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Up to Date focuses on pressing issues, both local and national, including politics, economics, planning and design, history and entertainment - topics that have an impact on the lives of the Greater Kansas City region.

Up to Date focuses on pressing issues, both local and national, including politics, economics, planning and design, history and entertainment - topics that have an impact on the lives of the Greater Kansas City region.
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Up to Date focuses on pressing issues, both local and national, including politics, economics, planning and design, history and entertainment - topics that have an impact on the lives of the Greater Kansas City region.




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Seg. 1: Missouri Rep. Crystal Quade | Seg. 2: Acting Sick Pays

Segment 1: Missouri House minority leader explained her party can still manage to get issues across the finish line. Representative Crystal Quade says her run for leadership was motivated by a desire to help Democrats through a time of rebuilding and she's one of the first millenials to do so in Missouri. The second-term legislator explained that building relationships with Republicans and finding issues they can agree on is more important than who gets the credit. Crystal Quade , Missouri...


Seg. 1: U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver | Seg. 2: Activist Sarah McBride

Segment 1: Rep. Emanuel Cleaver discusses the president's budget proposal. In the House of Representatives, the Democratic Party is back in the majority, and hopes to work with Republicans on smoothing what Congressman Emanual Cleaver describes as, "a great deal of disruption in the goverment." Today, Cleaver explained why he thinks we need a trillion dollar transportation budget, and why he's still concerned about an attempt to secure funding for a border wall. U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver ,...


Seg.1: Tax Refund Changes | Seg. 2: KC 'Queer Eye'

Segment 1: There is one month left in the 2019 filing season. After being told to expect smaller refunds, new IRS data is now showing the average refund is greater than it was at this point in 2018. Two tax experts helped clear the confusion as they discussed withholding changes, eliminated tax breaks, and new caps on itemized deductions. Kathy Pickering, executive director of the Tax Institute, H&R Block Michael Kelsay, economics research associate/lecturer at University of Missouri- Kansas...


Seg. 1: Kansas Child Welfare. | Seg. 2: Nazi-Looted Art.

Segment 1: Secretary of the Department for Children and Families discussed plans to address challenges within the department. Among the challenges facing the Kansas Department for Children and Families are too many kids in the foster care system, unfilled positions and double the number of abuse and neglect cases of other states. Secretary Laura Howard shared her plan to hire additional social workers and have more accountability for foster care contractors. Laura Howard , Secretary of...


Seg. 1: President's Budget Proposal | Seg. 2: Historic Female Rulers

Segment 1: President Trump's budget proposal cuts $3.6 billion from the Department of Agriculture. If passed as proposed, the president's budget would decrease the department's funds by 15 percent through limits on who could get crop insurance and how much, a plan to "streamline conservation programs" and changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Reporter Madelyn Beck explained how these cuts would affect food producers and which have a chance of making it into the...


Seg. 1: Kansas City Mayoral Candidate Quinton Lucas. Seg. 2: Finding A Second Career.

Segment 1: Councilman Quinton Lucas wants to convert four years on the City Council into a term as mayor. Councilman Quinton Lucas says he discovered an interest in public service at an early age and has since dedicated himself to being a part of the solution to social issues. Today, he shared why he believes this is an important time to help families living in poverty in Kansas City, and why he wants to be the key voice in this conversation. Kansas City Councilman Quinton Lucas , 3rd...


Seg. 1: Kansas Legislature Review | Seg. 2: Author Mitchell Jackson

Segment 1: Kansas governor and lawmakers don't see eye to eye. Political reporters described a hostile environment between Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly and the Republican-led legislature. They explained what each side is looking for on the issues of Medicaid expansion, school funding, protecting vulenerable children and the food tax. Jim Mclean , reporter, editor, senior political correspondent, Kansas News Service Stephen Koranda , statehouse reporter, Kansas Public Radio Segment 2, beginning at...


Seg. 1: KC Star Retirees | Seg. 2: NGDB's John McEuen

Segment 1: Panel discussion with recent retirees of The Kansas City Star. Three senior journalists who accepted the most recent buyout offer from The Star's parent company McClatchey discussed reduction of staff and coverage at the newspaper, how journalism and the city they covered for decades have changed as well the continuing need for basic community news. Lynn Horsley , former longtime reporter for the Kansas City Star Mark Davis , former business reporter for the Kansas City Star Tony...


Seg. 1: Kansas City Mayoral Candidate Phil Glynn. Seg. 2: Immigrant Women's KC Influence.

Segment 1: Phil Glynn says he wants to be Kansas City mayor because he'd done as much as he could as an activist. Today, we learned why Phil Glynn thinks his background in business and activism has prepared him to make improvements throughout Kansas City as mayor. "Too much of the focus has been on luxury developments downtown, not on our neighborhoods," the candidate said. Phil Glynn , Jackson County Democratic Committee member and president of Travois Segment 2, beginning at 25:28: The...


Seg.1: Snow Removal, Policing In Leawood & Riverside. Seg. 2: Finding An HIV Cure.

Segment 1: Snow removal has pushed some cities beyond their budget. A rough winter has put both Leawood, Kansas, and Riverside, Missouri, over budget for snow removal, but lawmakers there say it shouldn't impact other programs. Today, we discussed how they're keeping ahead of the winter storms, and other municipal concerns, including a need for more police. Leawood Councilwoman Debra Filla , 1st Ward Riverside Alderwoman Jill Hammond , 2nd Ward Segment 2, beginning at 24:01: President Trump...


