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752: David Osborn: Strike It Rich as a Real Estate Investor with Miracle Morning Millionaires

If you’re looking for ways to strike it rich as a real estate investor, you won’t want to miss this podcast with David Osborn. Not only is he one of the most successful real estate franchise owners in the world, he’s made millions on savvy real estate investments. To date, he’s bought and sold over 1,000 single-family homes, and he currently owns nearly 100 rental properties. In addition to his accomplishments in real estate, David is a bestselling author. His latest book, Miracle Morning...


SOTM: Gary Keller Returns as KW CEO and Redfin Expanding to Canada

Industry competition has reached an all-time high, and big-name brokerages are making massive moves in the fight for market share. At Keller Williams, Gary Keller reclaims his CEO position as John Davis steps down. Redfin announces plans to expand into Canadian markets as early as March. Will these industry upsets affect real estate professionals? Find out as Pat Hiban and co-host Kevin Kauffman dissect these stories on today’s State of the Market podcast!


751: Today’s Best Wealth-Building Opportunities for Real Estate Investors with Kathy Fettke

Real estate markets are constantly changing, so don’t make the mistake of following yesterday’s investment advice. On this Real Estate Rockstars podcast, the CEO of Real Wealth Network, Kathy Fettke, shares her latest investment tips and strategies. Listen and learn how to capitalize on today’s real estate opportunities for massive profits tomorrow. Pat and Kathy discuss single-family properties, traps in the multifamily sphere, and more. Don’t miss it!


750: Recruit and Retain Your Market’s Top Real Estate Agents with Rick Cantore

Has recruiting and retaining high-quality agents been an ongoing struggle? If so, you won’t want to miss this podcast with RE/MAX Advantage Realty’s COO, Rick Cantore. Not only is Rick responsible for overseeing RE/MAX’s recruiting efforts, he works relentlessly to retain their top agents. On today’s show, Rick shares the tools and strategies he personally employs to recruit his market’s best agents and to retain valuable team members. Listen and learn exactly what it takes to add promising...


State of the Market: Century 21’s CEO Steps Down, Government Shutdown, and Redfin’s Digital Closings

What’s going on in the real estate industry today? Find out on the first-ever episode of State of the Market, a weekly rundown on the hottest real estate news! On today’s podcast, Pat Hiban and co-host Kevin Kauffman discuss Nick Bailey stepping down as Century 21’s CEO, the effect of the government shutdown on agents, Redfin’s fully digital closing process, and more. Don’t miss it!


749: Get Filthy Rich with Larry Goins’ Seller Financing System

You’ve heard about others making millions by investing in real estate, but have you ever considered that you could be one of them? Listen to this podcast with Larry Goins and discover what it takes to get filthy rich as a real estate investor. Larry’s been an active investor for over 30 years, and he’s perfected a system for seller financing that eliminates the stress and hassles associated with owning rental properties. Discover how his system works and what you can do to make it work for...


748: Reverse Selling: The Secret to Getting FSBO Listings with Brandon Mulrenin

Are you burning through dozens of FSBO leads without setting a single appointment? Listen to today’s podcast with FSBO expert Brandon Mulrenin and learn how to have FSBOs calling you for help! Brandon has a new way to convert FSBOs, something he calls reverse selling. Find out what it is, why it works, and how to master it on this Real Estate Rockstars. Plus, Brandon shares his most effective FSBO scripts and the best CRM system for following up with prospects.


747: Recruit 100+ Real Estate Agents per Year in Six Simple Steps with Adam Roach

You can’t scale a real estate business without recruiting top talent, but what’s the best way to get great agents on your team? Find out on this Real Estate Rockstars with Adam Roach! For years, Adam has been one of Keller Williams' top recruiters, and he joins Pat today to share his six-step process for recruiting 100+ agents per year. Listen and learn where to find your market’s top agents, which scripts work best for agent recruitment, and more. Don’t miss it!


746: Build a Richer Real Estate Career by Setting SMART Goals with Matt Aitchison

After hitting some turbulence in early adulthood, Matt Aitchison decided to turn things around by starting a career in real estate. Since then, he’s used the experience he gained as an agent to fuel several seven-figure business ventures. On today’s podcast, Matt shares the goal-setting system he used to find the success and happiness he’s always dreamed of. Listen and learn how to set SMART goals that will guide you toward a richer, more fulfilling real estate career.


745: Become a Better You: Self-Improvement Advice for Agents with Suneet Agarwal

Still trying to figure out how to make next year your best year yet? The answer’s simple: become a better agent. Today’s guest, Suneet Agarwal, is constantly striving to become better, and it shows in his sales. Year after year, he doubles his business, and you can too! Discover what you can do, starting now, to improve your skills, your sales, and your mindset. Suneet shares real estate book recommendations, mastermind suggestions, and more. Plus, he covers the follow-up processes that have...


