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Punks In Pubs is a biweekly podcast not just for punks! We talk to individuals with some affiliation to the genre of punk in a *pub *Not always in a pub

Punks In Pubs is a biweekly podcast not just for punks! We talk to individuals with some affiliation to the genre of punk in a *pub *Not always in a pub
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Punks In Pubs is a biweekly podcast not just for punks! We talk to individuals with some affiliation to the genre of punk in a *pub *Not always in a pub








Episode14: Chris Jay (Army Of Freshmen)

Its that time, Welcome to episode 14! Is Liam in a Brixton ally having a beer with Army Of Freshmen’s Chris Jay. Liam and Chris discuss Boxing, Jealousy, Success, Failure and Chris tells an emotional story of Rowdy Roddy Piper working on Chris movie The Bet. It would turn out to be Roddys last film. Scotlands Media Whores play out the show, and Liam reveals an important announcement at the end of the show. As always follow the podcast on all the socials Twitter, FB and Instagram @Punksin...


Episode 13: Mike Scott (Lay It On The Line & Phinius Gage)

Welcome to EP 13, Unluck for some but not for you because this episode we have the multi-talented and all-around good guy Mike Scott on the podcast. Mike is a news editor for the punk website Dying Scene. He is also the Guitars and vocals for Lay It On The Line as well as the Bass player for Phinius Gage. He’s also a former member of Briton Pop Punkers River Jumpers and the reformed Oi punk band Anti Establishment. In this natter, you will hear Liam and Mike debate Black flags line up....


Episode 11: Penny Bennett (Punktastic)

Welcome to Episode 11 of Punks in Pubs, So what have you downloaded or streamed this time? Episode 11 is Liam at the Draft House bar in Tower Bridge London enjoying a drink (Non-alcoholic in her case) with Brodie the French Bulldog and, Editor and Chief of British punk website Punktastic, Penny Bennett. Liam and Penny discuss all things Punktastic from past editors to looking forward. Away from Punktastic, they talk about Essex girl jokes, Fred Durst favourite biscuit and how to take a...


Episode 9: New Music Special (Filthy Militia)

This week we focus on new music! Liam brings to you, not 1, not 2 but 3 unsign bands! Philadelphia's finesse, Riverside Odds play out the podcast, and Liam finds new love in Fort Lauderdale's punkers, Death Lottery who kick off the podcast, but its Frosty, singer of British gipsy ska band Filthy Militia who Liam sits down and has a beer and a chat with. Recorded in Camden Town, London. At the legendary ska-punk bar 'Dublin Castle' Liam and Frosty discuss issues that face bands starting out...


Episode 8: Matt Nasir (Möngöl Hörde & Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls)

Episode 8 of Punks In Pubs sees Liam meet with Matt Nasir. Up in the high bar in the Scala London, Matt talks to Liam about his early years travelling around with the Blues Brother musical they go on to discuss Comic Books, Movie Soundtracks and Matt boast about his one of a kind Kurt Ballou (Converge) baritone guitar! Matt also discusses the ragtag band that is Möngöl Hörde, as well as tease whats in store for the eagerly, anticipated Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls album number 7 'Be...


Episode 7: Svarti (The Icelandic Punk Museum)

Hello and welcome to episode 7 of Punks In Pubs coming to you from the land of fire and ice! Episode 7 sees Liam in Iceland have a very expensive beer with the Curator of the Icelandic Punk Museum Svarti (Sorry in advance, Liam will butcher the pronunciation of his name) In this episode, Liam gets schooled in all things Icelandic punk by Svarti. Liam tries to get to know the band behind the mohawk! Svarti tells storeys of his times being homeless as well as meeting John Lydon aka Johnny...


Episode 6: Chuck Robertson (Mad Caddies)

In this episode of Punks in Pubs, we are at the back of a tour bus called the Blackmagic pub! Episode 6 sees Liam taste test British beers with Chuck Robertson, lead singer of the California ska-punk globetrotters Mad Caddies. Chuck talks to Liam about life in the Mad Caddies, Dealing with modern day distractions and work away from the band as a marijuana farmer. Chuck also opens up about a challenging year of depression and divorce that was eased by being on stage. Liam also talks to...


Episode 5: Kerry McCarthy MP

Hello, And welcome to Episode 5 of Punks in Pubs, My name is Liam Bird, and I have to say sorry for my voice. I was not well when I recorded the intro for this episode! Episode 5 is me having a Guinness with the Member of Parliament for Bristol East, Kerry McCarthy. Kerry is a post-punk fan, and it was great to do something a little different for this episode. We debate if Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour party is Punk or not! Kerry talks about being at the Pussy Riot trial in...


Episode 4: Frank Turner

HAPPY NEW YEAR, I hope you all had a good one! Welcome to Episode 4 where Liam sits down and has a beer and a chat with Frank Turner. Frank and Liam sat down in November last year just before a benefit show at the ULU in London for the Nick Alexander Trust memorial concert. (http://www.thenickalexandermemorialtrust.com) Liam and Frank have a natter about all subject matters from our mutual love of NOFX, Black Flag and Meatloaf, YES FUCKING MEATLOAF! They discuss all things 2018 from new...


Episode 3: Johnny Christmas (Reel Big Fish)

Welcome to Episode 3 of This Christmas special episode of Punks In Pubs. In this episode, Liam talks to Johnny (Christianson) Christmas trumpet player for ska punk legends Reel Big Fish. Liam and Johnny talk about life in Reel Big Fish (How the band nearly split and about the man who Johnny replaced, Ex Reel Big Fish Trumpet player Tyler Johns). Johnny talks about Tom Petty (who passed during the time of the interview) and Sammy Davis Junior, and Liam randomly brings up Monty Python! We...


Episode 2: Alex Fitzpatrick (Holy Roar Records)

Welcome to episode 2 of Punks in Pubs. In this episode, Liam enjoys a beer or two with Alex Fitzpatrick. Alex is the founder of the independent punk and hardcore label, Holy Roar Records as well as the Co-owner of Brixton Beer shop Ghost Wale and former member of 'electronic grindcore' band Cutting Pink with Knives. Liam talks to Alex about past and present bands who have been on the label as well as Alex's upbringing in rural Wales. They get deep and talk about the depression of being...


Episode 1: Pat Thetic (Anti Flag)

Welcome to Episode 1 of Punks in Pubs Podcast where Liam talks to Pat Thetic back in October this year in London. For you people who don't know, Pat is the drummer for the band Anti Flag Being one of the original member Anti-Flag, In this chat, you will hear Liam talk to pat about the origin of the band as well as growing up punk in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, of course, we talk about politics. They also talk about Motorcycles and all things coloured black! And much much more.