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Why Ground Leases Are The Safest Way To Invest In Real Estate, with Steve Waldman, Ep #45

President of Ground Lease Capital Partners, Steve Waldman, joins Jonathan on this episode for an encore interview to talk about ground leases. Did you know that you can buy a piece of land without the building on top of it, and then give the building owner a lease to be located on your land? This is called a ground lease. Steve has made a career out of them by helping building owners increase their returns by stripping out the land piece from the property and helping his own investors make...


Why Creating Good Email Copy and Cultivating Your Email List Are Important To Real Estate Investing, with Ben Settle, Ep #44

Top email copy connoisseur, Ben Settle, joins Jonathan on this episode of Real Estate Launchpad to talk about building relationships with investor groups between deals through good emails. For the past two decades, Ben has proven the best way to build relationships with your email list and sell more things is through emails - sent daily or even more often than that. Through his monthly Email Players newsletter, Ben teaches others how to write daily email copy that is engaging and...


Why Multifamily Investing Is The Right Choice in Real Estate Investing, with Serge Shukhat, Ep #43

Serge Shukhat is a professional multifamily investor, and he believes that multifamily investing beats single family investing every day. At the very bottom of the last crash, Serge worked a corporate job when he stumbled into buying foreclosed houses at pennies on the dollar. He went all in buying as many houses as he could before others discovered the niche. When they did, he profited handsomely and used those profits to progressively buy bigger properties. Upon buying several...


An Asset Manager: The Only Way To Make Real Estate Investing Passive, with Joe Stampone, Ep #42

Be sure to listen in to this encore presentation of an interview with asset manager, Joe Stampone! Joe is an expert in real estate investments, a partner at Atlas Real Estate Partners, and the original student of the real estate game. In this interview, Joe and Jonathan go deep into why real estate should not be considered a passive investment, the only way they know how to make hit passive (hint: asset managers), and why investing in apartments beats investing in single-family homes every...


Why You Should Invest In A Mobile Home Park, with Jefferson Lilly, Ep #41

Jefferson Lilly is the co-founder of Park Avenue Partners, which invests in mobile home parks across the country. Jefferson was an early investor to get into the mobile home park space. In this episode of Real Estate Launchpad, he explains how he discovered this class of property to invest in, why he believes mobile home parks continue to be a great investment even at this point in the market cycle, and how you can best participate in this attractive investment class. You don’t want to...


Ways To Increase Revenue From Your Multifamily Leases, with Neal Bawa, Ep #40

Founder of Grocapitus Investments and MultifamilyU, Neal Bawa, joins Jonathan on this episode of Real Estate Launchpad. Have you ever wanted to know how to increase revenue in your multifamily investments? Neal is a master of adding value to apartment communities by optimizing leasing revenue, using his L-A-S-A-L process! You don’t want to miss his explanation of his system and how to start applying it to your own multifamily investments today. Be sure to listen! The L-A-S-A-L system The...


Raising Capital From A Family Office, with Richard Wilson, Ep #39

On this episode of Real Estate Launchpad, Richard Wilson, founder of the Family Office Club and joins Jonathan to talk about Family Offices. A Family Office is a private, 360-degree wealth management firm serving just one or perhaps a small number of ultra-wealthy clients, helping them navigate the unique challenges created by their massive wealth. The Family Office Club advises clients on how to establish and manage these Family Offices and how to facilitate...


Buying and Selling Non-Performing Loans, with Rick Allen, Ep #38

Co-founder of the Money with Meaning Fund and President of Paperstac, Rick Allen joins Jonathan on this episode. His Money with Meaning Fund has a double bottom line mission of making money and also measuring success by doing good through buying underperforming notes. They purchase non-performing loans at pennies on the dollar, restructure the loan so homeowners can afford to keep their home, and then sell these performing loans to investors at a good profit. His company, Paperstac is a...


Retire in 5 Years With Real Estate Investing, with Anna Kelley, Ep #37

REI Mom, Anna Kelley, joins Jonathan on this episode to talk about her journey the last five years. Five years ago, Anna made a 5-year plan to free herself from her 9-5 job through real estate investing. She is now a month out from retiring from her job - right on schedule. Motivated by the freedom to spend time with her family and not simply money, Anna is the real thing. Listen in as she explains what a disciplined, conservative approach to investing really requires and how she has...


Hard Money Loans May Be Your Key To Entering The Multifamily Arena, with Boris Sanchez, Ep #36

Boris Sanchez joins Jonathan on a fascinating episode of Real Estate Launchpad to explain how he uses hard money to finance multifamily deals at 100%. Boris is a broker, lender, and multifamily real estate investor based in the Houston area. He explains how hard money lending works, and how it differs from traditional bank lending in terms of how borrowers qualify and the amount of money loaned. He is able to share his personal experience as an investor and lender. If you have ever wanted...


