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Punk, Oi, Hardcore, Psychobilly, Ska Podcast.

Punk, Oi, Hardcore, Psychobilly, Ska Podcast.
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Punk, Oi, Hardcore, Psychobilly, Ska Podcast.






Ep. 246: Shit

Anti-Heros - Jerry Was a Piece of Shit For The Worse - Shit for Brains For The Worse - Shit Out of Luck The Drug Budget - I Shit Ghosts Fleas and Lice - Forced to Eat Shit Fleas and Lice - Shit For Brains Retching Red - Lying Sacks of Shit The Queers - Half Shitfaced Razorblade - Shitting Out Nails The Arrivals - Why You Talk All Shitty Hudson Falcons - Who’s Talkin Shit Against Me - Holy Shit Municipal Waste - Drunk As Shit The Shockers - Shit-Talk Shit Creek - I Don’t Care D.O.A - I Don’t...


Ep. 245: B Squadron | Cockney Rejects | Acid Drop | UK Subs | Cock Sparrer

B Squadron - Evil Cockney Rejects - East End Suicide Machines - Empty Room Acid Drop - The End of Days Booze Brothers - Excuse Me D.O.A - Endless Sky Neighborhood Brats - Exit Strategies UK Subs - Emotional Blackmail Angelic Upstarts - England Broken Bones - Enemy Within Cock Sparrer - England Belongs to Me Rancid - Evil’s My Friend Anti-Flag - Ever Fallen In Love The Bruisers - Eyes on Fire Chelsea - Evacuate Girlschool - Emergency Black Ball - Evil Inside Anti-Héros - Election Day Faintest...


Ep. 244: Suedehead | The Ratchets | Sharp Cut | Direct Hit | Empire Down

Suedehead - Gimme Some Loving’ Suedehead - Waiting Room Against Me - People Who Died The Ratchets - 2-4-6-8 Motorway The Ratchets.- Gotta Be Cool Terror - This World Never Wanted Me Sharp Cut - Hands in Chains Sharp Cut - Still Here Tightwire - Pentagram Tattoo Arising From - Return to Sender New Junk City - Useless Friends Fullcount - Back Against the Wall Dead to Me - Would It Kill You Empire Down - True Believers Felons - Violent Society Felons - Breakdown Bad Religion - The Profane...


Ep. 243: Bum City Saints | Immoral Squad | Rancid | Teenage Bottlerocket

Bum City Saints - Do You Remember Roadside Bombs - Don’t Bother Immoral Squad - Damned PUP - Dark Days The Crack - Don’t Just Sit There Cock Sparrer - Droogs Don’t Run V8 Wanker - Detroit Steel Antagonizers ATL - Dead To US Last Crusade - Deadbeat Distillers - Dismantle Me (Acoustic) The Generators - Destroy Hollywood Rancid - Diabolical Brick Top - Dead Bodies (Rancid Cover) No Quarter - Darkness Inside Hateful - Dead and Gone Teenage Bottlerocket - Do What The Pogues - Dirty Old Town...


Ep. 242: Spittin Bones | No Klasse | Cloud Buster | Shitty Baldwins

Spittin Bones - Facefucker No Klasse - Pogo Punk Beer Brigade No Klasse - Violence The Rough Customers - Black Hole The Rough Customers - Bounce Walk Away - Hundred Man Slayer Call In Dead - Pepto Bismol Call In Dead - Untapped Parts Lynch the Landlord - Steppin Stone Lynch the Landlord - Wasted Time Cloud Buster - Hit List Cloud Buster - Wasted Copywronged - You’re Wrong Shitty Baldwins - Not Right Shitty Bladwins - Worn Out Fair Do’s - Closing In Hit By A School Bus - Hey Little Prick...


Ep. 241: Halloween 2018 Part 4

Creepy Little Things - Lick Your Soul Venus De Vilo - It’s My Party I’ll Die If I Want To Gutter Ghouls - Corpse and Bride Failure Parade - Hallowed Horror Vision - Ghosts of Mars The Shadow Virus - Bloodbath and Beyond Frantic Flintstones - Rock N Roll Zombie Brother’s Creeper - Kid’s Next Gore Dr. Hell - Dead Girl Piffbreak Arcade - Mummy Fireballs - Kill Kill Kill Fireballs - Reanimator Deadite - The Shadows Miss Dreadful - Taxidermy Boyfriend Gallowmaker - Maniac Lagoon The Raven Claw...


