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142: Hacking Your Fear And Flow State with Ravé Mehta

What are you afraid of? It's okay to have fears because we all have them. Everyone does. There are the common fears like fear of rejection and fear of failure, and there are so many other fears that people are afraid to admit in public or in person. You could be so consumed with your fears that you close the doors of possibility. Entrepreneur, award-winning pianist, and bestselling author Ravé Mehta will teach you how to open those doors and hack your fear and flow state. He discusses the...


141: Train Your Brain For Peak Performance with Dr. Andrew Hill

We are living in a very special time where every day there are amazing new technologies that can improve life like cryotherapy chambers, light therapies, and neurofeedback. We're going to talk about neurofeedback with Dr. Andrew Hill who is one of the top peak performance coaches in the country. He holds a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA’s Department of Psychology and continues to do research on attention and cognition. In addition to founding Peak Brain Institute, Dr. Hill is the...


140: Family Constellation Therapy and Healing with Hanna Bier

People struggle the most with love and money, and the key to unlocking these is through childhood and family healing. Success coach, family constellation therapist, and energy healer Hanna Bier works with women and helps them be more confident, successful, and live the life they always liked to live and turning to the confident women they are destined to become. Her concept of the family constellation is the idea that there are a lot of things in your DNA or in your energetic field that do...


139: Willpower of Steel with Eli Shahaf

We all want to achieve something in life. Yet we fail at them because of the lack of willpower. Fortunately, Eli Shahaf has hopes for all of us. He believes that willpower is a learned skill, which you can train to be stronger and stronger. Eli is a life and business coach specializing in achieving long-term results, and CEO and founder of WINNER'S HABITS LTD. He talks about the things that keep us from our goals, from low self-esteem to limiting beliefs. He delves into NLP, Neuro-Linguistic...


138: Do Less and Make More with Jenny Fenig

Jenny Fenig, creator of the Get Gutsy movement, is a coach to spiritual women on a mission. Urging you to listen to your body in relation to the cycle of the moon, she talks about how that connection could help your business and overall life. She shares how a business has to be the reflection of your soul while laying down the ways and tips you can find your unique ability and convey it online. Inspiring and empowering women, she also discusses the problems she commonly sees among women in...


137: Negotiation Secrets Of A Former FBI Hostage Negotiator with Chris Voss

I have with me a 24-year-old veteran of the FBI. This man is the real deal. He is an international hostage negotiator and he knows how to win in negotiating. His stories are off the hook and his methodology of finding the Black Swan, a small piece of information that has a huge effect on negotiation, is extraordinary. He's been featured in TIME, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, CNN, ABC and so many more and now on my show, Stellar Life. I am so honored. You have to read his book and learn...


136: Create Your Ultimate Success with Pamela Bruner

Do you have money blocks? Do you know that even billionaires have money blocks? You're in good company. Sometimes it's good to get extra help and external help to help you with those blocks when it comes to success and it's an interesting combination. You do need to know all the tools and how to do it in Facebook Ads, how to build a community and you also need the mindset. From a personal experience and what I believe in, everything starts in mindset and 80% of your success is mindset....


135: Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley

Go inside your subconscious mind and create connections and heal past traumas as Charlie Morley shares his expertise on lucid dreaming. As a bestselling author and teacher of lucid dreaming and shadow work, he takes us into a deeper understanding as well as the benefits that lucid dreaming has to offer. He combines his knowledge on Tibetan Buddhism to talk about the spiritual side of lucid dreaming, tapping into the idea of “oneness” as well as the dimensions of reality. He also talks about...


134: Find Your Style with Lauren Friedman

Channeling her inner goddess and empowering women to do the same, Lauren Friedman talks about how fashion and style should bring out that authenticity in you. She is an author, illustrator, stylist, and blogger who creates stories with her outfits. She talks about how women are made to feel small in the patriarchal society and how we can fight back by embracing our vulnerabilities and listening to our inner voices, carrying them out into the world. Discussing also subjects like body shaming,...


133: Inviting Money And Miracles Into Your Life with Christian Mickelsen

We are all human. We all want the same thing. Your worth is not in direct correlation to how much money you make. Your worth is the person that you are, the gift that you are to the world, your love and your kindness. This is not a cliché, this is the truth. You are worthy just because of who you are. Personal development coach Christian Mickelsen shares his rags to riches story and talks about inviting money and miracles into your life. He is a leading authority on personal development and...


