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Bringing you the best of original and adapted English language drama - classical and modern - from talented independent writers and producers.

Bringing you the best of original and adapted English language drama - classical and modern - from talented independent writers and producers.


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Bringing you the best of original and adapted English language drama - classical and modern - from talented independent writers and producers.








Mrs Lirriper's Lodgings Part 2

Major Jackman's many virtues extolled, he and Mrs Lirriper welcome to the lodging house newly-marrieds Mr and Mrs Edson to stay on the second floor of 81 Norfolk Street, the Strand. What follows is a classic Charles Dickens story of abandonment, heartbreak and ultimate tragedy that leaves our two protagonists much changed by the experience. Episode 2 of 3


Mrs Lirriper's Lodgings Part 1

Emma Lirriper is a minor masterpiece of Charles Dickens characterisation. We are introduced to the world of London lodging houses in the 1860s seen through her eyes, and learn how she entered the business; her views on guests, business rivals like Miss Wozenham ("lower down and over the way"), the girls she employs, Wandering Christians, and stories of amusement and mayhem. This culminates in the arrival of her future friend and confidant Major Jemmy Jackman. Episode 1 of 3


Vacant Possession Part 3

Drunken hymn-singing from Mason and Scott after Lillian's funeral kicks off this final revelatory episode. Scott has gatecrashed the event performing an impromptu eulogy to his mother. What follows is a succession of discoveries. Why is Scott really back from America? Why did he never return before? Events proceed to a, perhaps, surprising conclusion. Episode 3 of 3


Vacant Possession Part 2

After a bristling initial conversation, stepbrothers Scott and Andrew catch up on their previous 40 years apart - and beyond. Childhood relationships and the interesting background around Scott's departure to the USA keep the pot boiling. Andrew learns some home truths about his father and stepmother, the recently-deceased Lillian, with blackmail and betrayal to the fore. Episode 2 of 3


Vacant Possession Part 1

Scott is a wanderer returning. After many decades he is back in England from the USA, having heard of his mother Lillian's death and on the eve of her funeral. He meets Mason, a friend of Lillian. But there is still a closer, less genial family member to encounter. Episode 1 of 3


A Christmas Carol Part 2

Having seen off the first ghost, Scrooge's education in the current lives of others during the festive season proceeds to the houses of the Cratchit family and his nephew, courtesy of a jolly Ghost of Christmas Present. With a grim parting from him, the final, mysterious spectre appears to show Scrooge a series of visions for life after death, in which his focus on money and gain "leave not a wrack behind". Now fully chastened, the miser's spirit breaks - into something much more...


A Christmas Carol Part 1

Charles Dickens' classic Yuletide tale is presented in a two-part adaptation that gives you more of the story, focusing particularly on the corrosive effects of early Victorian capitalism. In Part 1, we see Scrooge in all his business and money-focused selfishness - until Jacob Marley and the Ghost of Christmas Past show up, confronting him with long-forgotten events that end with violent consequences. Episode 1 of 2.


Daddy's Girls Part 4

Edward is back from Scotland with good news from eldest daughter Greta. For Lia, it is decision time for them regarding her pregnancy. As she leaves, Edward's youngest daughter Megan arrives in a fractious mood. More family strife ensues as the "archaeological dig" on their past relationship begins again. After a few stiff drinks, new revelations on the depths of her bitterness, the teenage affair with a teacher, and some shocking truths about her miscarriage are finally revealed. Will...


Daddy's Girls Part 3

The showdown happens. Angry daughter Megan meets with Lia, her dad's new and much younger partner. The discussion ranges far and wide - fatherhood and loss, bringing up children, mothers and teenagers. It all gets personal about motives and attitudes. Then the issue of Lia's new-found pregnancy rears its contentious head and major conflict ensues. Will they be "good" by the end? Episode 3 of 4.