Seg. 1: Most Americans Can't Pass Citizenship Test. Seg 2: Kansas City Hockey.

Segment 1: Six in 10 Americans failed the history portion of U.S. citizenship test. When the Woodrow Wilson Foundation surveyed 41,000 Americans on their country's citizenship test it found a failure rate of 56 percent among Kansans and 61 percent among Missourians. When it comes to these civic-building blocks, the question according to the Foundation's Patrick Riccards is, "What is it about what American history is taught and how it is taught today that had so many of us ... forgetting some...


Commentary: Facing The End Of Kansas Jayhawks Big 12 Basketball Dynasty

The calendar has turned to March, and with it come certain expectations. For example, temperatures above freezing, and the Kansas Jayhawks cruising to another Big 12 title. But this year — not so much. Commentator Victor Wishna faces the cold reality in this month’s edition of “A Fan’s Notes.” When the Kansas Jayhawks take on the Oklahoma Sooners tonight, they will do so as underdogs. Not in the game — they’re slight favorites. But the odds that they will win their record 15th consecutive...


Seg. 1: Higher Education And Labor Demands. Seg. 2: Kansas City's Ethnic Chambers Of Commerce.

Segment 1: "The state was funding 60 percent of the cost of education, the students and families were doing 40 percent. We've now seen an inversion of those ratios," according to KU chancellor. More than 700,000 working-age adults in Kansas are operating in the labor force with no relevant postsecondary credentials, while the demand for highly skilled workers continues to rise. The Chancellor Doug Girod spoke to what universities, government and businesses can do to produce the workforce the...


Seg. 1: Farmers' Real Plight. Seg. 2: Digital Age Reading.

Segment 1: Policymakers have yet to grasp the depth of the recession in farm country. Farmers are slowly losing their livelihood as the input costs of farming rise and the price of commodoties sink. We talked with Paul Johnson, a grower and policy analyst, about the crisis in farm country. "There's not much, if any, of a debate of a farm and food discussion that we need in Kansas," Johnson said. Paul Johnson, policy analyst for Kansas Rural Center Segment 2, beginning at 23:48: Digital...


Seg. 1: Battling Climate Change. Seg. 2: Barbershop Chorus Evolution.

Segment 1: Kansas City architect believes we should be in a panic over climate change. Instrumental in the formation of the US Green Building Council and its LEED rating system, Bob Berkebile has always kept an eye on climate change. Even as global warming increases, Berkebile believes there is still time to turn things around if we act now. Bob Berkebile , founding principal of BNIM Architecture Segment 2, beginning at 22:26: Kansas City chorus dispels traditional image of barbershop...


Seg. 1: The Making Of A Leader (R). Seg. 2: Kansas City Mayoral Candidate Alissia Canady.

Segment 1: Renowned historian discusses the influences that made four presidents great leaders. When it comes down to it, 50 years of presidential scholarship has convinced Doris Kearns Goodwin that great leaders are made, not born. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of books on former presidents Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, and Lyndon Johnson talked about the individual trajectories that brought each of them to the national crises they faced as president. Doris Kearns Goodwin ,...


Seg. 1: Kansas City Mayor's Race & GOP Foils Gov. Kelly's Plans. Seg. 2: Unraveling Jackie Robinson.

Seg. 1: A recent poll shows Jolie Justus and Steve Miller leading the race for Kansas City mayor, but nearly 30 percent of voters are undecided. In what's been a quiet mayor's race so far, we asked our political panel if a new Remington Research poll shows a clear-cut winner. "There is still great opportunity for one of the other candidates to step forward," said Dave Helling, of the Kansas City Star. Also, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly is eager to pass education funding and Medicaid expansion,...


Seg. 1: The "Dirty Secret" Behind Police Seizure Of Property. Seg. 2: What To See Before The Oscars.

Segment 1: "The same police and prosecutors who are deciding whether to take your property, are the agencies that stand to benefit financially from doing just that," says attorney in recent case. The seizure of one man's Land Rover after a drug sale, led to the U.S. Supreme Court issuing a ruling in Timbs v. Indiana that sent a warning to law enforcement across the country. One of the attorneys in the matter and a constitutional expert walked us through this case and the high court's 9-0...


Seg. 1: Can Kansas Students Afford (Not To Go To) College? Seg. 2: UMKC Great Gives Back To KC Kids.

Segment 1: The cost of higher education has shot up faster than family income in recent decades. Economists and education experts suggest students think very strategically about how their educational path will connect with a job down the line. Given that more than 30 percent of people looking for employment have bachelor degrees, you can't count on a undergraduate degree alone to open doors. Today, we learned about the bevy of options awaiting high school graduates in Kansas, and the...


Seg. 1: Kansas City Mayoral Candidate Scott Wagner. Seg. 2: Vocalist Kurt Elling's Jazz Journey.

S egment 1: The only mayoral candidate from the Northland thinks he brings "a unique perspective in getting us moving forward." Scott Wagner is in his last months as a city council member. Now his sights are set on occupying the mayor's office. Wagner spoke of his plan to fund affordable housing, explained what he sees as a barrier to reducing violent crime, and observed that, "at the end of the day, I'm still that neighborhood guy, and that position and that perspective needs to be...