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739: Hit $1 Million in Net Profit with Matt Curtis’ Proven Growth Path

For two years running, Matt Curtis Real Estate made the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies. Last year, it was one of REAL Trend’s top 50 real estate teams. This year, the brokerage's owner, Matt Curtis, has another accomplishment to be proud of: profit exceeding $1 million. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Matt shares how he grew his team’s sales by over 50 percent every year without sacrificing profitability. In addition to talking marketing and agent training, Matt...


738: Increase Annual Sales by $100 Million: Real Estate Growth Strategies with Guarav Gambhir

Guarav Gambhir bought The Condo Shop in 2010 with big plans for the small six-person team. By 2017, He’d grown its annual sales from roughly $6 million to over $100 million. But that’s not all Guarav did during that time. He also started a management company, an investment company, and multiple property divisions. On today’s show, Guarav discusses the business growth strategies that worked for him, his approach to real estate branding, best practices for hiring agents, and more. Don’t miss...


737: How to Find Great Real Estate Deals in Any Market with Tyler Sheff

Great real estate deals are few and far between on the MLS these days, but that doesn’t mean that investment opportunities aren’t out there. Today, agent and investor Tyler Sheff returns to Real Estate Rockstars to share the strategy he uses to find off-market properties. He also discusses why buyers willingly pay his commission and the negotiation tactics he uses to close sellers on offers. Plus, Tyler tells Pat what’s on his most effective mailer and exactly why it gets sellers’ attention.


736: Sell 200 Homes per Year: What It Takes with Veteran Real Estate Agent Colleen Lawler

What does it take to consistently sell 200+ homes per year? Listen to this Real Estate Rockstars podcast with veteran agent Colleen Lawler and find out! Colleen has been in real estate since 1987, through good markets, bad markets, and everything in between. On today’s show, Colleen shares expert advice on prospecting, team management, and more – details on the tools and strategies she uses to sell over 200 homes per year. Colleen also discusses succession planning, including a rundown on...


735: A 25-Year-Old Agent’s Guide to $20 Million in Annual Sales with Shane Dulgeroff

Shane Dulgeroff has only been a full-time agent for three years, but his annual sales volume already exceeds $20 million. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, this energetic 25-year-old professional shares the sales tactics that have served him so well during his short time in the industry. Shane talks social media marketing, direct mail, and more, delivering a step-by-step overview of the processes that took him from no listings to dozens of million-dollar-plus listings in just a few short...


734: Take Advantage of New Tax Law with Diane Gardner’s Tax Tips for Real Estate Agents

Tax law has changed, and it could mean big savings for you come tax time. Make sure you know how to take advantage of these changes by listening to today’s Real Estate Rockstars podcast with tax coach Diane Gardner. To date, Diane has saved her clients close to two-million dollars on taxes, and her knowledge of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has enabled her to develop some unique new filing strategies for real estate agents. Before you file this year’s taxes, listen to what Diane has to say; it...


733: Why Online Leads Are Worse Today Than Ever with Jim Remley

There was a time when online leads could propel an agent’s business into the big leagues, but agents today are lucky to break even when buying leads. What changed? That’s the question real estate veteran Jim Remley answers on this podcast. He also explains how agents can still make online leads a profitable part of their business with some simple adjustments to their engagement methods. Plus, Pat and Jim discuss how to prepare for coming market changes, easy ways to boost accountability, and...


732: Tenants from Hell: True Tales of the World’s Worst Renters with James Wise

With a reliable tenant, rental property can provide steady, hassle-free cash flow for years. Unfortunately, reliable tenants aren’t always easy to find, and the wrong renter can easily turn your investment-property dream into a nightmare. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, James Wise of The Holton-Wise Property Group shares what can happen when you lease to a tenant from hell. He also discusses the red flags every landlord should watch for when screening tenants, which background checks to...


731: Why Great Real Estate Agents Often Make Terrible Team Leaders with Eden Sunshine

Want to start your own real estate team? Don’t, at least not until you’ve heard what Eden Sunshine, VP of Realty Executives, has to say about it. He’s seen some of the best agents in the business fail miserably when trying to lead a team of their own and has concluded that some people just aren’t cut out for it. On today’s show, Eden shares what it takes to lead a real estate team successfully, including what’s required to recruit and retain high-quality agents. Plus, Pat and Eden discuss...


730: Get More Clients and Keep Their Deals from Falling Through with Kevin Markarian

Want to get more clients and ensure that all of them stick with you through to closing? If so, don’t miss this Real Estate Rockstars with Kevin Markarian, broker and owner of San Francisco-based Marker Real Estate. On today’s podcast, Kevin discusses how he helps his agents leverage leads for more business before covering the skills and strategies they use to keep deals from falling through. Kevin also shares the biggest mistake agents make with leads along with tools and techniques proven...