The Real Estate Market: Where It Is, Where It’s Going, and How to Win, with Robert Whitelaw, Ep #35

On this episode of Real Estate Launchpad, Jonathan is joined by the Rebel Broker, Robert Whitelaw. With 30 years of real estate under his belt, Robert explains why it’s meaningless when an agent claims to be a top 1% listing agent, why people are fleeing the state of California, how recent credit rating changes have made it possible for unqualified people to purchase and rent homes, and much more! He shares his experience with the last market crash and gives insight into where the real...


How To Break Into Multifamily Investing, with James Kandasamy, Ep #34

Former electrical engineer, James Kandasamy, joins Jonathan on this episode of Real Estate Launchpad to share his journey to multifamily investing. He began by buying single-family homes in 2013 and switched to apartments two years later. In a short period of time, he has acquired more than one thousand apartment units valued at 65 million dollars. His story is an inspiration for those wishing to break into multifamily investing. Be sure to listen to hear about his experience as a new...


Turnkey Real Estate: How to Identify Strong Markets, Good Properties, and Great Property Managers, with Kathy Fettke, Ep #33

Kathy Fettke, co-CEO of the Real Wealth Network, operates a turnkey real estate rental business. She is a powerhouse in real estate investing, and her company guides people through the process of identifying strong markets, good rental properties, and great property managers so that running an investment property far from home is manageable. On this episode, Kathy shares with Jonathan why she started her company, how she built a system for identifying the best markets, rehabbers, and...


The Housing Bubble Explained, with Ben Jones, Ep #32

Have you ever wondered what causes a housing bubble or why it pops? On this episode of Real Estate Launchpad, the author of The Housing Bubble Blog joins Jonathan to explain what is going on in the current single-family home market. Ben Jones is dedicated to examining the home price boom and its effects on owners, lenders, realtors, regulators and the economy as a whole. His blog tracks news on housing bubbles and bursts around the world. This episode is not to be missed! Ben’s experience...


Why A Triple Net Lease Is An Excellent Investment For Retirees, with Dusty Bates and Steve Harper, Ep #31

Dusty Bates and Steve Harper, two California-based commercial brokers, join Jonathan on this episode to educate listeners on a triple net lease. Dusty and Steve help baby boomers nearing retirement sell multifamily properties and transition to triple net lease properties. They explain that triple net leases have many advantages such as being stable, providing consistent income, and being very hands-off investments. You are sure to enjoy this episode if triple net leases are a topic of...


How Transparency and Good Marketing Helped Their Turnkey Real Estate Investment Business Succeed, with Jack Gibson and Jeff “Shecky” Schechter, Ep #30

Jack Gibson and Jeff “Shecky” Schechter own High Return Real Estate, a turnkey real estate rental business. They provide a unique, full-service product. Working backward from a profitable return for their clients, they source, spec, rehab, inspect, and fully tenant their products before taking them to market. After their properties are sold, Jack and Shecky also manage the property, making these rentals a completely passive source of income. In this episode, Jack and Shecky share with...


Generate Rental Income Instead of Selling Your Home, with David Friedman, Ep #29

David Friedman, CEO of Knox Financial, is a tech entrepreneur who noticed a problem in real estate investing. Homeowners face several issues when attempting to convert their home into a rental investment property. Many times homeowners are unable to purchase a second house without the equity that is locked into their first home. Generating income from a rental property is also alluring, but they don’t want the headache of being a landlord. Knox Financial offers a solution. This new company...


Why You Should Consider Refinancing Investment Properties in the Current Real Estate Market, with Brian Hamrick, Ep #28

Many multifamily investors will face the choice of whether or not to refinance. Perhaps a property has appreciated and the investor wishes to pull out capital, or he is looking for better terms or a better interest rate. Brian Hamrick of Hamrick Investment Group joins Jonathan on this episode of the Real Estate Launchpad to share his list of 9 things to consider when refinancing, the refinancing process from an investor’s standpoint, why he pulled back from multifamily investing in 2015, and...


How to Make Money from Non-Performing Loans, with Scott Carson, Ep #27

Even in a strong market, there are always non-performing loans to buy. Scott Carson started out during the financial crisis in 2008 buying non-performing loans, restructuring them, and turning them into profitable investments. A decade and hundreds of transactions later, Scott now runs We Close Notes. His company actively invests in non-performing loans around the country and teaches new investors how to do the same. On this episode, Scott shares with Drew that after declining for many...


Commercial Real Estate Investing: Why Mobile Home Parks and Self Storage Units Are Safe Asset Classes, with Hunter Thompson, Ep #26

Hunter Thompson began his commercial real estate investing career after he woke up in 2008 to find his U.S. stock portfolio was dependent on sinking Greek government bonds. This led him to search for an asset class that would generate attractive returns, but have risk factors he could identify and control. He found real estate. He began by lending money privately for others to flip homes before founding Cash Flow Connections. Cash Flow Connections helps private investors put money into...