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Bringing you the best of original and adapted English language drama, autobiography, and poetry - classical and modern - from talented independent writers and producers.

Bringing you the best of original and adapted English language drama, autobiography, and poetry - classical and modern - from talented independent writers and producers.


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Bringing you the best of original and adapted English language drama, autobiography, and poetry - classical and modern - from talented independent writers and producers.








The Plagues of Egypt

There 's nothing like a good biblical story...and this is NOTHING like a good biblical story! Mary Poppins jokes aside, this is a short story relating how Pharoah Contraraoh fared whilst trying to Make Egypt Great Again (MEGA). It contains one or two ripe parallels for our 21st century world - delivered with humour.


The Waste Land by T S Eliot

To celebrate the centennial of the 20th century’s most seminal poem this is our 2017 recording, re-issued for a limited time only. Its aural landscape highlights and enhances the themes, imagery, and allusiveness contained in the fractured consciousness of Eliot and Ezra Pound’s work, without gimmickry or radical “re-interpretation”. Included are minor additions to the published version from Eliot’s original pre-Pound poem, to add clarity and complexity. At its heart (as it is at the...


Institute, Destitute, Substitute Part 2

Talking humanity creeps into the chance encounter at the Women's Institute between uptight Lydia and the educated but impoverished itinerant Colin. Then external reality arrives: the WI guest speaker cannot make it. Shakespeare's words provide the platform for a replacement speaker and hope to emerge, before tragedy strikes. Episode 2 of 2


Institute, Destitute, Substitute Part 1

Taking shelter from the rain in a village hall somewhere in England, an educated, homeless man is confronted by Lydia, a "formidable" member of the local Women's Institute. Under threat of expulsion, he engages with the lady as she tries to organise the evening's meeting events. Mutual personal revelations follow. But will he be allowed to stay? Episode 1 of 2


Somebody's Luggage Part 7 by Charles Dickens

In this final part of the series, called "His Wonderful End", our waitering hero Mr Christopher returns - and he is a worried man. He has successfully sold the stories discovered in Somebody's luggage to a publisher. Now he waits in fear lest the author should show up and claim them as his rightful own. A new guest does arrive; the fateful Room 24B is mentioned; the tension mounts. Is he Somebody? Will Mr Christopher's livelihood and reputation survive if it is him? Dickens keeps him and us...


Somebody's Luggage Part 6 by Julia Cecilia Stretton

In the second and final part of "The Story of the Obliging Mr Blorage" (discovered in His Hatbox), Dick Blorage is still not on board with the revelatory properties of Lady Verita's magical Chair of Truth. There is a harsh lesson to be learned from her, before Dick grows a pair, deals with those who exploit his niceness, and finds his true partner for life. Episode 6 of 7


Somebody's Luggage Part 5 by Julia Cecilia Stretton

"The Tale of the Obliging Mr Blorage" is the amusing contribution of female Victorian writer Julia Cecilia Stretton to Dickens' "Somebody's Luggage" short story compendium. In two parts, Part 1 (discovered in His Portmanteau) introduces the listener to Mr Richard Blorage - probably the nicest man ever to succeed in business: a quality which, sadly, does not translate into a happy love life. Desperate - and a bit tipsy - he invokes the spirit world for help, and gets more than he bargained...


Somebody's Luggage Part 4 by Charles Dickens

"The Story of the Fine Artist" (discovered in His Brown Paper Parcel) Thomas is not just an artist, but a Fine Artist in Victorian London. He is a riddler. He is highly strung. He has a friend who is quickly lost. He acquires a girlfriend who decides to leave him. Both object to his attitude to the work of other artists. Why? What is the truth about Thomas, the Fine Artist? Episode 4 of 7


The Gravedigger & The Goblin Queen (Remastered) by Charles Dickens

This is the third of our short-story adaptations from Charles Dickens' "The Pickwick Papers" and his first Yuletide supernatural tale. It tells of Gabriel Grub, a morose, lonely and drunken gravedigger who hates people, particularly during the festive season. One Christmas Eve, while at work in the graveyard, he encounters a startlingly scary Goblin Queen (and her many subjects), who terrorises and whisks him away to her underworld lair where Grub is shown the true human values of the...


