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AIPIS 252 - Using Inflation for Wealth Distribution

Jason Hartman plays some of his segment from the latest Cash Flow Wealth Summit where he talks about the 6 ways the US government can solve their $220 trillion obligation and which one we can take the most advantage of as investors. Key Takeaways: [2:57] The difference between money and currency [5:50] The 3 basic economic maladies [8:01] The entitlement society isn't going to change, so align your interests [9:45] We must understand the motivations of governments and central...


AIPIS 251 - Insure Your Equity with Value Insured's Joe Melendez

Jason Hartman talks with Joe Melendez, Founder & CEO of Value Insured, which features a new product that can reimburse homeowners up to their full down payment if the market went down when they sold their house. The two discuss the lack of inventory in the entry level home market, the hazards of regulation on today's market, and how Value Insured is able to work to help home owners. Key Takeaways: [2:30] The entry level home market has been completely shut out from new home...


AIPIS 250 - Can You Outsmart an Economist with Steven Landsburg

In this 10th episode, Jason Hartman talks with Steven Landsburg, Professor of Economics at Rochester and author of Can You Outsmart an Economist, about the big economic questions of the day. Steven explains why central planning will never work, the "Economic Berlin Wall" Jason proposes, and why more sex is safer sex (and how that applies to economics). Key Takeaways: [5:25] It's virtually impossible for central planners to get economic issues right [9:55] How minimum wage is taken care of...


AIPIS 249 - Client Case Study, Diana Dine, Tennessee & Mississippi Visits & Meet The Masters

Jason Hartman talks with client Diana Dine about her experience investing in real estate. Diana just recently bought her first home and is now up to 5 properties between Jackson and Memphis. She recently went to both cities to meet with the Local Market Specialists and discusses her future plans as she moves toward her financial independence. Key Takeaways: [2:15] Why did Diana get interested in real estate? [6:16] Diana decided to buy her first property at the 2018 Meet the...


AIPIS 248 - New Home Development, Regulatory Impact on Home Prices & Suburb Revival with Matthew Gardner

Jason Hartman talks with Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist at Windermere Real Estate. The two discuss what's going on in the macro US economy, what's going on with home inventory levels, some of the easiest ways to lower home prices, and the Millennial's (mostly futile) quest to save up for a down payment. They also discuss the lack of home inventory and why the loosening of credit regulations isn't going to impact home sales as much as some are hoping. Then they also delve into millennials...


AIPIS 247 - Self-Management Best Practices & Getting Good Repairs, Case Study with Ben Mizes

Jason Hartman talks with 24 year old real estate investor Ben Mizes, co-founder of Clever Real Estate, about how he got started in the business, what lessons he's learned over his time in the industry, and what technologies he's using to keep up with all his properties. Ben also gives a few best practice tips to those who want to get involved in real estate like he is. Key Takeaways: [1:23] How Ben became interested in real estate [5:23] Ben's deal experience as he started growing his...


AIPIS 246 - Automated Home Valuations Impact on the Market with Dr Andy Krause

Jason Hartman talks with Dr Andy Krause, Principal Data Scientist at Greenfield Advisors and AVM Analytics, about the state of automated valuation models (AVMs), the potential future for AVMs, how they work, and what practicalities are slowing their development down. The two also discuss the wide range of uses AVMs have, how they're going to be changing moving forward, and how short-term rentals are impacting housing markets across the country. Key Takeaways: [1:16] The biggest AVM people...


AIPIS 245 - How the Blockchain Can Make Buying Real Estate Cheaper with Propy's Natalia Karayaneva

Jason Hartman talks with Natalia Karayaneva, founder of Propy, about how the blockchain can be used in real estate transactions. The main purpose of doing so is that it can drastically reduce closing costs, and potentially eliminate the need for title insurance in the future (if states allow it). Jason and Natalia look at the uses for Propy and how it can be used both in and outside of the United States. Key Takeaways: [1:31] How can the blockchain be used in the real estate world? [8:27]...


AIPIS 244 - Lease Guarantees, Property Management Practices & Tenant Screening with American Apartment Owners Association Rent Recovery Service Jeff Cronrod

Jason Hartman talks with Jeff Cronrod, founder of the American Apartment Owner Association & founder of Rent Recovery Service, about his new program called Lease Guarantee, and how landlords need to take a more aggressive approach toward tenants who don't pay. They focus today on property management best practices and tenant screening. Key Takeaways: [22:02] What is Lease Guarantee? [24:18] How much does the Lease Guarantee cost and what exactly does it cover? [28:32] The steps you have...


AIPIS 243 - How Cryptocurrencies Can Potentially Tame Inflation with David Drake

The worlds of cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding can work in harmony, but the world of the long term cryptocurrency lover and day traders may not be so harmonious. Jason Hartman talks with David Drake, founder of LDJ Capital, about what's going on in the cryptocurrency world, regulations on the ICO market, and how currencies like Bitcoin might be incorporated into international currency baskets. Key Takeaways: [3:33] What kind of regulations do ICOs have? [8:13] Cryptocurrencies are now...


