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Episode 15 - Do Opposites Really Attract?

Episode 15 - Do Opposites Really Attract? In this episode we'll be talking about the main cliche that a lot of people use... "opposites attract" but is that really true? We say a lot of cliche's that we don't really put much thought into. We tackle a few cliche's that might cause us to miss out on living in truth. We will challenge you to challenge your cliche's! Enjoy! Follow Us: Instagram/Facebook-@Relationshipsandchill Youtube-RelationshipsandchillTV


Episode 14 - Long Distance Relationships

Episode 14- Long Distance Relationships In this episode we talk about long distance relationships to see if they are ideal for todays dating game. Could they ideal for those wanting the ideal relationship? Follow Us: Instagram/Facebook- @relationshipsandchill Youtube- RelationshipsandchillTV Like, Share, Rate, Subscribe!


Episode 13 - We Create Our Relationship Strain

Episode 13 - We Create Our Relationship Strain Could our expectations of what a relationship "should" be like, cause too much pressure and strain on the relationship? Are we too unrealistic in our dreams of relationship and marital bliss, cause us to make the very thing we wanted unravel? In this episode we will be talking about putting too much unnecessary strain on our relationships. And, how and what you can do to have a happy, healthy, stress free relationship. Rate, Share, Subscribe!...


Episode 12 - Why Men Struggle With Communicating

Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe! The age old question... Why do men struggle to communicate? In this episode Christina Lynn, Coach Elulu and I discuss why most men struggle with expressing their true innermost thoughts and feelings. The reason may shock you!! So lace up your boots ladies and find out how to make communicating with your man easier.

Episode 11 - Can Men & Women Genuinely Be Friends? - Take Our Word!

Share, Like, Subscribe and Join the Conversation! Can Men & Women Genuinely Be Friends? In this episode we feature my other co-host Kandyce "Junior Baby" Jackson! We've been friends for many years and figured this would be the perfect episode to introduce her to the show. So, buckle up and enjoy this entertaining episode!


Episode 10 - Do Great Relationships Still Exist?

Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe! Do Great Relationships Still Exist? If you listen to a lot of singles, theres a hope that they exist. Nevertheless, most couples are miserable in their current relationship. This creates a dichotomy. The hope of the relationship that is desired is not the seen. When you think of the ideal relationship, what/who do you think about? In this Episode, I give 6 Suggestions to get a great relationship that I used to get mine. Thanks for listening!


Episode 9 - Soul Mate Prep 101

Soul Mate Prep 101 In this episode R. Anthony breaks down some steps to take to be prepared for a great relationship. Your last Relationship. There is a lot of relationship advice out there, but theres not a lot that works. What should you focus on while waiting for that great relationship? This episode sheds light on what you need to do to prepare for the last relationship you'll ever be in. When the ideal person comes, its important to be mentally and emotionally prepared to build a long...


The Hopeless Romantic Dilemma

Hopeless Romantic is a term that is used to describe someone who desires romance or the ideal relationship, however it continues to elude them. In this episode we dig into why they are so hopeless? We share some tips on how to attract the relationship that fulfills that desire. Please Like, Share and Give us Your Feedback. Thanks and Enjoy!


Man Talk pt.1-The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

In this episode, I met a group of guys at a baby shower and invited the guys to jump on the podcast. The result is great dialogue. We talk about the problems that happen in relationships, the problems being single and how different men handle situations differently. A lot of funny, candid and interesting moments in this episode that you don't want to miss. Shout out to the fellas Jerrod Ferguson, Willie P, Nick Jones, Chris Stuckey, Travis Massey and Marcus Hayes. Thank you guys for your...


Healing Broken Bonds (Father's Day Edition)

In this special edition, I have a very uplifting conversation with my father. We dig pretty deep into the importance of the father and son relationship. We also converse about the healing process that we've went through to become great friends over time. This one very important for the men in your life that are looking to heal those bonds that have been broken. Lets work on building stronger bonds between fathers and children. Like, Subscribe and Give your feedback. Thanks and stay tuned.