancy in an effort to influence voters. A bizarre right wing election ad is analyzed that links the Kavanaugh grievance factor with racial framing to malign Democrats. ---------- Callers chime in on voter suppression, racism, and the impending midterm elections. ---------- Talk Media News lends us Chief Foreign Correspondent Luke Vargas who comes bearing interesting stories; like...


Thom Hartmann Program - 1 Hour Edition - 10/18/2018 - Hexing Brett Kavanaugh probably won't stop voter suppression efforts by Republicans, or bring back a certain Washington Post commentator...

Thom's take on what's going on in the news. ------- Investigative Greg Palast with the latest on Republican voter suppression- his bombshell- Republicans have purged nearly a tenth of all of the voters nationwide.------- Thom interviews Dakota Bracciali, a witch who is leading a hexing of Brett Kavanaugh. ------- Professor Juan Cole, author of 'Muhammed - Prophet of Peace Amid the Clash of Empires'.------- Congressman Bob Ney with Talk Media News on the news behind the news.-------...