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716: Be Really Successful in Real Estate Really Fast with Jeannie Grant

Who says it takes tons of time to be really successful in real estate? Jeannie Grant is living proof that a new agent can succeed from the very start. With less than two years in the industry, Jeannie’s already getting referrals from her highly satisfied past clients. On today’s show, Jeannie shares the strategies that have helped her rapidly increase business. Not only does she cover the best way to run an open house, she dives into door knocking, communication with past clients, and more....


715: Manifest Success in Three Easy Steps with Dr. Hank Seitz

The path to success doesn’t have to be hard. Today’s guest, Dr. Hank Seitz, has a simple technique that will absolutely help any real estate agent succeed. This three-step technique is exactly what Dr. Hank shares with the agents he coaches, and it’s one of the most effective tools in his arsenal. After explaining why this technique works and how to use it properly, Dr. Hank offers other invaluable information for agents, including a way to increase annual commissions by $100,000 and a...


714: Turn Clients into Good Friends and Great Referral Sources with Denae Judd

The biggest mistake agents make doesn’t occur before or even during real estate transactions. It happens once the deal is done. Instead of taking the time to turn good clients into good friends, most agents simply move on. Unfortunately for them, so do the clients. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Denae Judd explains how she connects with clients after closing. Pay attention because what she’s doing works. Denae’s past clients bring her hundreds of thousands of dollars in repeat and...


713: Niche Down and Up Your Real Estate Income with Christopher Lochhead

Many agents think that going after as many potential clients as possible is the best way to boost business, but that’s simply not the case. At least that’s what today’s guest, author Christopher Lochhead believes. According to Chris, niching down is the fastest, most effective way to bring in new business and more commissions. On this Real Estate Rockstars, Chris explains why niching is so powerful before diving into examples of niches that have made agents incredibly successful. If you’re...


712: Things Every Agent Should Do for More Business and Maximum Profit with Dustin Fox

Agent Dustin Fox hasn’t been in real estate long, but he’s already hit a sales volume of $40 million per year at a profit margin of 73 percent. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Dustin explains exactly what he’s doing to get tons of business without spending tons of money. In addition to covering his most successful direct-mail campaigns, he shares how he’s adapted his online marketing strategy to work with Facebook’s new targeting requirements. Plus, Dustin offers advice all new agents...


711: How to Start a Second Career in Real Estate the Right Way with Paul Swack

Starting a second career in real estate and worried about what might go wrong? Don’t be! Instead, listen to this interview with agent Paul Swack. Paul’s been in real estate less than two years now, but he’s already earning close to $300,000 annually. On today’s podcast, he shares the steps he took to jumpstart his new career, including what he did to get his first few clients and how he leveraged online leads to build his business. Paul also discusses the importance of having a good coach,...


710: Make Easy Money in Real Estate with Hoss Pratt

Most would agree that it takes hard work to make lots of money in real estate, but today’s guest, Hoss Pratt, isn’t like most people. Hoss, the CEO of coaching firm Hoss Pratt International, is renowned for his ability to help agents hit incredible sales figures fast. On this Real Estate Rockstars, he outlines the approach agents must take to make easy money in this industry. By implementing Hoss’ simple tips, you’ll make more money in less time, so listen in and learn how to stop running...


709: How to Get Better Leads and More Listings in Any Market with Alisha Collins

Are you sick of experimenting with real estate strategies only to learn that they won’t work in your market? If so, you won’t want to miss today’s podcast with Alisha Collins. Alisha has some surefire strategies that agents can use to get better leads and more listings in any market. In addition to covering how she closes Zillow leads, she shares her best online and offline advertising methods. Plus, Alisha discusses her bold strategy for winning listings and some interesting tidbits about...


708: From Drug Addict to Award-Winning Real Estate Agent: Priscilla de Jager’s Story

Before becoming an award-winning agent with Keller Williams in South Africa, Priscilla de Jager was a drug addict. For years, Priscilla struggled with her addictions until she received the ultimatum from her family that landed her in rehab. Now, less than three years later, she’s completely turned her life around. Not only is she happier and healthier than ever, she’s selling over 70 homes per year as a solo agent and inspiring others to achieve their dreams. Don’t miss her incredible story...


707: The Biggest Limiting Beliefs in Real Estate with Chris Watters

What’s holding you back from the success and financial security that you’ve been dreaming about? As broker Chris Watters explains on today’s Real Estate Rockstars, it’s probably you. No, it’s not that you’re working too little or even that you don’t have enough experience; it’s the fact that you’re letting limiting beliefs stand in the way between you and a better, more profitable real estate business. Listen and learn what these beliefs are and how to overcome them. Also, don’t miss Chris’...