744: Big City Brokers: What It’s Like Selling Real Estate in NYC with Jay Glazer

Have you ever wondered what it’s like selling real estate in the big city? Jay Glazer runs a highly successful brokerage in New York City and joins us today to discuss what it’s like working as a real estate professional in the nation’s biggest, busiest city. Listen and learn about the distinct challenges agents face in cities like New York, what it takes to qualify buyers for multi-million-dollar apartments, and why Jay wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. Don’t miss it


743: Accomplish Your Biggest Real Estate Goals Next Year with Rod Khleif

Rod Khleif is passionate about helping others achieve goals in business and in life. He’s also an accomplished real estate expert who knows exactly how to guide others in the industry toward a more successful, more fulfilling career. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Rod shares his proven process for setting meaningful goals along with five things that will help listeners achieve theirs. Listen and learn what it’ll take to accomplish your biggest real estate goals next year!


742: From Convict to Closer: Eight Principles That Changed Jeff Coats’ Mindset and Life

At age 14, Jeff Coats was sentenced to 20 years in prison for robbery, kidnapping, and attempted murder. When he was finally released 17 years later, Jeff beat the odds and built a highly successful career in real estate. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Jeff shares the eight principles that transformed his mindset and changed his life for the better. These are principles that will help anyone, agent or otherwise, identify and achieve meaningful goals. Listen and learn what you can do right...


741: Quit Your Day Job! Make More Money as a Real Estate Agent with Michelle Yoo

Hate your day job? Making less than you deserve? Here’s a simple solution: quit! That’s what Michelle Yoo did in 2010, and she's had incredible success in real estate ever since. A few years back, her husband decided to do the same, leaving his job as a police officer to work alongside Michelle as her team’s primary listing agent. Now, both Michelle and her husband are making more money than ever doing something that they truly enjoy. Catch today’s podcast and learn how to build a highly...


740: Build Wealth with Real Estate: M.C. Laubscher’s Guide to Financial Success

Real estate agents possess a very valuable skillset, one that provides multiple avenues for building long-term wealth. But for some reason, the overwhelming majority of agents never take advantage of the wealth-building opportunities in front of them. Today, wealth strategist M.C. Laubscher addresses the Rockstar Nation, imploring listeners to take control of their finances today so that they’re able to enjoy true financial freedom tomorrow. Also, in addition to offering some solid advice on...


739: Hit $1 Million in Net Profit with Matt Curtis’ Proven Growth Path

For two years running, Matt Curtis Real Estate made the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies. Last year, it was one of REAL Trend’s top 50 real estate teams. This year, the brokerage's owner, Matt Curtis, has another accomplishment to be proud of: profit exceeding $1 million. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Matt shares how he grew his team’s sales by over 50 percent every year without sacrificing profitability. In addition to talking marketing and agent training, Matt...


738: Increase Annual Sales by $100 Million: Real Estate Growth Strategies with Guarav Gambhir

Guarav Gambhir bought The Condo Shop in 2010 with big plans for the small six-person team. By 2017, He’d grown its annual sales from roughly $6 million to over $100 million. But that’s not all Guarav did during that time. He also started a management company, an investment company, and multiple property divisions. On today’s show, Guarav discusses the business growth strategies that worked for him, his approach to real estate branding, best practices for hiring agents, and more. Don’t miss...


737: How to Find Great Real Estate Deals in Any Market with Tyler Sheff

Great real estate deals are few and far between on the MLS these days, but that doesn’t mean that investment opportunities aren’t out there. Today, agent and investor Tyler Sheff returns to Real Estate Rockstars to share the strategy he uses to find off-market properties. He also discusses why buyers willingly pay his commission and the negotiation tactics he uses to close sellers on offers. Plus, Tyler tells Pat what’s on his most effective mailer and exactly why it gets sellers’ attention.


736: Sell 200 Homes per Year: What It Takes with Veteran Real Estate Agent Colleen Lawler

What does it take to consistently sell 200+ homes per year? Listen to this Real Estate Rockstars podcast with veteran agent Colleen Lawler and find out! Colleen has been in real estate since 1987, through good markets, bad markets, and everything in between. On today’s show, Colleen shares expert advice on prospecting, team management, and more – details on the tools and strategies she uses to sell over 200 homes per year. Colleen also discusses succession planning, including a rundown on...


735: A 25-Year-Old Agent’s Guide to $20 Million in Annual Sales with Shane Dulgeroff

Shane Dulgeroff has only been a full-time agent for three years, but his annual sales volume already exceeds $20 million. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, this energetic 25-year-old professional shares the sales tactics that have served him so well during his short time in the industry. Shane talks social media marketing, direct mail, and more, delivering a step-by-step overview of the processes that took him from no listings to dozens of million-dollar-plus listings in just a few short...