A Christmas Carol Part 1 (Remastered) by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens' classic Yuletide tale is presented in a two-part adaptation that gives you more of the story, focusing particularly on the corrosive effects of early Victorian capitalism. In Part 1, we see Scrooge in all his business and money-focused selfishness - until Jacob Marley and the Ghost of Christmas Past show up, confronting him with long-forgotten events that end with violent consequences. Episode 1 of 2. Remastered version


A Christmas Carol Part 2 (Remastered) by Charles Dickens

Having seen off the first ghost, Scrooge's education in the current lives of others during the festive season proceeds to the houses of the Cratchit family and his nephew, courtesy of a jolly Ghost of Christmas Present. With a grim parting from him, the final, mysterious spectre appears to show Scrooge a series of visions for life after death, in which his focus on money and gain "leave not a wrack behind". Now fully chastened, the miser's spirit breaks - into something much more...


Somebody's Luggage Part 3 by Arthur Locker

"The Story of the Iceberg Shipwreck" (discovered in His Dressing Case) is an exciting and ironic tale of disaster and derring-do on the high seas. Its narrator Monkhouse tells of the sinking of the good ship Golden Dream around Cape Horn after colliding with a massive iceberg. Cast onto the iceberg, Monkhouse discovers a group of other passengers as they battle to survive, led by quirky Able Seaman Tom White. How they interact and finally reach land makes for an entertaining exploration of...


Somebody's Luggage Part 2 by Charles Dickens

Discovered by head waiter Mr Christopher in His Boots, “The Story of Mr The Englishman Abroad” tells of Langley, a buttoned-up, hypercritical Englishman living alone in a French town. Estranged from his daughter in England, he takes a journey of self-discovery and reconciliation as he learns what it means to be French. Episode 2 of 7


Somebody's Luggage Part 1 by Charles Dickens

Mister Christopher is a Victorian waiter who has many OPINIONS - on what is (and is not) a waiter, good and bad waitering, customers and their foibles, coffee houses, and much more. In this first part of the Somebody's Luggage series, he acquires a set of luggage left behind by an unknown guest ("Somebody") six years previously: in this is secreted a set of stories written by him. Somebody's Luggage is the creation of Charles Dickens in collaboration with several other writers of the...


Cottoning On - The War Years

A bonus story from the life and times of Geoffrey Banks - British teacher, writer, broadcaster, and soap opera actor. Geoffrey goes up to Cambridge University in 1940 - just as World War 2 starts. Working as a navigator in a Swordfish spotter airplane over the Atlantic, "Monty" Banks and his two fellow crew members crash land over Ireland in 1944 and encounter some interesting local hosts.


Mrs Lirriper's Legacy Part 3 by Charles Dickens

In the French town of Sens, the mystery of Emma Lirriper’s dying benefactor is revealed as, on his deathbed, he opens his eyes. The dastardly Mr Edson is given Christian care by our heroine, and the chance to meet before he dies the unknowing son, Master Jemmy, whom he abandoned with his mother many years before. Emma, Major Jackman, and Master Jemmy remain in Sens after his death and warm to the friendliness and joie de vivre of their French holiday hosts. But there is a problem: has Jemmy...


Mrs Lirriper's Legacy Part 2 by Charles Dickens

Mrs Emma Lirriper again encounters her arch lodging house rival Miss Wozenham - but in very different circumstances and with a surprisingly new outcome. After an intriguing visit from the French Consul, Emma learns of an unknown dying man in the town of Sens who has left her a legacy in his will. She, Major Jackman and Master Jemmy set off for France, arriving in Sens via Paris. There she and the Major finally meet, on his death-bed, her strange bequeather: will she find out who he is before...


Mrs Lirriper's Legacy Part 1 by Charles Dickens

Our favourite Victorian London landlady returns for another series of events and escapades, centred around a legacy that has been left to Emma Lirriper by an unknown person. But before the mystery of this legacy begins, we hear about and witness the strange behaviour of her reprobate brother-in-law Joshua Lirriper, the conflict between Major Jackman and Mr Buffle the tax collector, and excited happenings surrounding a house fire rescue in Norfolk Street, the Strand. Episode 1 of 3


The Longer Road Part 4

For this last episode, the meaning of The Longer Road is finally revealed, beginning with a "Fab Four" truth-telling game. In this is the fraught love and child-complex relationship between Rebecca and Dan, and the real importance of a group of disparate outsiders to the closeted, claustrophobic society of 1970s Northern Ireland. Jimmy makes a decision about his future, before fraught psyches bring the melting pot of relationships to an explosive climax. But instead of fall-out, different...


The Longer Road Part 3

Dan describes his epiphany of near drowning in the Ballycastle rock pool as Jimmy and American Elle play a sad guessing game around the details of the fraught and tragic relationship with her fiancé. Rebecca gives Jimmy a potential way out of Belfast and the deafening sound of an army helicopter forces Dan (as Donal) to relive his watery trauma: the secret and potential danger of his double identity is revealed to all. Episode 3 of 4