AIPIS 242 - Negotiating Your Property Management Contract - Client Case Study with Muthiah

Jason Hartman presents a client case study with Muthiah where the two discuss an incident Muthiah recently had with a vendor, and what actions you can take when you're being wronged. They explore the actual process of Muthiah filing a claim against a bad provider and how he was about to get restitution after some avenues had failed. Jason also explains how to get a hold of his Hall of Shame resource list, and why you should file complaints even if they're not likely to help you alone. Key...


AIPIS 241 - Are Millennials the Renter Generation? with Ali Wolf

There is a lot of talk in the news lately about a possible downturn in the US economy, yet Jason’s guest, Ali Wolf of Meyers Research is staying bullish. She says the important indicators to watch aren’t showing the normal warning signs of a market drop. Ali also discusses the trends of Millennials with regards to renting vs. buying a home, their purchasing cycles and what they are willing, and not willing, to pay for. Key Takeaways: [01:03] Are we at the end of a business cycle? [04:30]...


AIPIS 240 - Pope Francis' Vision for a Caring Society with Dr Robert Whaples

In this 10th episode, Jason Hartman talks with Dr. Robert Whaples, Professor and Chair in the Department of Economics, Wake Forest University and co-editor and managing editor of The Independent Review. The two discuss the current Pope's world view and the nature of the Catholic church today. Key Takeaways: [2:58] What is Pope Francis' world view? [7:23] How the economy is connected to the environment in the Pope's world view [13:02] Do we need environmental regulations and...


AIPIS 239 - Why People Aren't Taking the Mortgage Tax Deduction

Jason Hartman talks with Barry Habib, renowned mortgage industry executive and founder of MBS Highway, about what to expect in the mortgage world in 2018. The two discuss why the media doesn't seem to get real estate, why real estate appreciation doesn't have to match stock market appreciation, mortgage tax deductions, and how the Roe v Wade decision actually impacted a housing bubble. Key Takeaways: [1:18] Is Barry still bullish the US real estate market? [5:23] The power of leverage,...


AIPIS 238 - Asset Inflation & the Investor Class with Pragmatic Capitalist Cullen Roche

Jason Hartman talks with Cullen Roche, founder of Pragmatic Capitalism, about macroeconomic events going on today, how Cullen studies the markets, why bonds are more attractive than many believe, and the investment strategy you have to adopt when investing in cryptocurrencies today. The two also take a look at the banking industry, money supply, and asset inflation. Key Takeaways: [2:12] What does Pragmatic Capitalism really mean? [10:45] The macro-economy still looks healthy [13:59]...


AIPIS 237 - Slicing Pie in Real Estate Deals with Mike Moyer

Jason Hartman talks with Mike Moyer, creator of Slicing Pie, about how to partner with people on startups and real estate investing in a way that fairly incorporates everything people bring to the table. The two discuss the need to factor in work, cash, ideas, goods, etc when valuing contributions, as well as the multipliers for each faction depending on their scarcity. Key Takeaways: [2:08] You have to go into a startup with the knowledge that you can lose all of your money [3:09] How...


AIPIS 236 - 12 Months, 11 Properties with Marine Corps Veteran Adam Jackson, Client Case Study

Jason Hartman is happy to bring one of his clients, Adam Jackson, on to the show to talk about his journey into real estate investing. Adam started buying properties toward the end of 2016, and has subsequently purchased 11 homes in the past year on his quest for financial freedom. Adam shares what markets he's currently invested in, where he's looking to expand, keeping score with personal financial statements, and keeping a healthy balance. Key Takeaways: [1:47] Who is Adam...


AIPIS 235 - Holding Weasels Accountable with Client Sean

In part 2 of Jason Hartman's interview with his client Sean, the two discuss how to deal with people who are taking advantage of you. Sean & Jason talk about how apps are allowing people to cut out fraud from providers, and how it's our job to protect other people from bad apples by filing complaints and letting as many people know as possible. Key Takeaways: [2:31] Some apps out there are cutting down on overzealous hourly billing [7:45] Filing complaints against other parties [11:59]...


AIPIS 234 - Client Case Study, Avoiding Bad Investments By Following Jason's 10 Commandments with Sean

In Part 1 of this client case study with Sean, Jason Hartman discusses the beginning of Sean's real estate investing career and the mistakes he made. Sean ended up with 6 figures worth of debt when the great recession hit, and he admits it's because he made some terrible decisions. Jason and Sean look into why they were bad decisions and how Sean and his wife have been able to dig out of that hole and continue to invest in real estate. The two then begin their discussion on property...


AIPIS 233 - How to Settle Your Unaffordable Debts for Pennies on the Dollar with Jorge Newbery

Jason talks with Jorge Newbery, author of Debt Cleanse: How to Settle Your Unaffordable Debts for Pennies on the Dollar, about fake news, erasing debt, the creation (and destruction) of bubbles, and what to do if you're in trouble with a loan. Key Takeaways: [1:52] How Jorge got into the real estate business, and was taken down by a single ice storm [6:12] The City of Columbus, OH wouldn't let Jorge's renovations pass inspections [10:22] A fake news story about Jorge being investigated...