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Welcome to Maplewood!

Our guest on this weeks episode of Vancouver Island Time is Wendy Williams! In the first half of the interview Wendy tells us a bit about what it's like living in the neighbourhood of Maplewood and why she wouldn't live anywhere else! In the second half of the interview Wendy tells us about her career as a referral partner with Send Out Cards. This is a super awesome company that makes it very easy to not only send out amazing cards quickly and efficiently but you are able to customize...


Welcome to North Saanich!

In this podcast Jane interviews Denise Webb a local resident of the neighbourhood of North Saanich on Vancouver Island. Denise tells us all about her neighbourhood and some of the best spots to eat, shop, hike and more. If you are into nature but don’t want to be too remote this neighbourhood might be perfect for you. If your a boater even better, there are tons of marinas and it’s a quick boat ride to many beautiful Islands! In the 2nd half of this podcast Denise tells us about her...


Welcome to Royal Oak!

Lori Green owner of Greenway Carpet Cleaning Ltd. is a resident of Royal Oak, a beautiful neighbourhood surrounded by nature. Lori picked this location because it is so central which is perfect for her business. In this video Lori tells us all about Royal Oak and some of the surrounding areas. In the second half of the video Lori tells us a bit about her and her husbands carpet cleaning business and how they got into it. Listen to this podcast and see if Royal Oak is the neighbourhood for...


Welcome to Maplewood!

Welcome to Maplewood! Cathy Scott, CEO of Departures Travel & Niche Travel tells us about her lovely neighbourhood of Maplewood in Victoria BC. She has tons of information on what is near by including schools, restaurants, parks, and much more. In part 2 of Cathy's Interview she tells us a bit about her amazing tours her company offers as well as some of the amazing adventures she has gone on. This is a fun filled interview you won't want to miss!


Welcome to Bear Mountain!

Jen Lowe moved to the Westshore when she was just a few years old. She has raised her own family in the area as well as built her own custom house. Over the years she has seen much development in the area allowing for many first time home buyers and families to move in. The development of Bear Mountain has brought the feel of resort living and offers many benefits to the community. In the second half of the video Jen talks about her career as a mortgage broker and has some great advice for...


Welcome to Colwood!

In 2008 Janice Long moved from Vancouver to Victoria and with her she brought decades of Interior Design experience. She is the proud owner of Calla Design in Oak Bay, a boutique design shop. Her store carries beautiful items you won't see anywhere else on the Island. If you are thinking of renovating or just looking for a nice gift you can find it all at Calla Design! In the first half of the video Janice talks about the different areas she moved to in Victoria until finally settling in...


Welcome to Brentwood Bay!

In this weeks episode I interviewed Cathy Larson, co-owner of Departures Travel in Sidney. She has lived on Vancouver Island for the last 30 years and now lives in the lovely neighbourhood of Brentwood Bay. Watch this episode to find out if Brentwood Bay is a place you would like to live or visit! In the second half of this interview Cathy tells us about herself and how she started her company Departures Travel. She has great information on finding out what kind of travel is right for you...


Welcome to Broadmead!

Sue Maitland moved from Ontario 27 years ago and hasn't looked back. She has settled in the neighbourhood of Broadmead on Vancouver Island and gives us an overview of the neighbourhood including close by amenities, beaches and more. Sue is a Life Transitions Coach and is also a Relocation Specialist. If you are thinking of moving to Victoria Sue has a ton of tips for you! Listen to this podcast, you will not be disappointed! View the video at


Welcome to Central Park!

Ann Squires Ferguson is a commercial Interior Designer at Western Interior Design Group located in Central Park Victoria BC. She was raised in a log cabin on the riverbank in Canada's far north, with no electricity, no running water and even had a dog sled. After many moves she eventually settled on Vancouver Island. In the first half of the podcast Ann talks about the Central Park area and all the perks and charm of the neighbourhood. Ann has great recommendations for places to eat and...


Welcome to Estevan Village!

