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Commercial Real Estate Investing: Why Mobile Home Parks and Self Storage Units Are Safe Asset Classes, with Hunter Thompson, Ep #26

Hunter Thompson began his commercial real estate investing career after he woke up in 2008 to find his U.S. stock portfolio was dependent on sinking Greek government bonds. This led him to search for an asset class that would generate attractive returns, but have risk factors he could identify and control. He found real estate. He began by lending money privately for others to flip homes before founding Cash Flow Connections. Cash Flow Connections helps private investors put money into...


The Everything Bubble: Its Effect on The Current Market and Real Estate Investing, with Charles Hugh Smith, Ep #25

In the past one asset class appreciated at a time and investments moved from class to class chasing the highest performing investment, but now the Everything Bubble exists. In the Everything Bubble, there are no bargains left. All major asset classes are simultaneously at all-time high prices: stocks, bonds, and real estate. On this episode of The Real Estate Launchpad, Charles Hugh Smith joins host Jonathan Twombly to explain the Everything Bubble. Charles shares why central banks have...


Why Demographics and Economic Growth Are Vital Factors in Real Estate Investing, with Aaron Renn, Ep #24

If you’re looking at a new market to invest in, you must understand the demographics and economic growth factors of the area. Demographics and economic growth are important indicators of whether a market is healthy. Aaron Renn, a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, joins Jonathan on this episode. Professionally, Aaron focuses on economic development, infrastructure, and demographics. On this episode, Jonathan asks Aaron to comment on what forces lead to strong...


The Benefits of Being Represented by An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, with Dave Twombly, Ep #23

Jonathan’s brother, Dave Twombly, is an exclusive buyer’s agent in Boston, Massachusetts. He works in residential real estate, and he chooses to only represent buyers. Dave shares how he got into real estate and why he willingly gave up half of the business of real estate to represent only buyers. In this episode, you will hear Dave share why you may want an exclusive buyer’s agent to represent you in the buying process and if you’re new to real estate, why you may want to focus on the...


The Path From Buy and Hold to Multifamily Investing, with Todd Dexheimer, Ep #22

Ever wonder what it takes to break into multifamily investing? Former school teacher, turned multifamily investor Todd Dexheimer joins Jonathan on this episode. Listen in to hear Todd explain how many rentals he needed to quit his job as a shop teacher, why he switched from single family to multifamily, why he gave up on smaller multifamily to focus on 100+ units, and how he overcame the prejudice multifamily investors have against single family investors looking to make the switch. This...


How Multifamily Investing Could Flow Out Of Your Current Job Skills, with Dan Handford, Ep #21

Did you know skills you develop in your current job translate to multifamily investing? In this episode, Dan Handford shares how his background in owning multiple medical practices influenced his approach to multifamily investing. Hear why Dan decided to leave the day-to-day operations of his medical practices to invest in real estate. You won’t want to miss this episode as he explains why he paid a mentor for real estate investing, how he chose his mentor, and ultimately why he chose...


How A Top Real Estate Agent Now Thrives As A Real Estate Investor, with Pat Hiban, Ep #20

Pat Hiban hasn’t always been a real estate investor. He spent 25 years as a real estate agent. He was Remax’s #1 Agent and later Keller Williams’ #1 Agent. However, he chose to leave his career as a successful realtor and become a real estate investor. Pat built a great team as a real estate agent and proceeded to build an even better team as an investor. On this episode, hear why Pat left selling real estate to become an investor. You’ll want to listen in as he draws from his years of...


How Two Women Real Estate Investors Thrive In Multifamily Investing with Veena Jetti & Puja Talati, Ep #19

Two women real estate investors join host Jonathan on this episode. Veena Jetti and Puja Talati give their backgrounds and share with the audience how they broke into multifamily investing. Listen to this episode and hear these female partners at Enzo Multifamily offer a wealth of knowledge on how to choose markets and submarkets for investing, factors influencing which B Class assets to purchase and how they use their position as women and wives of physicians to network and empower...


Multifamily Investing: Tips to Break Into the Market with Little Experience, with Michael Blank Ep #18

When you think about real estate investing, do you think of multifamily investing? Many think of single-family homes. Their minds jump to flipping homes to sell or to keep as rentals. BUT, what about apartments? On this episode, Michael Blank shares why multifamily investing is often easier for investors and more profitable. He demonstrates that it can be very profitable, even without previous experience. Listen to this episode and hear Michael explain how to break into the market of...


Commercial Loans: From Obtaining to Exiting a Loan, and Everywhere in Between, with Will Oldham, Ep #17

In order to invest in commercial real estate, you need to have a basic understanding of commercial loans. Do you want to know more but don’t know where to start? Join us for this week’s episode! Will Oldham, show host Jonathan Twombly’s own commercial mortgage banker, explains commercial loans. He breaks down the process of obtaining a commercial loan, different types of commercial loans, how he advocates for his borrowers and more! He provides a wealth of knowledge on commercial lending...


