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Ep #208: Creating Solutions for Workforce Housing -- with Daniel Alexander

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Daniel Alexander; Principal at AH Capital. Daniel originally cut his teeth in the industry buying single-family homes in Southern California early in his career, eventually transitioning his focus to distressed multifamily properties in transitioning neighborhoods. Daniel now has oversight of all acquisition, construction, and branding efforts behind AH Capital and its subsidiaries. It's no...


Ep #207: A Primer on RE Crowdfunding -- with Mark Roderick

In this episode of The Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Mark Roderick -- Corporate Securities Lawyer with a special focus in Fintech and Crowdfunding. Since the JOBS act of 2012, Mark has spent the majority of his time advising and representing the interests of upstart firms and companies on their fundraising activities. In addition, the contributions to his personal blog give detailed insight into the best fundraising strategies of the digital...


Ep #206: The Opportunity in Opportunity Zones -- with Phillip Coover

In this episode of The Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Phillip Coover; an experienced commercial real estate attorney and advisor skilled in closing complex real estate transactions. His background as a litigator, business owner and licensed broker provides clients with a “big-picture” approach to corporate real estate transactions and sales. Phillip is also the host of a top-notch real estate podcast called “Real Estate for Breakfast.” During this...


Ep #205: From Consultant to Major Multifamily Syndicator -- with Chad Doty

In this episode of The Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin chats with Chad Doty. Chad is a former management consultant of over 12 years, and now the CEO of 37th Parallel Properties; a firm specializing in investing in multifamily properties across the country. After a decade-long career of high-stress and zero freedom in the consulting world, Chad finally put his foot down and decided that Real Estate was going to be his way out. In a relatively short amount of time,...


Ep #204: Falling Forward into Raw Land Flipping -- with Jack & Michelle Bosch

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin chats with Multifamily and Raw Land Investing experts Jack & Michelle Bosch. Beginning in 2002, the couple were tired of their corporate positions and searched for an alternative career. Out of sheer serendipity, Jack and Michelle landed on purchasing a piece of raw land in their neighborhood for $400, then flipping it for $4000. Needless to say, they were hooked from then on. In addition, the couple has developed an...


Ep #203: From Struggling to Student Housing Magnate -- with Corey Peterson

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Corey Peterson; Founder of Kahuna Investments based in Phoenix, AZ. Corey’s first experience with Real Estate started with meeting his inspiration early on: a man named Bruce with a significant amount of wealth and free time. Everything Corey ever wanted at that age was in front of him; expensive cars, a huge house by the water, and not a care in the world. Corey’s question of “What do you do?”...


Ep #202: Helping Fund Deals Where Others Can't -- With Jack Miller

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Jack Miller; Commercial Real Estate Investor and Lender of Quick Liquidity and Gelt Financial. At the ripe age of 18, Jack started his foray into RE investing in the late 80’s with zero credit; Eventually buying up over 100+ homes by the time he turned 21. After his initial stint, he’s expanded into every asset class you could possibly imagine; Plus expanding to the lending side of the business...


Ep #201: Building a Diverse RE Portfolio & Thriving Community of Investors -- with Tom K. Wilson

In this episode of the Real Estate Investment for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with real estate investment expert Tom K. Wilson; Owner of Wilson Investment Properties. Tom’s foray into real estate investing began back in the 1970’s, originally as an extension of his job in technology. After realizing that he’d become financially independent sooner than relying on stock options and a pension, Tom left the corporate world and began investing full-time. Since then, Wilson...


Ep #200: Building a Multifamily Syndication Lifestyle - with Sapan Talati and Veena Jetti

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Sapan Talati and Veena Jetti; Founders of Enzo Multifamily. Enzo’s story begins with two people meeting at a crossroads of their careers; Sapan and Veena had both built up large portfolios of single-family homes, when they realized they hit a scalability ceiling. With the advantage complementary skillsets and a burning desire to “Go Big,” Sapan and Veena decided to jump head-first into Multifamily...


Ep #199: Quitting Your Corporate Gig to Become a Full-Time Multifamily Syndicator - with Tim Bratz

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin shared the mic with Tim Bratz; Owner of CLE Turnkey based in Cleveland, Ohio. Tim’s first deal started at the ripe age of 23, while still an agent for commercial properties. Tim leveraged his entire credit balance for the purchase and flip of a Single-Family home in 2009, and never looked back. Years later, Tim realized that his highest-performing assets came from Apartments -- doubling down on his efforts to...