Michele Davis left her job of 12 years to become a sightseeing and shopping tour guide for tourists, locals and new comers to Victoria. One of her favourite places for shopping is Estevan Village in Oak Bay. This neighbourhood has it all. Listen to this podcast and find out some of Michele's secret shopping spots! Follow her on facebook or go to her website for more information.


Welcome to Denman Island!

Magdalena Anna is originally from Poland. She re-located to France at a young age and stayed for a number of years until moving to a few different places around the world and eventually settled in on Denman Island, BC with her daughter. In this video Magdalena tells us many interesting things about living on Denman and all about the different activities and people who live there. It seems the island collects people from all over the world for different events. Now you might wonder where...


Welcome to Vic West!

Beth Bates is a physiotherapist and the owner of Lab Health located in Vic West. In this episode we learn how Beth moved from working in a corporate company environment to opening her own business and eventually employing a team of 6! Beth not only works in Vic West she also lives in the area with her husband and beloved pet dog. Both her and her husband are very athletic and know all the best trails, walks and areas to play sports. In the second half of the podcast Beth talks about how...


Welcome to Metchosin!

Charmaine Welch is a long time resident of Metchosin and is known as the local fudge fairy. She has 52 different flavors of delicious fudge that she sells at the end of her driveway located at 4736 William Head Road, Metchosin BC. She also makes custom bow ties and loves to use creative and colourful fabric. She can even make you a bow tie out of an old t-shirt or dads old tie. Google Fairy Sew Cute to find her bow ties online or call Charmaine directly at 778-922-8455, she loves phone...


Welcome to Highlands!

Lori Frank moved from cozy Fernwood to the outdoorsy Highlands. The Highlands offers trails, wildlife, tons of surrounding nature and still has a sense of community. Lori and her family much prefer this out in nature lifestyle and are still very close to all neccesary amenities. In the day her and her family commute to downtown for the kids school and her work and take advantage of the time to listen to podcasts or books together as a family, no time wasted. Lori has a very interesting job...


Welcome to Royal Bay!

Jane interviews photographer Linda Mackie who is a resident of Royal Bay. The Royal Bay Area in Colwood has been an up and coming area for a while and many families are moving out that way for the community and affordable homes. Linda talks to us about her experience raising a family in Royal Bay as well as maintaining her photography business. Listen to this podcast to learn all about this wonderful neighbourhood as well as a bit about Lindas strategy to being a highly requested...


Welcome to Oaklands!

In this podcast Jane Johnston interviews real estate invester Elizabeth Milder. She has her own podcast Queens of Expansion as well as owner of Expansion Properties. She lives in the Oaklands area of Victoria and invests in near by real estate and absolutely loves it. Watch this video and learn more about the Oaklands area and about Elizabeth. If you would like to be a guest or sponsor on an upcoming podcast please fill out the forms below. Sponsor Form...


Welcome to Vic West!

Jane Johnston interviews Sue Ferriera who is a resident of Vic West. Sue refers to Vic West as the forgotten jewel of Victoria and shares with us why she is in love with this area that she calls home. Beautiful ocean and mountain views, walking trails, a short walk to downtown, close to all amenties and plans for the future development of the Roundhouse Market as well as the super yacht marina are just some of the things Sue talks about in this podcast. We also learn about Sue's most...


Welcome to Fernwood!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of Victorias funkiest neighborhoods? In this podcast I interview my friend Leslie, a long time resident of Fernwoodd. With over 25 years spent in Fernwood with her family, Leslie knows a ton of fun tid bits about what makes this community great. If you would like to know more about this gem of a place listen to my podcast and get taken on a tour of Fernwood!


Introducing Your New Host Jane Johnston

Meet Jane Johnston. The Host of Vancouver Island Time. Wondering what life is really like on Canada's wild and crazy West Coast? This podcast series is all about the people, the places and Vancouver Island Time. Together we'll explore this island paradise, a combination of ocean city and country living. You will meet the fabulous locals such as the fudge ferry and the chicken lady who have chosen Victoria and Vancouver island as their home and we will learn what makes this place unique and...