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654: Gain Clients, Influence, and Fame Through Instagram with Rebecca Donatelli

If you’re not using Instagram, you’re missing out on tons of real estate business. Realtor Rebecca Donatelli constantly gets clients and opportunities in the industry thanks to her huge Instagram following. On today’s podcast, Rebecca shares valuable Instagram tips, including how to grow your follower base organically and what hashtags to use for greater reach. Plus, Pat and Rebecca talk top real estate apps, a way to instantly increase your success with direct mail, and more.


653: From a $50,000 Teacher Salary to $500,000 Annually in Real Estate with Kelly Gilson

Kelly Gilson taught middle schoolers in Nebraska before moving to California and starting a new career in real estate. His first year, he earned just under six figures. By year four, Kelly's annual income jumped to roughly half of a million dollars – nearly 1,000 percent more than he ever earned as a teacher. On today’s podcast, Kelly shares the secrets to starting a massively successful second career in real estate, including where to get business and how to run a growing team. If you’re...


652: Diversify for the Next Downturn: Ways to Ensure Long-Term Profitability with Mike Bjorkman

The next downturn is coming. Are you ready for it? Broker Mike Bjorkman is, and he’s here today to share several ways listeners like you can prepare for major market changes. In addition to exploring alternative business sources in the real estate sphere, he covers the things agents can do to protect their commissions and keep potential clients from turning to discount brokerages. Mike also explains how he managed to hire over 100 agents in less than one year, runs through his best...


651: 7 Listing-Winning Answers to 7 Crucial Seller Questions with Aaron Hendon

Listing appointments are a lot like job interviews – or at least they should be. That’s what today’s guest, Aaron Hendon, thinks. He feels so strongly about it, in fact, that he wrote a book on the questions sellers should ask potential agents: Don't Get Fooled Again: An Insider's Guide to the 7 Questions You MUST Ask to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Real Estate Agent. On this podcast, Aaron covers all seven questions and shares the types of answers that agents must provide if they want to win...


650: Deliver Seven-Star Service in a Three-Star Industry with Anti-Realtor Jay O'Brien

Are you embarrassed to call yourself a Realtor? After some bad experiences working with “professionals” in this industry, Jay O’Brien was. He adopted the title “Anti-Realtor” and vowed to deliver seven-star service in an industry where just average is considered good enough. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Jay shares exactly what agents can do to go above and beyond for clients. If you implement his ideas instead of sending thank-you notes and giving gift cards like most agents, you’re...


649: Why 75-87% of Real Estate Agents Fail in Five Years or Less with Katherine Scarim

Most real estate agents fail. In fact, 75-87 percent of agents give up on real estate within five years. Broker Katherine Scarim is working hard to change that. Not only does she personally ensure that the 14 agents under her are set for success, she’s authored multiple books so that all agents have access to the information they need to make it in this industry. On today’s podcast, Katherine explains why so many agents fail before sharing solutions that brokers and agents can both utilize...


648: How to Go from Two Listings in Four Years to Over 40 per Year with Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers will be the first to admit that she had a slow start in real estate. She only managed to sell two houses her first four years as an agent. Somewhere along the way, however, something changed. Now, she sells over 40 homes per year and runs a highly successful brokerage. She also loves her job because she only works with the people she actually wants to help. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, she shares how any agent can ramp up business while working with the clients they love.


647: Jason Gesing: Will eXp Realty Smash the Existence of Real Estate Offices?

Is renting a brick-and-mortar office eating away at your real estate profits? Here's a solution: move your business into the cloud! Since 2009, that’s exactly what eXp Realty has done for thousands of real estate agents across the United States and Canada. Today, the CEO of eXp Realty, Jason Gesing, talks about the benefits of working under a cloud-based brokerage. He also shares predictions, advice, and tools related to the industry’s shift toward virtualization. If you want to learn more...


646: Open Your Own Brokerage with Advice from Broker Linda Maxwell

Thinking about opening your own real estate brokerage? If so, you won’t want to miss this podcast with broker Linda Maxwell. Over the past three years, Linda worked tirelessly to ensure that her brokerage, Premier Properties of New England, was a success. Along the way, she learned some hard lessons as well as some excellent strategies for brokers and business owners, and she’s here today to share them all with Rockstar Nation. In addition to advice on running a brokerage, Linda has some...


645: Scale Massively with Matt Fagioli’s System for Generating 10,000 Real Estate Leads

This is the year to scale your business, and Matt Fagioli’s system for generating 10,000 real estate leads is exactly what you need to do it. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Matt shares how he plans to generate and nurture thousands of leads by year end, including details on his team, tools, and tracking. In addition to talking lead generation, Matt dives deep on the things all agents need to work on in order to succeed in this industry. If you’re ready to take your business to the next...