Ep. #198: Breaking the Institutional Barriers of Multifamily and Setting Sights on 20,000+ Doors - with Brian Burke

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with CEO of Praxis Capital, Brian Burke. Brian started his career like many Real Estate Professionals typically do: By Flipping or Holding Single-Family Homes. Surprisingly, his career exploded between 2008-2010 at the height of the Recession as he focused all of his attention on purchasing distressed Real Estate. Now at 2000 doors, Brian and his company are now setting their sights on 10X’ing that...


Ep #197: Understanding the Capital Stack and How to Simplify a Seemingly Complex Investment Structure - with Evan Kinne

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Evan Kinne, Real Estate Finance Expert and VP at George Smith Partners. As a veteran in technology companies, Evan has advised over 20 Internet, Media, and other Tech companies on Series A-D equity capital formation and MNA. His prior experience in finance transferred well to his current ventures as a fellow RE investor and advisor to investor groups; specifically groups of individuals looking to...


Ep #196 How to Raise Capital From Family Offices - with Richard Wilson

In this episode of Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow, Kevin gets the chance to chat with Richard Wilson; Founder of,, and expert in Raising Capital from Family Offices. Richard’s story starts with a desire to make the Family Office industry more efficient. On one hand, Family Offices were known to be secretive and had issues getting solid, consistent deal flow. On the other hand, Investors had a hard time finding Family Offices reliably to...


Ep #195: Baby Boomers - Building Massive Cash Flow with Residential Assisted Living Homes - with Gene Guarino

Gene is a certified financial planner in the US and Australia as well as a full time real estate investor with over 30 years of experience just about every area of real estate including both residential and commercial. Today, Gene is focused exclusively on residential assisted living homes. He's going to share with us how this unique combination of residential and commercial along with the timing of the baby boomer generation is an unstoppable waive of opportunity which you can capitalize...


Ep #194: Leveraging NNN Investments to Passively Build Wealth & Create Steady Streams of Reliable Cash Flow - with Alan Fruitman

Alan is the founder of the popular website and author of The NNN Triple Net Property Book and is the foremost expert on triple net (NNN) property investments as well as 1031 tax exchanges. We had Alan on the show many moons ago and so I thought it was about time we brought him back on to get an update on both his business, but also the NNN investment niche. Recommended Resources: www.SunriseCapitalInvestors.comClick HereClick Hereand how to avoid...


Ep #193: Building a Multifamily Empire with 160,000 doors and More Than $15 Billion in Transactions - with Jerry Fink

Since being founded in 1996, Bascom has completed over $15.0 billion in multi-family and commercial value-added transactions, including more than 600 multifamily properties and 160,000 units. This ranks Bascom among the top 50 multifamily owners in the U.S. During Bascom’s early years, the business plan was to acquire and re-position 300 to 500 unit apartment buildings in the midst of the foreclosure and job crisis of the early 1990s in California by creating value-added renovations and...


Ep #192: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Benefits for RE Investors + How to Gain Value from a Fractional CFO Service - with Marcus Crigler

Marcus is a senior associate with the Missouri based firm, Duckett & Ladd CPA’s and advisors. After developing relationships with some of the biggest leaders in real estate investing, Marcus began to notice a problematic trend in many real estate portfolios; accounting and tax issues were being approached reactively instead of proactively. Utilizing his firm’s extensive experience in real estate as his platform, Marcus has developed a strategic approach to increasing cash flow and reducing...


Ep #191: What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Investing in Self-Storage Properties - with Rick Beal

Rick is a growth-focused Business Development Executive with strong business instincts and extensive experience in maintaining mutually beneficial business relationships and driving business growth and profitability in the self-storage industry. Since discovering his passion for self-storage, he has been providing self-storage operators with the right tools and information to solve challenging business problems and deliver positive equity regardless of turns in the economic cycle. A...


Ep #190: The Little Known Secret to Legally Defer Your Capital Gains from Real Estate and Preserving Your Wealth via the Deferred Sales Trust – with Brett Swarts

Brett is the President of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, LLC, located in Sacramento, CA. Together with his team and in partnership with the Estate Planning Team, Brett provides trustee services which helps real estate and business owners gain tax deferral, freedom, liquidity and diversification with their funds so they can create and preserve more wealth. As a trustee, Brett is passionate about educating his clients about capital gains tax deferral with a Deferred Sales Trust, how they can...


Ep #189: Secrets to Building One of Largest & Most Profitable Car Wash Operations in the Country - with Chuck Howard

Chuck has been in the car wash business for more than 47 years. Along with his three children, he is the owner, President and CEO of Autobell Car Wash, Inc., which was founded in Charlotte, NC in 1969. With 76 full service locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Maryland, Autobell is one of the largest conveyorized car wash chain in the United States. Recommended Resources: SunriseCapitalInvestors.comclick herecom