132: Sexual Freedom For Women with Kristina Campbell

One in three women have experienced either domestic violence or sexual abuse, and sometimes they go together. A lot of us have some kind of sexual trauma from the past. Regardless of where you are right now, there is always a way for you to have more pleasure. There is always a place for you to heal, let go and embrace the past as a gift rather than punishment. Whatever you've experienced in the past, you can heal it and move on. Kristina Campbell is an empowerment and pleasure guide. She’s...


131: Body Intelligence Activation with Cecile Raynor

Some reach a point in their life where they feel disembodied. The mind and the body seemed to be so out of sync that it begins to take a toll on the person’s life. By becoming physically active, you may just get yourself out of that rut. For Cecile Raynor, that happens to be through dance and yoga. Teaching one of the best-kept secrets of performers and Olympic athletes for 25 years, the Alexander Technique, Cecile shares how reconnecting mind and body through dancing and yoga has helped her...


130: The Alchemy of Marketing with Dov Gordon

In this day and age, becoming a successful coach takes more than knowing how to talk with your client; it is also about learning your know-hows as a marketer. Coaching and marketing needs to go hand in hand now for your business to thrive and for you to continue inspiring people. That is the alchemy of marketing. Let's face it, getting in to all of this can be overwhelming. Dov Gordon lays down the basics to marketing. Known as the Alchemist Entrepreneur, he goes down to the core without all...


129: Radical Influence: PR, TV And Networking with Jill Lublin

Influence is undoubtedly a very important world in the business. It's what measures your success. How you reach other people and create an impact on their lives shows the value of what you do. But not everyone can get this right. Some fail to give the right kind of influence that it ends up ruining the reputation. Master publicity strategist and consultant, Jill Lublin, breaks down business influence and how to do it the right way. Talking about being known and finding your unique self, she...


128: Roadmap to Happiness with Valerie Sheppard

There are laws in the universe that govern the way we experience our lives and they're in operation 24/7, 365, whether we know it or not, understand it or not, like it or not, just like gravity is in operation all the time. Valerie Sheppard says it doesn't matter what culture you're from or where you live on the planet. You are held by the law of gravity to the earth. Laws like the law of gratitude, the law of resistance, whatever you resist persists, whatever you're grateful for, you have...


127: Cosmic Philosophy with Adam Roa

Creativity is the purest expression of our divinity. It is a source of energy as people learn to express themselves authentically. Catalyst for creativity Adam Roa says we are all creative. We're all able to unlock our inner artists and express ourselves. As we are doing that, we are expressing the highest frequency that we're able to tap into. The cosmic philosophy is that what we're facing on the planet right now and a lot of the issues that we're seeing are asking for new ways of being...


126: How to Get Sh*t Done with Erin Falconer

Do you feel like you’re overwhelmed with things to do, but can’t get caught up because you blink and the day is over? If so, this is the episode for you! Here to dig into amazing and potentially life-changing tips is the incredible Erin Falconer. She’s a partner and editor-in-chief of Pick the Brain, and cofounder of I’m excited to share this stimulating conversation with a wonderful human being who will help you refocus and reorganize your mind so you can breathe, enjoy life, do...


125: Change Your Life Through Hypnosis with Rene Brent

Rene Brent is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and the #1 international bestselling author of the book How Big Is Your BUT? A former ICU and ER nurse, Rene is passionate about helping her clients to use the power of the deep inner mind to release blocks and reach personal and professional goals. If you’re ready to break your patterns and reprogram your own mind for success, this is the episode for you! Connect With Rene: Rene Brent Hypnosis Practice Happy Now @ReneHypnosis on...


124: The Modern Gal's Guide to Success with Kelly Lynn Adams

Kelly Lynn Adams joins me in this conversation to teach you how to be a leader. Kelly is a certified leadership and life coach, writer, speaker, and founder of The After 5 Club, a movement that helps women juggle responsibilities and grow their side hustles. She has helped thousands of women build smart and sustainable businesses and redefine success through shifting their mindset. She helps her clients increase their confidence and step into their divine power. Connect With Kelly: Kelly...


123: Conscious Communications with Mary Shores

Have you ever felt pulled in so many different directions that you were completely overwhelmed? Mary Shores is an expert in personal development, as well as a businesswoman who developed a roadmap for how to take control of your life. She generates pragmatic solutions for people who are freaking out or feeling stuck. Mary blends personal experience with her extensive knowledge of neuroscience and human behavior to guide businesses and individuals to their ideal life. Connect With...