729: Clayton Morris: Achieve Financial Freedom by Investing in Real Estate

Former co-host of the Fox & Friends morning show Clayton Morris made a name for himself on national television, but he made most of his money investing in real estate. In fact, investments in single-family homes are what enabled him to achieve true financial freedom. On today’s podcast, Clayton covers his process for purchasing properties and turning them into profitable rentals. He shares how to select homes, what upgrades to make, and ways to save on rehab costs. Plus, Clayton discusses...


728: How Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone Helped Daniel Lesniak Hit $300 Million in Sales

Daniel Lesniak is an authority on building a highly successful real estate business quickly; he literally wrote the book on it. Since the release of The Hyperlocal Hyperfast Real Estate Agent, Daniel has been looking for new ways to increase his growing team’s sales. Recently, he met with Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone to get their advice. On today’s podcast, Daniel shares what he learned from two of the greatest minds in business and how implementing their tips has put his team on track...


727: Make $100k More Next Year by Starting Your Own Real Estate Team with Mark Pattison

When Mark Pattison was last on the show, he was just starting his real estate team. Now, nearly one year later, he’s had time to fine-tune his systems and is earning more today than at any other point in his career. On this podcast, Mark discusses what it’s like going from solo agent to the leader of a successful real estate team. He also shares where to get the best ROI on leads, how to find quality hires, and a bold strategy for winning listings when competing with experienced agents....


726: Make Next Year Your Real Estate Business' Best Year Yet with Ron Wexler

Next year is just around the corner, so why not think about what you can do to make it your best year yet? If you need ideas, you won’t want to miss this Real Estate Rockstars podcast with Ron Wexler. For the last five years, he’s grown his team and its profitability while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Listen and learn what it takes to spark massive business growth that lasts. Also, hear what team structure works best for Ron, the benefits of consolidating roles for real estate...


725: Can Agents Compete with Real Estate Tech Giants? Yes, Says Kevin Kauffman

Companies like Opendoor and Purplebricks have many real estate professionals worried about losing business. Kevin Kauffman isn’t one of them. His company, Group 46:10, serves some of Arizona’s hottest real estate markets, areas where real estate tech giants are aggressively expanding their efforts. Still, Kevin isn’t concerned about these companies cutting into his profits, and he doesn’t think other agents should be either. Hear his advice for competing with major market disruptors on this...


724: Build a Huge, Highly Successful Real Estate Brokerage Independently with Eric Pearson

Eric Pearson, founder and president of Pearson Smith Realty, built a huge team of highly successful agents in just a few short years. As if that isn’t impressive enough already, Eric did it without the support of a franchiser. On today’s podcast, Eric explains how he built a big, profitable team independently and shares what his agents are doing to dominate one of the most competitive real estate markets in the nation. Eric also offers an abundance of suggestions for marketing services that...


723: Go Big! How to Raise Millions of Dollars for Real Estate Deals with Sterling White

If you haven’t started investing in real estate yet, what are you waiting for? 27-year-old Sterling White put together his first investment deal at age 19, and he’s syndicated four major multifamily deals since then. For his last deal, he managed to raise over one-million dollars from a pool of eager investors. On today’s podcast, Sterling shares exactly how he did it and explains why syndicating real estate deals is now easier than ever. Plus, Pat and Sterling discuss the challenges...


722: High-Tech Ways to Maximize a Rental Property’s Profitability with Linda Liberatore

Hear how to boost rental profits on today’s Real Estate Rockstars with Linda Liberatore. Linda runs My Property Manager, an innovative property management company that helps landlords streamline tenant communication and payment processing. On this podcast, Linda shares some of the best tools and services for maximizing a rental property's profitability. If you own rental property, you won’t want to miss what Linda has to say!


721: Make 30 Percent More with Michael LaFido’s System for Winning Luxury Listings

Interested in making 30 percent more next year? If so, don’t miss this podcast with veteran agent and luxury listing consultant Michael LaFido. On today’s show, Michael shares his system for winning luxury listings – a system proven to boost agents’ earnings by 30 percent or more. Not only is his system excellent for winning over high-net-worth sellers, it works great at ANY listing appointment. So, if you want more luxury listings or just more listings in general, this is one Real Estate...


720: Why Now Is the Time to Buy Industrial Real Estate with Doug Marshall

Have you been waiting for the perfect time to invest in industrial real estate? That time is now. With the cannabis industry booming, there’s a huge unmet demand for industrial properties, and their value continues to climb rapidly. On today’s podcast, Doug Marshall offers investment advice backed by his 35+ years of commercial real estate experience. In addition to explaining how listeners can evaluate whether or not commercial properties are right for them, he shares how to make smart,...