706: Three Characteristics for Building Better Client Relationships with Susan Reinhart

Susan Reinhart was a psychologist long before she became a real estate agent, but she’s found that certain skills from her previous career do carry over. Her ability to build rapport and strong relationships with clients, for instance, helped her build a successful, sustainable real estate business much faster than most. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Susan shares the three characteristics that agents must possess in order to build better client relationships. She also covers questions to...


705: Run Your Real Estate Business from Facebook with Charles Burgess

Plenty of real estate professionals run Facebook ads to bring in business, but how many actually run their business from Facebook? Charles Burgess is one of the few brokers who uses Workplace by Facebook to communicate with and manage his team, and he claims it’s changed his business for the better. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Charles explains how he uses Facebook in all facets of his business, including both management and marketing. He also shares strategies for staying relevant on...


704: How to Survive and Thrive Through Industry-Wide Changes with Bryan Bowles

Will technology change how real estate transactions take place? Are real estate commissions likely to dip even lower? The founder of Worth Clark Realty and Transactly, Bryan Bowles, joins Pat today to answer these questions and more so that listeners won’t just survive, but thrive through coming changes in the industry. Bryan also offers advice on working with savvy clients, including how to present à la carte service options at listing appointments. Plus, Pat and Bryan discuss why providing...


703: How to Get Expired Listings in Today’s Competitive Real Estate Markets with Tyler Meyer

Tyler Meyer worked expireds relentlessly when he started his real estate career eight years ago. Now, he’s reaping the benefits of his hard work in the form of repeat and referral clients. Still, Tyler hasn’t abandoned the methods that built his business; he’s just made them better. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Tyler shares his new, improved strategies for getting expired listings. He also touches on becoming a 30 Under 30 honoree, why he wins when competing against big teams for...


702: Generate Listing Leads for Free by Starting a Farm with Scott Himelstein

Are you spending hundreds of dollars per month on listing leads? There’s a better way to bring in new business – farming. For years, Scott Himelstein has generated listing leads for free by building relationships with the residents of his real estate farm. Thanks to his persistence, Scott gets dozens of listings per year from his farm. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Scott shares the farming methods and tools that have worked for him so that listeners can start successful farms of their...


701: Will Technology Replace Your Real Estate Job? Industry Predictions with Engelo Rumora

Technology has already disrupted countless industries, forcing companies to either adapt or close their doors. Some argue that the real estate industry is ripe for major disruption; investor Engelo Rumora is one of them. He believes that agents and brokers are slowly losing their edge, and that technology may soon make them both obsolete. On this Real Estate Rockstars, Engelo shares his predictions on what will happen when the industry is finally forced to adapt in order to satisfy the needs...


700: Win Listings Wearing Flip Flops and a T-Shirt with James Like

Sick of putting on your best suit for a listing appointment only to walk away empty handed? Realtor James Like has a suggestion for you: stop trying so hard to impress potential clients. For years, James has gone to listing appointments wearing his favorite fishing shirt and a pair of flip flops, and he claims it helps business rather than hurting it. Don’t believe him? Well, in the last 12 months, his team has sold 150 homes, so he’s obviously doing something right. Catch today’s podcast to...


699: How to Get Hot Real Estate Leads on the Cheap with Krista Mashore

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on real estate leads in order to sell 100 homes or more per year. For just dollars per day, you can capture the interest (and information) of your market’s most motivated buyers and sellers. Broker Krista Mashore is here to explain how. Thanks to her in-house lead generation efforts, she managed to sell 151 homes last year with a profit margin over 60 percent. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Krista shares her system for generating real estate...


698: Triple Your Real Estate Transactions with Tips from Wholesaler Brad Chandler

Brad Chandler watched his parents struggle to make ends meet while growing up. By the time Brad reached ninth grade, he knew he needed to find a way to generate enough money to achieve financial freedom. He finally found it in 2002 when he started flipping homes. Now, thousands of deals later, he’s the co-founder and CEO of a highly successful real estate wholesaling business. His company, Express Homebuyers, is projected to complete over 250 transactions in the next 12 months alone, all...


697: What Top Residential Real Estate Brokerages Do Differently with Richard Grossman

Halstead is one of New York City’s top residential real estate brokerages – and for good reason. Halstead is represented by some of the most knowledgeable, skilled agents in the industry. The president of Halstead, Richard Grossman, joins us today to share how Halstead takes new agents and turns them into top performers before offering advice backed by his 35-plus years of real estate experience. Richard also explains what Halstead does differently to outperform the competition in one of the...