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Max Maxwell - The Real Maxwell | 376

Today, Matt is joined by Max Maxwell, an entrepreneur and wholesaler who is well on his way to being the owner of a multi-million dollar real estate investment company. He shares the secrets behind his quick success, the biggest mistakes he sees other wholesalers make, his highly effective strategy for cold calling, and more. Hear it all on Thought Leader Thursday!


If You Can't Pay Your Taxes, Then What? | 375

Today on Tax Hacker Tuesday with Epic Real Estate, Tim Berry and Bernie Garland explain what to do if you can't pay your taxes. Learn all about the IRS's new initiatives, how to qualify for them, and the exact steps you should take if you can't pay your taxes.


REI Rookies Turn it On Quickly | 374

Today on The Epic Real Estate Investing Show, Matt is joined by Jack and Josh, otherwise known as the REI Rookies Podcast. Learn why they came to Matt to take their business to the next level, the surprising ways they gained local credibility, how a damaged roof and a lost job sparked their interest in real estate investing, and much more!


Go Deep Before Going Wide | 373

It's tough for real estate investors to pass up opportunities - it's in our nature to look for new ways to be successful, and sometimes, we just want to try everything! But today on Financial Freedom Friday, Matt shares the benefits of resisting new opportunities in favor of going deep before wide. Learn 4 specific things you can do to set yourself up for success in future properties, markets, and asset classes.


Garrett Gunderson - The Wealth Factory | 372

Today on Thought Leader Thursday, Matt is joined by Garrett Gunderson, an entrepreneur, financial advocate, and founder of Wealth Factory. Learn why most retirement plans make Garrett cringe, how he plans to help one million entrepreneurs achieve economic independence, a few profound steps you can take to start your wealth journey in the right direction, and much more!


How to Participate in Multiple Retirement Accounts | 371

Today on Tax Hacker Tuesday with Epic Real Estate, Tim Berry explains how to participate in multiple retirement accounts. Listen now to learn how to use multiple retirement accounts at once, which contribution limits you need to know about, and how to save for retirement in the smartest and most fruitful way possible.


No Regrets with Stuart Gethner | 370

Today on The Epic Real Estate Investing Show, Matt is joined by Stuart Gethner, an accomplished real estate investor and coach who has invested over $10 million in Arizona. Learn what Stuart did differently to actually get results from paid REI programs, his marketing strategies (and clever target audience), the one thing he wishes he knew when he got started, and much more!


Private Money Tips for Creating an Unlimited Source of Funds | 369

This Financial Freedom Friday, Matt gives you 5 private money tips that will solve your real estate investing money problems for good! Learn how to get meetings with private money lenders, the extremely successful line Matt used (and still uses!) at the end of meetings with lenders, the 3 things going through a private lender's head when you ask them for money (and how to address them), and much more.


Michael Michalowicz - Profit First | 368

Today, Matt is joined by Michael Michalowicz, former MSNBC business makeover expert, popular keynote speaker on innovative entrepreneurial topics, and author of Profit First, Surge, The Pumpkin Plan, and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. Learn about Michael's highly effective Profit First method, the biggest mistake readers of his books make, the lessons Michael has learned through creating three multi-million dollar companies, and much more on Thought Leader Thursday!


How to Avoid the Dangers of Prohibited Transactions in Your Retirement Account | 367

Today on Tax Hacker Tuesday, Tim Berry dives deep into the tax code to dissect the alarming trend of IRAs "blowing up." Listen now to get everything you need to know about prohibited transactions and keeping your IRA safe, even if you're a seasoned real estate investor who's "heard it all before." Learn it all with Epic Real Estate and Tim Berry on Tax Hacker Tuesday!


[PART II] 12 Lessons From 12 Years of Investing in Real Estate | 366

Today on The Epic Real Estate Investing Show, get the last 6 of Matt's 12 lessons from 12 years of investing in real estate! Learn one huge mistake new entrepreneurs make and how to avoid it, what happened when Matt switched from single family homes to multi-family properties, specific questions you can ask yourself to minimize risk in your business, and much, much more!


Elevator Pitch for Real Estate Investors - Audio Business Card | 365

Today on Financial Freedom Friday, Matt shares the one tool he used to build his entire turnkey business without a single dime spent on marketing: the audio business card. Get the formula to create your own elevator pitch and learn how use it to attract your ideal customers everywhere you go.


Alex Mehr - Virtual Mentorship | 364

Today, Matt is joined by Alex Mehr, CEO and co-founder of MentorBox and Zoosk, NASA scientist, and World Silver Medalist in Physics Olympiad. He shares the story behind his success with virtual mentorship, his tricks to getting ahead in life and increasing your motivation, his all-time favorite book, and more! Hear it all with Epic Real Estate and Alex Mehr on Thought Leader Thursday!


Ninja Asset Protection for Multiple Properties | 363

Tax Hacker Tuesday is back to teach you ninja asset protection for multiple properties! Tim Berry explains the dual LLC strategy and walks listeners through a step-by-step process to protect your equity (without having tens of LLCs to keep track of). Learn it all with Epic Real Estate and Tim Berry on Tax Hacker Tuesday!


12 Lessons from 12 Years of Investing in Real Estate | 362

After 12 years of investing in real estate and more than a thousand transactions, Matt is prepared to share 12 lessons that will get to your real estate investing goals twice as fast as he did. Learn how to beat the competition against all odds, Matt's best tips for effectively expanding your business, why you should try to talk your investors OUT of doing business with you, and much more on The Epic Real Estate Investing Show!


New Money Ideas for Investing in Real Estate | 361

Don't walk away from great deals just because you THINK you don't have enough cash! All too often, real estate investors think they have money problems, when what they really have are IDEA problems. Today on Financial Freedom Friday, Matt shares his new money ideas for investing in real estate including creative offers, seller financing, and more. He walks you through the step-by-step process any investor can do when faced with an amazing deal and empty pockets.


401K and IRA Stuff That No One Is Telling You About | 359

Tax Hacker Tuesday is back to teach you all the 401k and IRA stuff that no one else is telling you about! Learn about the huge differences between 401k plans and IRAs (and which one Tim recommends), how to protect your retirement fund from the IRS, who is eligible to sponsor a 401k plan, and more with Epic Real Estate and Tim Berry on Tax Hacker Tuesday!


[ENCORE] 5 Creative Ways to Finance Your Deals | 358

Have you noticed that purchasing properties at a deep discount isn't nearly as easy as it was even six months ago? Nowadays, it seems everyone is out picking the low-hanging fruit of the real estate market. The key to remaining profitable is to get creative about squeezing profits out of your deals. Lucky for you, today on The Epic Real Estate Investing Show, Matt shares 5 creative ways to finance your deals. Learn how he doubled the amount of offers his business got accepted in the last...


Flipping Properties and Contracts is Stealing Your Financial Freedom | 357

Flipping is a constant battle. You’re always looking for the next deal, you don’t have a safety net, and your income is inconsistent. But all of that can be solved with the buy and hold property strategy. It is the best exit strategy to get you to an early retirement faster than 99% of the population. Today on Financial Freedom Friday, Matt shares five hot principles to execute this strategy.


An EPIC W-2 Tax Strategy | 356

Tax Hacker Tuesday is back to teach you about about an EPIC W-2 tax strategy! Tim Berry explains a special strategy for W-2 people to implement in their businesses, how to get the most out of personal property put toward your business, the difference between personal property and real estate, and more. Learn it all with Epic Real Estate and Tim Berry on Tax Hacker Tuesday!


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