Ep. 240: Halloween 2018 Part 3

Annie Marie Lewis and Danny B Harvey - Headless Horsemen X Ray Cat Trio - Mausoleum X Ray Cat Trio - The Buzzards Claw Gutter Demons - Ravenous Monsters From Outer Space - I Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement Jamey Rottencorpse and the Rising Dead - Addicted to Blood Cousin Awful - Deeper Cousin Awful - Dark Lord The PrettyBads - Evil Things Monster Mob - Re-Animator Monster Mob - Cannibal Girls Dr. Hell - Wasted Horror Punkrock Princess TraumaUnit - Dusk33 Brother’s Creeper - The Killer’s...


Ep. 239: Halloween 2018 Part 2

Piffbreak Arcade - Dracula Trash Bats - The Coffin Baby Trash Bats - Hallow’s Eve Chaneys - Ghost Stories Chaneys - Like a Wolf Gallowmaker - Sunbathing With Vampires Miss Dreadful - Bitches Blood The Epidemic - Quarantine The Epidemic - Blood on the Record Player Running from Daylight - Between the Eyes Running from Daylight - Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet Fiend Cats - Blood Curse Fiend Cats - Within the Woods Lupen Tooth - All My Friends are Corpses Misfits - Walk Among Us Monsters From Outer Space...


Ep. 238: Shitty Life | Animals and Children | Raw Power | Ultra Razzia | Natters

Drink and Destroy Crew - Billy’s Anthem Kevlar Bikini - Not Your Night Shenanigans - Cammini Disgregati Shitty Life - We’re Dead Shitty Life - Switch Off My Head Crush the Enemy - Bring Back The Mosh Lizzies - Talk Shit Get Hit Animals and Children - What’s Wrong With Me Animals and Children - Too Fucked To Fail Raw Power - I Lost My Patience Raw Power - How Many Bands Dog Company - For Our Friends ISF - Conseal It Ultra Razzia - Catatonique Ultra Razzia - De Profondes Natters - Stand and...


Ep. 237: Halloween 2018 Part One

Gutter Demons - Ghostrider Demented Are Go - Zombie Stalk Kobanes - Season of the Witch The Creeping Terrors - Channel Zero Gutter Ghouls - Murder Suicide Misfits - Hate the Living, Love the Dead The Bloody Hell - Diggin The Bloody Hell - Evil Everywhere Horrorscopes - With Your Ghost Horrorscopes - Witchslap Won’t Stay Dead - The Devil of Bedford Street Won’t Stay Dead - Still Killing The PrettyBads - Werewolf The Sadists - Bride of the Monster (ft. Michale Graves) The Sadists - Only Skin...


Ep. 236: Drawing Blood | Dusters | Blast Bomb | The Spewers | AR-15

Drawing Blood - The Itch Drawing Blood - Doomsday Suicidal Tendencies - All Kinda Crazy The Dukes of Bordello - All in the Name of Rock N Roll The Dukes of Bordello - Down in the Gutter Dragged Out - In All Circumstances Dusters - Working Class Dusters - Brunswick Boot Boys To Live As Sons - The End is Now My Own Co-Pilot - When the Missing Return The Bar Stood Preachers - Drink Blast Bomb - Gambler Funeral Chic - Rotten to the Core Dreadful Children - Dead End Youth Black Lime - Mania The...


Ep. 235: 7 Seconds | Bishops Green | The Effigies | Slapshot | Sick of it All

Choking Victim - Crack Rock Steady The Boils - Crossover Rules Bishops Green - Caged Rezillos - Can’t Stand My Baby James Stevenson - Cosy Family Way Anti-Heros - Criminal Mischief The Goddamn Gallows - Cold and Deep Anti-Flag - Cities Burn 7 Seconds - Change the Key GBH - Crush ‘Em Noi!se - Coming Storm Agent Bulldog - Clockwork Orange Night Mindset - Create-Control The Effigies - Coarse in Vain Sick of it All - Cry For Help Bad Co. Project - Cure and Curse Assault and Battery - Cutthroats...


Ep. 235: Parental Petulance | Beaver Slap | 2Minute Minor | School Drugs | Radio89

Parental Petulance - Creepin’ While You’re Sleeping’ Parental Petulance - Monsters Credit Card Fraud - Bureaucracy Between Lovers Wrath - Draw Blood One Man Army - One In the Same 2Minute Minor - Tent City Beaver Slap - Bathmat Beaver Slap - Dayglo The Old-Timers - Hole in My Heart The Old-Timers - Turnbull AC’s The Drowns - Eternal Debate Verbal Assassination - S.F.J Rodent Emporium - Let’s Go Mental School Drugs - Deprivation Shakers - Desper-ado Modern Life is War - Revival Fires Blot Out...


