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The Modern Motherhood Podcast #22: Kevin & Sam Sorbo

Today we are welcoming the dynamic duo Kevin & Sam Sorbo. They are married, have 3 wonderful kids, and work together. Life as an entertainer when you are a Christian, their latest movie "Let There be Light" and the specific themes we can all apply to our lives. Learn it all in today's podcast.


Modern Motherhood Podcast #22: Joy Beth Smith

We've done a pretty good job of talking to our kids about dating, marriage and having kids. We haven't done a great job of talking about living a life of singleness and doing it well. Today Julie Lyles Carr is joined by Joy Beth Smith to talk about singleness and how to have great conversations about it with our kids.


The Modern Motherhood Podcast #21: Candace Payne

Chewbacca Mom, Candace Payne, joins us today with Julie Lyles Carr. Candace Payne went viral when she wore a Chewbacca Mask and laughed with such joy. This is an important conversation about what joy really is and how it is absolutely vital in surviving life.


The Modern Motherhood Podcast #20: Emily Stroud

Emily Stroud is a mom, wife, author and financial planner. She has some awesome insight into money and how it defines us. How can we work with our kids on it and shape our hearts to view money in the right way? Join us today on the podcast as we dig in!


Modern Motherhood Podcast #19: Emerson Eggerichs

Best-selling author Emerson Eggerichs joins Julie Lyles Carr today. You may recognize him from his book Love & Respect, which has healed a lot of marriages. His new book, The Respect Effect, unpacks the relationship between moms and their sons. The dynamics between moms and sons are vital. You won't want to miss this conversation.


Modern Motherhood Podcast #18: Megan Garrett

Megan Garrett of Casting Crowns joins us today on the podcast. She is a homeschooling mom, travels with Casting Crowns, is married to a youth pastor and is a mom figuring it out day by day. You'll love this conversation and a glimpse behind the scenes of one of America's favorite Christian artists.


Modern Motherhood Podcast #17: Mo Isom

We are digging right in today to tough conversations. (Just a note: This may be a conversation that you don't want young ears to hear.) Why does the church have such a hard time talking about sex? Why did God design it? Why is it knit into our very being? How do we talk to our kids about it? Julie Lyles Carr unpacks all this today with Mo Isom.


The Modern Motherhood Podcast #16: Jen Fulwiler

Jen Fulwiler joins Julie Lyles Carr today on the podcast. She has 6 kids, is a radio host, an author and a gal who loves to chat about how you can have all the dreams and all the babies. Mom, we never want to use someone else's template for life. God has a specific template just for you! An incredible conversation on embracing your own life! Welcome to the podcast today!


Modern Motherhood Podcast #15: Bob Goff

He is a humanitarian, the guy who put his phone number in the back of his books, he can always make you smile and he is just genuinely in a good mood! He is Bob Goff and we are excited that he has joined us today to talk about loving difficult people well.


Modern Motherhood Podcst #14: Mandy Arioto

We believe community is important! Connections and friendships are essential to our life journey. Today, Julie Lyles Carr is joined by Mandy Arioto, President of MOPS, to chat about relationship and friendship building, how we can do it well and why it is so essential to motherhood!


Modern Motherhood Podcast #13: Priscilla Shirer

She's a communicator, public speaker, non-fiction writer, fiction writer and and an actress! We are THRILLED to have Priscilla Shirer on the podcast today. This is an incredible conversation digging into parenting, her latest movies and how to find balance in our chaotic lives!


Modern Motherhood Podcast #12: Sarah Mackenzie

Sarah Mackenzie of the Read Aloud Revival joins Julie today on the podcast. Sarah is the Momma of a big tribe of 6 kids from preschool to 10th grade. She fell in love with books as a 3rd grader and never turned back. Now she wants to spread the love of books and the tremendous benefits of reading aloud to others.


Modern Motherhood Podcast #11: Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton joins us this week to chat about his new book Finish First, how we can help our kids grow, overcome failure and understand the value of winning and losing. He is a professional figure skater, Olympic Gold Medalist, cancer survivor, father and all around humble, authentic guy!


Modern Motherhood Podcast #10: Phil and Diane Comer

What does it mean to raise passionate Jesus Followers? Join Julie as she talks about this very thing with Phil and Diane Comer, founders of Intentional: Raising Passionate Jesus Followers conferences and authors of Raising Passionate Jesus Followers.


Modern Motherhood Podcast #9: Jon Erwin

Julie welcome Jon Erwin to the podcast today. He is a proud father of 4 home-schooled kids, a film director for the new I Can Only Imagine and a man who had parents who allowed him to follow his dreams. An incredible conversation as we allow our own kids to follow dreams, fail and overcome their fears!


Modern Motherhood Podcast #8: JJ Heller

What if you thought you were headed into a career in basketball and than God led you into music? Learn from JJ Heller how she let one dream go to embrace something even better. Don't miss this amazing conversation about how we all have permission to follow our dreams!


Modern Motherhood Podcast #7: Les Parrott

Sometimes in marriage we can have some....strong conversations. Okay, we'll just say it...fighting! Today we welcome Les Parrott to help us learn how we can asses how our marriages our doing, how we can learn to fight well and what the difference is between a groove and a rut.


Modern Motherhood Podcast #6: Sam Kelly

You may recognize this week's guest, Sam Kelly, from the radio world. Sam joins the podcast today to talk about her failed first marriage, how she walked through that and overcame her fears for her second marriage, what she learned about God having a child later in life with Down's Syndrome and how He walked her through the guilt and pain back into feelings of joy!


Modern Motherhood Podcast #5: Tom Holladay

We don’t often like to talk about it but there are some seasons in life where we get hit by stuff and we just come undone. How do you put it back together when you’ve had a season like that? Today's podcast will give you tools and encouragement to rebuild.


Modern Motherhood Podcast #4: Anita Renfroe

If you’ve been in the middle of raising kids every now and then you may think about that dream that you had or that pursuit that you really wanted to follow but put on hold for a while to raise your babies. Do you ever feel like you missed your chance? My guest today is going to give you all kinds of wisdom and inspiration that no you haven’t missed your chance. She’s Anita Renfroe and we are so excited to welcome her to the AllMomDoes The Modern Motherhood Podcast.