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E113: Productivity Beyond Trying -Get More Out of Your Day the Smart Way- Mike Vardy

Mike Vardy, my friend and mentor, joins me today to talk about scheduling your life. Mike helped me organize my business and projects, and I believe his advice and framework can be life-changing for you too. He’s the founder of Productivityist and the host of the Productivityist podcast, as well as a three-time author and a regular contributor to outlets including Lifehacker and The Huffington Post. Tune in to learn how you can harness time to achieve your fullest potential and make the most...


E112: The Voice of Ego, The Voice of Spirit, & Everyday Magic - Danelle Magtibay

Think back over your life. Can you identify at least one moment in which you felt truly connected to God, the Universe, or a higher consciousness? Danelle Magtibay has such a powerful connection with the universe that she has a full client list without advertisements, self-promotion, or even a website. She has studied transformation, universal laws, and oneness for 25 years. She brings all of that wisdom to today’s deep conversation that will leave you feeling inspired and...


E111: Uplifting Content with Ione Butler

Sometimes it feels like if you pay attention to the news at all, or spend any time on social media, there’s no way to avoid being brought down by all the bad news. It can be hard to remember that there’s good in the world, too. Ione Butler agrees, and that’s why she started the incredible Uplifting Content. The site has millions of followers who enjoy its short, amazing videos that show the positive in the world and leave you feeling good. In addition to being an uplifting visionary, Ione...


E110: The Optimized Geek: Stephan Spencer

My amazing husband, Stephan Spencer, invited me to interview him on his podcast The Optimized Geek for its special 100th episode. We had an incredible conversation in which he shared his wisdom and all the lessons, tips, tricks, tools, and insights he’s learned from the world-class guests on his podcast. In addition to being my wonderful husband and the love of my life, Stephan is a three-time author and a true genius. He’s also an all-around amazing person! The conversation was so...


E109: Entrepreneurial Transformation & Brand Response: Dustin Mathews

We all know how hard it is to make potentially valuable professional connections, especially when you’re going in cold and don’t already have a link with the prospect in question. Dustin Matthews transforms businesses and brands, and helped take a company from $1 million to $14 million when he was just out of school. Since then, he’s only grown in his remarkable ability. In addition to being the author of bestselling books, Dustin is an innovator in the arena of brand response. I’m also...


E108: How To Be Confident: Orion Talmay

Let’s talk about confidence! What is it? How is it built? How can you increase your confidence on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level? Increasing your confidence is a matter of pushing yourself beyond your limiting beliefs and discovering all the places you can go. In this episode, I’ll take a deep dive into this topic to help you become a more confident version of yourself! The Mission Log: Tony Robbins reticular activating system Links and Resources: Tony RobbinsUnleash...


E107: The Gift of Self-Love: Orion Talmay

Today’s episode is all about self-love! If you’re not familiar with the power of self-love, this might sound like it’s about being arrogant or self-centered. But self-love doesn’t have to be like that at all! Instead, it involves beautiful concepts such as forgiving yourself, trusting yourself, setting (and sticking to) your boundaries, taking care of your health, and saying yes to positive experiences. As part of my own self-love journey, I’m going to do this episode solo because I trust...


E106: The Art of Transformation with Stephan Spencer

Today's guest is very near and dear to my heart, my sweet husband Stephan Spencer. Professionally, Stephan is a world-renowned SEO, author, and speaker known for his marketing expertise. Until a few years ago, he was a total geek! After the experiences you’ll hear about in this conversation, he transformed so completely that people who knew the “old Stephan” still sometimes don’t recognize him. Tune in to learn about his transformation, and how you can have one of your own! Connect With...


E105: Wake Up to the Joy of You: Agapi Stassinopoulos

You probably know I love having goddesses on the show, and Agapi Stassinopoulos is truly an amazing Greek goddess! She is here to help you find that radiant inner happiness you desire. Agapi is a bestselling author and speaker who has inspired audiences around the world. She’s boldly passionate about life, joy, and helping people worldwide discover true and lasting happiness. Tune in to take your next steps down the path toward happiness, and don’t forget to check out her new book Wake Up...


E104: Personal Growth & Universal Laws: Lauren Herrera

I met Lauren Herrera when I was on her podcast Love Is a Verb, and I just knew that she had to be on my podcast. Lauren is the founder of Eat Like a Boss, a process that helps women break away from their destructive habits with food. In this conversation, however, we’ll barely touch on food. Instead, we’ll focus on universal laws, including the law of attraction and many others. Lauren and I have both used these laws to manifest such incredible things in our lives, and we’ll show you how...