Ep. 234: Dial Drive | Praiser | The Filaments | Wayste | Rats Dont Sink | Tank Shot

Brassknuckles - Hardkill Dial Drive - November 8 The Filaments - Fuck the Alt-Right The Filaments - Underdogs Vanilla Pod - Waster Praiser - All My Love Praiser - Blessed Be the Punk Direct Hit! - Welcome to Heaven Night Surf - Enemies Nerdlinger - Song of the Damned Barbecuties - Jukebox Saturday Night Deadline - Keep on Running The Last Gang - Nobody’s Prostitute Wayste - Chosen Rat’s Don’t Sink - Unruly Tank Shot - Cheap Tank Shot - Time to Move On Hostile Minds - One Minute The Bombpops...


Ep. 233: Damage Control | Stabbed In The Back | The Menzingers | Enemy Fire

Turbo A.C’s - Bad Nation Wide (ZZ Top) The Ruts - Babylons Burning Piss Test - Basement Vicious Cycle - Blind to Pain Enemy Fire - Bury Me In My Boots Holy Dolls - Beast of the Apocalypse The Menzingers - Bad Catholics Clit 45 - Broken Unity Death Before Dishonour - Boston Belongs To Me (Cock Sparrer) The Isotopes - Bleacher Creature Girl Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers - Born to Lose Damage Control - Bottled Excuses Piss River - Bad Reputation Bill the Welder - BTW The Slow Death -...


Ep. 232: Tear Up | Black Tusk | War on Women | The Longest Hall

Tear Up - Binge Drink Tear Up - Playground Politics Black Tusk - Ghosts Roam Jake and the Jellyfish - Spokesdog War on Women - Lone Wolves War on Women - YDTMHLT Bar Stool Preachers - Choose My Friends The Longest Hall - Modern Monarchs The Longest Hall - Sam Hall The Lawrence Arms - The Devil’s Takin’ Names Swingin’ Utters - Undertaker, Undertake Uniforms - Get Me Out of Here Cortez - Seven Past Forever Booze and Glory - London Skinhead Crew Monster Squad - Desolation Culture Abuse - Daves...


Ep. 231: Stomper 98 | Ill Bill | The Dahmers | Graveyard Bashers

Stomper 98 - Skinhead The Interrupters - Title Holder The Interrupters - Got Each Other Ft. Rancid Reno Divorce - Let It Go The Dhamers - Creepiest Creep Suburban Swamp Kids - Affluenza Comrades - Paws Not Laws Converge - Churches and Jails Ill Bill - Pentagram Ft. Goretex Craterface - Chromosome Rewind Craterface - Self Esteem Hummer - Invested Dead Beat - Home Dead Beat - Invasion The Brokedowns - America’s Riff The Brokedowns - Sick of Space Knockout - Stranger Things Bad Religion - The...


Ep. 230: Beach Rats | Gonna Get Yours | Sheer Terror | Dad Brains

Beach Rats - Wasted Time Popes of Chillitown - Get off Get On Graves- This is Bliss The Attack - Bad Guy Gonna Get Yours - Underground Attack Gonna Get Yours - Shots for Liberty Tio Rico - Newspeak Iron Reagan - Warning The Sloths - One Way Out Live Knives - I Feel Like I’m Turning Electric Sheer Terror - The Moon’s Gone Out Modern Life Is War - Feels Like End Times Robot Bachelor - I Don’t Know Micks Jaguar - Here Comes the Night Dad Brains - Baby Jail Tommy and the Commies - Straight...


Ep. 229: Shit Starting With A: You're Going to Love it

The Business - Anarchy In the UK Pennywise - As Long As We Can Rouge Trooper - Army of One Gun Dog - At the Front Creepshow - A.O.T.B.H The Scandals - All nighers Bandanas - All You Get Astro Zombies - Attack of the Green Farts Piss Test - Abortion Fund All Dinosaurs - All The Rage Bobby Hollywood and the Quiters - All Fucked Up Immoral Squad - Altered State Time Timebomb - Antennas Old Firm Casuals - A Butcher’s Banquet The Riffs - Ash In Your Hair New Morality - Anything But This The...


Ep. 228: I'm Back Motherfuckers

Rouge Trooper - The Squeeze Mad Caddies - Some Kinda Hate Suicide Dive - Classicide Bruiser Queen - Soundcheck Song Don’t Sleep - Bloody But Unbroken Out of Order - Hard Times Territories - Roman Walls Territories - Numb Somehow Red City Radio - In the Shadows Turbo A.C’s - Stand In Line DeeCracks - It’s Been A While DeeCracks - Do Anything You Wanna Do Iron Reagan - Delete That Odd Robot - Rescue, Rescue Night Birds - My Dad is the B.T.K Adolescents - Just Because The Georgetown Orbits -...