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How to Find a Hard Money Lender | 476

You’ve got a pretty good deal. Now, learn how to find a hard money lender! Learn about the 2 types of money, why you should get the property under contract first, and how to communicate with hard money lenders in order to get affordable rates.


Joel Block - Raising Capital | 475

Do you want to raise $20,000,000? Learn how on today's episode with Joel Block, a former CPA at PricewaterhouseCoopers, the owner of a real estate syndication firm, and the host of his own podcast, Profit From The Inside. Discover why Joel decided to leave PwC and start his own business, why you should be raising capital gradually, and Joel's upcoming event in October.


How to Assemble an Elite Team of Professionals | HTH 006 | 474

All successful entrepreneurs assemble an elite team! You should do it as well! Learn which 2 key team members you've got to have right up front, when “You can't do it” is equal to “I don't know how,” and why you should treat other investors as cooperators, rather than competition.


401K and IRA Stuff That No One Is Telling You About | 473

Do you know why Tim is always "screaming from the rooftop" about using a 401K plan instead of an IRA? Find out on today’s episode and learn all about 401K and IRA stuff! Specifically, what to do if you're worried about the IRS taking away your retirement plan funds, what you need in order to create a 401K plan, and the advantages of using a 401K plan instead of an IRA.


Mastermind Monday - Tim Mai and Tom Krol | 472

What would you do in case your property is ruined in a disaster? Find out on today's episode with the real estate experts Tim Mai and Tom Krol! Learn what the unknown equity list is, how to pay off the house with an insurance claim in case of a flood, and the difference between passion and purpose in the business.


6 Cash Flowing Properties in 6 Months | 459

Today on Turnkey Saturday, Mercedes Torres speaks with Enrique Sampana, an operator of Chevron who invests into real estate with his wife through Cash Flow Savvy. They share how they made 6 cash flowing properties in 6 months, what made them decide to go with Cash Flow Savvy, and how moving at the speed of instruction can benefit your investing business.


Long Distance Real Estate Investing is an Unfair Advantage That No One is Telling You About... | 471

You’ve heard it a million times. "If you can't drive to it, don't buy it!" Are you sure? Listen to learn the advantages of long distance real estate investing, Mercedes and Matt’s real estate philosophy, and how to control a long distance property.


What Is A Good Return on Investments? | 470

How many of you have asked yourself, "Is this a good return on investments?" In this episode, Matt gives the ultimate answer to this question! Find out why it's important to set your goals first, the differences between offensive and defensive strategies, and why you should check how your current money is performing.


Jason Stone - Influence to Affluence | 469

Listen to today’s episode with Jason Stone; an investor, a social media influencer, and a marketer, and discover the cruciality of influence to affluence! Jason Stone is widely known as a Millionaire Mentor on Instagram. He was recognized for his e-commerce success with Treadstone Performance Engineering Inc, he has co-founded the Impact Billions Movement, and also created the Gentleman's Mafia Instagram Network. Learn the best way to attract people on social media, why content is no longer...


5 Things Matt Theriault Wishes He Knew Before He Started Holding Houses | HTH 005 | 468

You're either making money or you're getting an education! In this episode, Matt Theriault breaks down this quote into the 5 biggest lessons he wishes he knew before he started holding houses. Learn about his half-million dollar mistake, the advantages of a hedge fund, the importance of forward thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, and much more!


5 Sources of Tax Free Money | 467

Imagine sitting on a beach, living the good life, and making $140,000 without paying a single dime in U.S. taxes. If this sounds appealing to you, check today's episode and learn how you can get a bunch of tax free money! Find out how to save up to $10 million in assets in your name before you have to pay any estate taxes, how leveraging other people's section 121 exclusion can be a source of tax free money, and why contributing to someone else's retirement plan is a good investment.


Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki Talks Second Chance with Matt Theriault | 466

Rich Dad's Robert Kiyosaki talks second chances with Matt Theriault on The Epic Real Estate Investing Show! Learn why you should check one of Matt's all-time favorite books, "Rich Dad Poor Dad," why you should exit the stock market, and how you should use debt and taxes to invest.


You Know Turnkey Investing is for You When... | 465

Did you know that a mere 5% of retirees can be described as financially stable? Moreover, only 1% ever achieve financial freedom! Today on Turnkey Saturday, Mercedes Torres shares a brief description of what turnkey investing is, why traditional financial advice isn't working anymore, and why creating streams of money instead of piles of money is the fastest way to financial freedom.


The Cons of Investing in Real Estate | 464

On today's episode of Financial Freedom Friday, Matt shares his thoughts on the cons of investing in real estate. Find out three reasons for not investing in real estate, why you must know how to manage the people in order to be a successful real estate entrepreneur, and why a market fluctuation is not a con.


Don Costa - Flip Talk | 463

On today's episode of Thought Leader Thursday, Matt Theriault speaks to Don Costa, a real estate investing entrepreneur and an author of Flip Talk podcast. Find out how he hit bottom and came back into the real estate business, his wisdom on how to attract potential investors, and why self-esteem is crucial for him.


5 Things Matt Andrews Wishes He Knew Before He Started Holding Houses | HTH 004 | 462

On today's Way Back Wednesday episode featuring Hold That House, Matt Andrews speaks with Matt Theriault about the 5 things he wishes he knew before he started holding houses! Learn why you should evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, what to do when a problem arises, and why you should put your ego aside.


Internet Lies About Tax Planning | 461

On today's episode of Tax Hacker Tuesday, Tim Berry and Matt Theriault expose internet lies about tax planning. Learn why the best tax advice won't be found in a YouTube video, how to avoid getting tricked by false information, and what a charitable remainder trust is and how to use one.


Monday Mastermind Session - Kristi Cirtwill, Joe Taylor and Justin Colby | 460

Welcome to Monday Mastermind Session! Matt Theriault talks with Kristi Cirtwill, Joe Taylor, and Justin Colby, genuine real estate investors on The Epic Real Estate Investing Show! Learn what are the best sources for off-market deals, how to deal with increasing competition and what changes in the business we can expect.


5 Signals That It's Okay to Quit Your Day Job | 458

Today on Financial Freedom Friday, Matt Theriault shares the 5 signals that it's okay to quit your day job! Find out why it is important to check your results in a relatively short amount of time, why making enough money to almost live on is actually a good sign, and learn how to recognize the moment when keeping your day job costs money..


Ashlee Nycole - International Investing Expedition | 457

On today's episode of Thought Leader Thursday, Matt speaks to Ashlee Nycole, a co-founder of Freedom Lifestyle Investments. Find out how she went from working at Domino's to being an entrepreneur, follow up with her international investing expedition, and discover what she has learned from it.