Commercial Real Estate Investing: How To Go From Zero to Millions, with Reed Goossens, Ep #16

Commercial Real Estate Investing: How To Go From Zero to Millions, with Reed Goossens, Ep #16 Have you ever thought about commercial real estate investing, but you have no experience? You will want to pay close attention to this episode. Reed Goossens, a structural engineer from Australia came to the United States with no commercial real estate experience. In five short years he has an investor list of thousands of clients and control over 70 million dollars in real estate. In this...


Commercial Property Insurance: How To Get The Best Deal For Your Investments, with J. Darrin Gross, Ep #15

One of the many places where beginning AND experienced real estate investors can make a colossal error is in estimating the cost of commercial property insurance for their deals. It’s quite common for due diligence to be done, a deal to be finalized, and then for the actual insurance costs to come in much higher than anticipated. There are many reasons for it, and Jonathan’s guest on this episode, J. Darrin Gross explains. You’ll learn what insurers are thinking as they evaluate an...


Entirely Passive Real Estate Investing Is For Real, with Julie Lam and Annie Dickerson Of Good Egg Investments, Ep #14

Passive real estate investing may sound like something that doesn’t really exist, like a unicorn or mermaid. But it’s not. If you are a person with money to invest and are interested in putting your funds to work for you, passive investing in real estate syndications may be the way for you to get the returns you’re looking for. Jonathan’s guests on this episode are a dynamic team - Julie Lam and Annie Dickerson, co-founders of Good Egg Investments. These two ladies have come on the real...


Looking For Real Estate Investors? Here’s How To Build Your Network, with Michael Roderick, Ep #13

All of us in the real estate industry have experienced the following: We are diligently working, looking for real estate investors, but for the life of us seem unable to find them. In this episode of Real Estate Launchpad, Jonathan speaks with Michael Roderick, a guy who is not working in the real estate investing field but who knows what it takes to build the kind of relationships that lead to investments in his projects. Michael is a high school teacher turned Broadway producer and in...


How To Kill Fear And Take Action In An Uncertain Real Estate Market with Peter Shallard, Ep #12

Every real estate investor wants to take action in ways that produce great returns. But how many are really doing that, or even trying? Jonathan’s guest on this episode is not a real estate investor, he’s a psychologist. Peter Shallard is known as the "Shrink For Entrepreneurs" and Jonathan invited him to have a conversation about the fears behind inaction, the reality of analysis paralysis, strategies to prepare for moments of decision, and more. Those are topics every real estate...


From Restaurants to Multifamily Properties with Gino Barbaro, Ep #11

Owning multifamily properties and running a successful real estate investment company were not things Gino Barbaro ever thought would be in his future. He was actively working long hours in his family’s restaurant business and expected that was his lot in life. But when he recognized that he wasn’t doing anything of lasting value and decided it was time for a change, he looked to real estate investing - and after 2 years of educating himself, Gino quickly became prominent as a multifamily...


How Turnkey Properties Opened The Door to Multifamily Investing with Lane Kawaoka, Ep #10

Investing in turnkey properties is not the typical way you hear of successful investors getting into real estate investing. But for Lane Kawaoka, it was what fit his circumstance at the time. More importantly, turnkey property investing enabled Lane to get his hands dirty with the real work of investing, to understand the terminology, activities, and deal structures that investors often employ, and build a portfolio of single-family properties that could financially open the door to bigger...


3 Steps to Rapidly Scaling a Real Estate Investment Company with Joe Fairless, Ep #9

You’re likely listening to this podcast because you are at least toying with the idea of starting your own real estate investment company. Jonathan’s guest on this episode is one of the most well-known investors who has done so from the ground up. Joe Fairless tells the story of how he switched from working in a New York Ad Agency to finding his first real estate deal, and how he quickly moved into multifamily syndications and scaled his investment portfolio to over $40M dollars in assets...


How To Build A Real Estate Network That Funds Every Deal with Adam “Triple A” Adams, Ep #8

You’ve likely heard it said that “Your net worth is in your network,” and nowhere is it truer than in building a powerful and profitable real estate network. In case you are confused by the term, a “network” is nothing more than the people you know who are interested in the same business topics you are. In this case, real estate investing. Jonathan’s guest on this episode is a master at building a real estate network of interested investors and potential partners - his name is Adam Adams....


Mobile Home Parks: An Amazing and Profitable Asset Class with Kevin Bupp, Ep #7

The stereotype commonly held of mobile home parks and the types of residents who live there has created a strange phenomenon in the world of real estate assets: the inventory of mobile home parks is diminishing, which makes the opportunity all the more inviting to Kevin Bupp. Kevin has experienced it all in the real estate investing space - single family homes, multifamily syndications, and now mobile home parks, which has captured his attention more than any other asset class. In this...