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Preserve Your Property Tax Base in California with Proposition 60 and Proposition 90

Today we are going to be talking about California’s Proposition Prop 60, and I’m not talking about our latest prop 60 regarding the adult film industry, but the proposition 60 that was passed in 1986, and then Proposition 90, that passed in 1988. These are the California Propositions that allow a homeowner to transfer


Is a Reverse Mortgage the Right Move For You?

Reverse Mortgages in California Who is Eligible For a Reverse Mortgage? What types of Property Can a Borrower Get a Reverse Mortgage on? Why do Reverse Mortgages Have Such a Bad Reputation? How Old Do You Have To Be To Get a Reverse Mortgage? Are Reverse Mortgage Plans All The Same? What Type of Person Gets a Reverse Mortgage? Do You Have to Live on The Property? The Reverse Mortgage business has changed a lot over the years. Reverse mortgages at one time had a pretty spotty track record,...


Flood Insurance, And Flood Certification In Simi Valley and Ventura County

If the Flood Map Says I Need to Buy Flood Insurance,Can IFight It? They say these 3 words a lot in the real estate business, location, location, location, and if you have a home to sell that is in…


How To Sell Your Home And Buy Another Home At The Same Time in Southern California?

The Home of Choice Scenario The process of selling your home while purchasing another may seem like a daunting challenge, but it is done all of the time. Some home sellers want to sell their home and either move…


What You Need To Know About Mobile Home Parks/Communities in Simi Valley, M

How Do You Qualify For a Mobile Home Park? Thank you for joining me on this episode of the Southern California Real Estate Answer Man Show. In this episode I want to talk about Mobile Home Communities. I…


VA Home Loans: What Are The Advantages of a Veterans Administration Home Lo

A Mortgage Broker Talks About VA Loans In this episode of the Simi Valley Real Estate Answer Man Show, I am interviewing one of thesmartest Mortgage Brokers I know. Darin Markarian. Darin is with Prospect Mortgage in Simi Valley…


Title Insurance and the Home Buying and Selling Process

What exactly is Title insurance? To understand what Title Insurance is, you need to know what Title is. Simply put, Title to a piece of property is evidence that the owner of said property is actually in lawful possession…


Home Warranties and The Home Buying and Selling Process

Home Warranties Explained Today we are going to discuss home warranties and how they come into play when buying and selling homes. In this blog/podcast, I interviewed someone who I would call a Home Warrantyexpert, she has been in the…


How to Write an Offer When Buying a Home

Writing a Contract When Buying a Home In this episode of the REA show we are going to talk about How to write an offer when buying a home in Southern California. In an earlier episode of this show called…


Will Solar Panels Improve The Value Of My Home?

Will Solar Panels Make if Harder to Sell My Home? I get asked this all of the time. If I put solar panels on my roof, will it make it harder or easier to sell my house? And, what … Continue reading →


What Is Escrow and What Does Escrow Do? Escrow Explained.

What is Escrow & What Does Escrow Do? In this Episode of the Southern California Real Estate Answer Man, I speak with Keith Parnel of All Valley Escrow. Below you will find a full explanation of the Escrow Process. Buying or selling a home (or other piece of real property) usually involves the transfer of […]


Who Are Mortgage Brokers and Is It a Good Idea To Use One Instead of a Bank

Is it a good Idea to see a Mortgage Broker instead of a big bank when buying a home? Many people would say yes. Tim Love of CFC Mortgage Bankers, is a terrific Mortgage Broker and one who I have used and many of my clients have used He is a Broker who I highly […]


What Are Home Buyer Closing Costs and How Much Will They Cost?

In this post, I am going to explain the term closing costs. What are closing costs and how much will they cost you?What are these closing costs comprised of and why are you paying them? Well, sellers and buyers pay closing costs but in this post, we are just interested in the closing costs paid […]


How to Find A Real Estate Agent, a Tutorial

Finding a Real Estate Agent This is part two of a multi -part tutorial, The Home Buying Process, where you will get to learn more about choosing the right Real Estate Agent. Where do these agents come from? How do you find a Realtor? Well, you may meet an agent at an open […]


The Home Buying Process, A Tutorial

The Home Buying Process Many People make this honest error when they start looking for a home. They go to open houses and start kicking the tires without taking the most important step in the buying process and that is…See a lender! You have to see a lender first to determine what your house buying […]