644: Close More Real Estate Deals by Becoming a Better Negotiator with Tim Burrell

People expect real estate agents to be highly skilled negotiators, but most agents haven’t taken a single course on negotiation. Unsurprisingly, consumer complaints about agents’ poor negotiation skills are rampant. Today’s guest, Tim Burrell, is trying to change that. He trains agents around the country on how to become better negotiators, and he’s here to provide a crash course on negotiating real estate deals. Listen and learn how to negotiate better so that you can close more deals...


643: Will You Be in Real Estate Five Years from Now? Joe Rand’s Sobering Prediction

Over the next five years, a lot of people are going to be forced out of the real estate industry. That’s the sobering prediction that Joe Rand, the chief creative officer at Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, shares on today’s podcast. But my discussion with Joe isn’t all doom and gloom – it’s about what agents, brokers, and the industry as a whole can do better in order to provide service that consumers truly value. If you want to learn how to better serve your clients and ensure the...


642: Maximize Cash Flow and Minimize Hassle with Mitch Stephen’s Rent-to-Own Strategy

Are repair costs and vacancies eating away at your rental profits? There’s a way to maximize your properties’ cash flow and eliminate the hassles associated with rental management. Today’s guest, Mitch Stephen, is here to explain why the rent-to-own model is the perfect solution to your profitability problem. Hear how he consistently collects over 300 house payments per month and why having to foreclose on someone isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You’ll also learn about other opportunities...


641: Get on Track Toward Higher Profits with Kelly Cook’s Complete Accountability System

There’s one thing you absolutely need to ensure the success of your agents – accountability. Without accountability, your team’s productivity, along with profitability, will suffer. On today's podcast, you’ll learn a proven system for holding agents accountable from Kelly Cook, the lead for one of Arizona’s most successful real estate teams. In addition to covering the practices he uses to hold agents accountable, Kelly shares a reward-based ranking system and the seven metrics all teams...


640: Never Buy Overpriced Leads Again with James Rembert, The Zillow Killer

James Rembert is starting a real estate revolution. He’s helping agents cut ties with sites like Zillow by giving them a better option – the ability to generate their own leads online. On today’s show, James covers how he coaches clients to advertise on Facebook, including his complete strategy for warming traffic with targeted ads. After listening to this Real Estate Rockstars, you’ll have the knowledge needed to get hot leads without paying premium prices!


639: Get Great Referrals by Building a Professional Network with Mark Maiocca and Mark Stiles

Clients are a great source of real estate referrals, but they’re not the only one. On today’s podcast, Mark Maiocca and Mark Stiles of Core7 explain how agents can drastically boost business by building a referral network with professionals from related lines of work. Listen and learn who you need in your network and what it’ll take to make them permanent parts of your referral machine. Plus, hear how to generate referrals with a simple script, what to do when group members aren’t doing...


638: The Secrets of a Successful Luxury Listing Agent with Maria Vitale

Interested in making a name for yourself as a luxury real estate agent? If so, you won’t want to miss this interview with Maria Vitale! Her list of accomplishments includes multiple industry awards and a total of nearly $25 million in business to date. On today's podcast, she shares the secrets to her success. Listen and learn her most powerful script for winning over high-dollar homeowners, the three things all luxury agents need to succeed, and the one thing Maria uses to ensure her...


637: 10x Your Earnings by Creating an Expansion Empire with Mike Zinicola and Greg Erlanger

After taking hold as the top team in your market, it’s time to expand. That’s what Mike Zinicola and Greg Erlanger decided to do, and now they have five high-performing offices located throughout Ohio. Not only have they increased their earnings exponentially, they’ve managed to maintain a healthy profit margin along the way. On today’s show, they talk growth before covering other pressing topics, like the biggest threat to the 6% commission and the reason why technology can’t replace real...


636: How to Run a 100% Referral-Based Real Estate Business with Gayle Zientek

All real estate agents know that referrals are great for business, but few agents are great at generating them. Today’s guest, Gayle Zientek, is one agent who actually knows what it takes to run a 100% referral-based real estate business. If you’re interested in getting more real estate referrals, this is the podcast for you! Not only does Gayle explain exactly what she does to generate referrals, she shares advice on attaining a high level of success on a low budget, how to get listings...


635: Break Your Buyer Addiction! Transition to Sellers and Triple Your Income with Joseph Bird

When Joseph Bird started his real estate career nearly seven years ago, he worked exclusively with buyers. Now, he’s finally struck a healthy balance between buyer and seller clients, and it’s had a huge impact on his annual earnings. On today’s show, Joseph shares what helped him transition to sellers, including some great tools that listeners like you can use to get more listings. His objection handlers, for instance, are great for winning over sellers in any market, especially when the...


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