E:103 - Attracting Love by Embodying Your Goddess Nature: Jaqueline Marie

Jaqueline Marie is a love mentor, priestess, healer, and teacher of sacred feminine embodiment who has used difficult personal experiences to find her passion for spirituality. Today, we talk about bringing femininity into the business world, and how money, love, and relationships all come together. If you want to experience more love, you need to exist in a state of gratitude and love that will be reflected back to you! Connect With Jaqueline: The Soul of Love Jaqueline Marie on...


E:102 The Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Single Women - Compilation Episode

Can you believe it’s already almost Valentine’s Day? You’re in the right place if you’re looking for some holiday advice. This is the episode for you whether you’re in a relationship with a sweet and romantic partner, a lovely single lady still looking for love, or a man feeling the pressure of the expectation-laden holiday. Instead of limiting the advice you’ll hear in this episode to just one guest, I’ve compiled some of the most brilliant gems of wisdom from extraordinary guests from...


E101: Styling Your Life to Your Highest Potential with Luke Storey

My guest in this episode is Luke Storey, who is not only a biohacking expert but also an experienced life stylist. Luke will take a deep dive into biohacking, a relatively new concept that involves using science, technology, and research to hack your body and brain. We’ll talk about his life and his various transitions, as well as concepts like the importance of sunlight, choosing the best drinking water, and what a fulfilling morning routine looks like. Connect With Luke: Luke...


E100: Special mind-altering episode #100!!!

Welcome to Stellar Life podcast! I’m your host, Stephan Spencer. My wife Orion and I are celebrating her 100th episode by switching things up. Orion will be my guest, and I’ll interview her so you can hear more of her incredible wisdom. She's a transformation coach, a love and relationship expert, and an international speaker who helps her clients (and listeners) unleash their feminine power. In other words, if you want to transform your relationship or find your soulmate, she’s the woman...


E99: Tapping into Your Zone of Brilliance - Kate Beeders

Each and every one of us has a money story. Kate Beeders, is an expert in reshaping people’s money stories and guiding them toward positive, successful interactions with money. She combines expertise in money, marketing, and mindset to help her clients overcome self-limiting beliefs and gain the tools to create professional success. She’s so clear with her message, and so skilled at offering great tools about how to set goals and change your money mindset. Connect With Kate: Kate...


E98: From a "Mom" to a "Sexy Mama": Luci Lampe

Joining me in this episode to help you rediscover your sexiness is the amazing goddess Luci Lampe. Sexiness isn’t about your makeup, weight, bra size, or clothes. Instead, it’s about being powerful and confident. I met Luci when she interviewed me on her podcast, The Sexy Life, and talking to her felt just like talking to an old friend. She’s open, genuine, and deeply aligned with her own message, which makes this an episode you can’t miss! Connect With Luci: Sexy Mama Movement Sexy...


E97: Magical Moments & New Year’s Resolutions: Orion Talmay

Another year has flown by. In today’s episode, I just wanted to get a little personal and share some of the magical moments that I had over the last year. I learned a great deal and went on some amazing journeys. This episode is about leveling up, being open to clues sent by the universe, and living your stellar life to the fullest. To Find Orion: @OrionTalmay on Twitter Orion’s Method Stellar Life Podcast The Mission Log: Awaken Your Inner Goddess Challenge Donny Epstein in Denver...


E96: From Fine to Fab: Lisa Lieberman-Wang

Sometimes I meet someone who seems like she has all of the answers and has created a perfect life for herself. Other times, I encounter people who think this way about me. Inside, though, we all have things that we struggle with. Lisa Lieberman-Wang has a similar story and, as a result, created seven secrets to overcoming self-sabotage. In our conversation, you’ll learn about how her sometimes-difficult life journey led her to become the amazing woman she is today. Connect With...


E:95 Get Into Your Abundance Zone - Ephraim Olschewski

The amazing Ephraim Olschewski is here to talk about happiness, money, and success. Ephraim is a master listener, which is an incredibly important and uncommon trait. He’s also a sought-after coach for executives, entrepreneurs, and highly committed people around the world. I’m privileged enough to be good friends with Ephraim, and I can tell you firsthand that he’s absolutely brilliant. If you’re ready to improve your life, financial situation, and relationship with happiness, this is the...


E94: Reach Your Fitness Goals No Matter How Busy You Are: Rob Dionne

Rob Dionne joins me in this episode to inspire you to focus on health, fitness and nutrition. We make good choices when we are motivated and value our bodies. . We dig into what it means to be motivated and how to take care of yourself. We also talk about why it’s so important to be true to yourself and how to align your values with your habits. Connect With Rob: Open Sky Fitness: About Rob Open Sky Fitness - Rob Dionne on Facebook @OpenSkyFitness on Twitter Open Sky Fitness...


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