Daddy's Girls Part 2

Edward and Lia meet in a wine bar to discuss the bombshell of their relationship announcement for his grown-up daughter Megan. It is time for some honesty about his past marital infidelities and Megan's significant teenage perils and mishaps. Lia suggests that he visits Greta, his other daughter, in Scotland; but strangely, she is not drinking wine and feels a little bit queasy. This is the prelude to a second major and life-changing revelation. Episode 2 of 4.


Daddy's Girls Part 1

The up-and-down relationship of a father with his grown-up daughters. In this first of four episodes, recently-bereaved Edward brings home some "interesting" news to Megan about a new romantic attachment...and quite a lot more. Cue conflict and the revisiting of sins from the past. What will Megan and her sister do?



On holiday in Spain with his brother, Geordie Chris encounters a strange, feral dog. They call him "Fella" as he follows them to a restaurant. It is then that the situation turns nasty...and deadly. But will this be the end of "Fella" for Chris?


Blue Belladonna

Memories of people and places in his past life are revisited by a man recovering from serious illness. Ashcombe Hall and a summer holiday spent there with his school friend Roddy are recalled as he approaches the now-derelict country house. In the dilapidated gardens, memories of flowers and an "act of stupidity" trigger powerful emotions about past and future loss.



Mr Hobson is on a train journey back to Liverpool for the funeral of Jim Sweeney, an ex-work colleague. He is accompanied by memories of teaching at Quarry Bank - the teenage John Lennon's alma mater - cheeky "doppelganger" school photography, and paradoxical visions of atheist Jim in heaven. Teachers' nicknames, tragically unfortunate pupils, and "why me?" thoughts also flood Hobson's mind - underpinned by the optimistic words of Lennon's famous song "Imagine".


Father's Day

A woman relives memories of her father: planting potatoes on Good Friday, pipe smoke in his shed, and telling stories of old world magical woods, witches, hares and death. Touching recollections mix with more kindly, paternal hokum of supernatural romance and fatal birth, ending in the final words of worldly advice from a dying man to a loving daughter and her unborn child.


Borderline Part 3

In this final episode, in limbo with Molly, Keith survives his heart attack and begins to see the light of past misdemeanours and the fragility of the life he has left to live. Meanwhile, philosophical disagreements about healthcare continue to occupy the doctor and nurse caring for him. His conscience rises in time for Molly's fate to be played out. But the consequences of past sins cannot be entirely erased.


Borderline Part 2

Seriously ill Keith is still alive in the hospital - sort of. In a kind of limbo, he meets Molly, the unconscious and badly-injured patient in the bed opposite. She has his scrolls: a record of the many downs of his dubious life as a licentious driving test examiner and tax dodger (amongst other things). Can he, will he repent before it is too late?


Borderline Part 1

Keith, the driving test examiner, wakes up in hospital next to a critically injured woman, having had a "cardiac event" in his car. He is tended to by a doctor and nurse with markedly different views on the philosophy and practice of health care. In his still-confused state, our hero cannot understand why his wife is not there. He hears an ominous tune and enters a strange white this "the end"? Part 1 in a series of three episodes.


A Dog's Life

Based on true accounts, the tragic story of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 is told from a new perspective - that of a young, female Pomeranian dog called Lady. Accompanying her mistress Margaret Hays, she hobnobs with the pets of the rich and famous - including other dogs, a canary, and a pet pig. Excitement at the prospect of an onboard dog show is interrupted by the unfolding disaster of the famous ship. From Lifeboat 7, she is rescued with her mistress, who becomes involved in the...


Cottoning On Part 6

In this final part of his life and times, the focus is on Geoffrey's father - a taciturn, diffident Northerner with distinct and sometimes quirkily "interesting" views, likes, and dislikes. We learn about life on match day at Bolton Wanderers football club in the 1940s and 50s - brass bands, cough lozenge sellers, and the different stance of some players who had been miners during the Second World War. As his life and the death of his wife proceed, Geoff's dad moves from domestic...