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EP27 | S04 Tips on getting through the holidays.

What's up Kissables, today's how is short and sweet. Im giving you some tips on how to handled the holidays when things get hectic. I hope that you cant use these tips and add the date of the week to your date night repertoire. Remember to keep it kissable...


EP26|S04 What is he Thinking? (November 05, 2017)

What's up Kissables!!! This particular show was posed on November 05, 2017. We are going back in time of an oldie but goodie. Cant believe I can say that now. Andre Sawyer gives his perspective on dating and relationships. Evening though this episode is speaking mostly on dating, you can still pick up some tips that can work in your relationships. Make sure to visit our blog and share what your take away was. As always thank you for your continued support. Remember to keep it Kissable....


E25|S04 Tips on how to spend quality time.

What's up Kissables!! Tonight it just me (The Kissable Diva) giving you 6 tips for Busy Couples when spending quality time with each other. Let us know what you like about the podcast. Visit us at Remember to keep it Kissable!


E24|S04 How did you know she is the ONE.

What's up Kissables!!! On this episode we are discussing a couple of tips on know when she is the one. As you know this season is from his perspective. We have Marc Phillipe on this episode giving his view point character traits he looks for when finding out if the one he is with is the one. We give tips for and presenting Date Night of the Week. Enjoy the listen and make sure to visit us at Keep it Kissable!


EP23|S04 Welcome Back!

What is up Kissables! It has been a while, but we are back. The podcast is going to be a bit different, I really hope you like the changes. We have quite a bit of things that will coming down the pipe line and I will be sure to keep you updates. So lock us in and stay tuned for the last season of the year! Happy Anniversary to us!! As always thank so much for your continued support.


EP01|S01 Dating Etiquette (October 15, 2017)

What's up Kissables! (Original broadcast date October 15, 2017) No your not seeing things, this was our very first post for the Kissable Nights Podcast. We will debuting Season 1Until our one year anniversary. We hope that you enjoy and this gives you a chance to catch up. This was our first beginnings. I definitely see growth. Enjoy our journey. Thank you for your support as always and remember to Keep it Kissable.


E22|S03 Listener's Choice

What's up Kissables! We are back with another podcast. Here is the question from our listeners: What are some things people can do to prepare for their husband/wife? The Kissable Diva provides some good advice and resources that can help us focus on our goals on becoming a great person to attract the person we want to spend our lives with. Make sue the visit the website and leave a comment on the blog. Keep it Kissable...


EP21|S03 Listner's Chioce

The question from this caller was about being chased and then when you finally invest yourself, they have not time for you. Welcome back to season 3 Kissables!!! I have missed you all!!! Make sure to put in your in put at Enjoy the show!!a


EP20|S02 Season 2 Finale

What's up Kissables!! We have reached the end of the Season 2. On this podcast you will hear from listeners that share what they think about the Kissable Nights Podcast. I also talk about what is to come for the Kissable Night Podcast. See you May 6 for Listeners Choice. Make sure to send in your request to


E19|S02 Romance After Babies.

What is up Kissables!! On this episode we speak with the Hills from Life with the Hills from there YouTube Channel. They give their perspective on Romance after babies. They also give some advice to other that may have some struggles on keeping the balance.


EP18|S02 Strengths in Relationships

What's up Kissables!! Tonight you will here me interviewing a couple that share their strengths and what works for them. They give some amazing advice to those that are looking to get married and those that are newly married. Marcus and Angel Tanksley are funny, loving, amazing to talk to and I guarantee you will love them too. #KeepitKissable


EP17|S02 Are You Stressed In Your Relationship?

What's up Kissables!!! We have Doctora Tasha on this episode, she expounds on positive and negative stressors in a relationship. She also talk about how to identify and deal with those stressors. Enjoy Listening and make sure to visit our website to add your input. Remember to #KeepitKissable.


EP16|S02 A Night of Seduction

What sup Kissables!!! We have a Night of Seduction with Ms. Prequida Payne. She is a Bedroom Kandi consultant and she goes through BK has to offer when wanting to have a night of pleasure. Make sure to tune in and let us know what you think and what would you add. Thank you so much for your support and remember to #KeepitKissable.


EP15|S02 Aphrodisiacs

****New Song Intro Alert**** Let us know how much you love it!!! What's up Kissable!! We are back with another episode about Aphrodisiacs. Our guest Madam B discuss different foods, herbs, layers and even her special blend that can be added to anything. Don miss this even thought is after Valentines day. Love should be celebrated year round. Enjoy and remember to #KeepitKissable


EP14|S02 Keeping It Hot & Spicy

What's up Kissables!! Here we are with our first adult show. Much needed info if you are wanting to keep it how and sexy. Should you hear anything that you would like discussed further let us know on the and commet. Thank you so much for your support and it was a pleasure to record this for your listing enjoyment. #KeepItKissable.


EP13|S02 Intimate Communication

What's up Kissables!! Thank you once again for tuning in the the Kissable Night Podcast. On today's show we are discussing intimate communication. Learning what it is and how to implement it in our own lives. Our special guest is Ms. Amber Wright, a communication specialist, that elaborates on intimate communication and gives some amazing examples. Be sure to comment where every your listening and if you'd like come on over to and leave your comment on the blog....