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"Are You Embracing Your Power of Relationship as a Woman?"

Women's ways of power are unique and not often embraced by women as a form of power. Yet when women embrace their unique forms of power-such as their power of relationship-their impact increases as does their effectiveness for realizing what they seek to make better. The power of relationship begins with a woman knowing what has value and meaing for her, then partnering with her soul for creating this in her life and world. For example, do you seek more care for the world of nature? Pivoting...


"Women's Grit & Grace: It's Simple, Altho' Not Always Easy "

Life offers women more choices than ever, so why aren't women happier than ever? It's simple-more choices is not the same as knowing YOUR choices which will create the happiness and love you are seeking. It really is simple-altho not always so easy. Simple is knowing what is true for you and living with congruence to this in you choices of actions and even your words. Simple is knowing what makes you happy-and then making those your choices you commit to action. Easy? Not if you are a people...


"Women's Grit & Grace: Where Are You Afraid of Your Power?"

Power is a concept and energy many women are ambivalent about, feeling both a poverty of it in their life and yet conflicted in claiming more of it. Understandable as for so long, women have been subjucated to forms of power destructive, demeaning, denigrating. The good news is there is a growing awareness of this state of affairs and growing support for going from #metoo to #nomore. Power for women can be embraced as not in conflict or denial of our deepest values and truths as women-that...


"Women's Grit & Grace: Your Challenges Invite You to Claim More Happiness! "

Challenge has gotten a bad rap in an age when "easy" is the preferred choice. Easy choices, easy relationships, what is easy (and what one can get away with) seems to have gained favor. Yet not unlike that old-fashioned virtue of courage, challenge calls to you with the promise of granting you not only more experience about yourself and life. When you greet life's challenges as empowering you-not overwhelming you-happiness awaits you. In this podcast, JaiKaur will talk about how challenge is...


"Women's Grit & Grace: What Are You Investing In-Faith or Fear?"

We know how what we spend our money on creates what we have in life. Do you know the same is true for what you focus your thoughts on? And what you invest your energy in is what you create more of in your life? This is not woo-woo, it is the science that people who are succesful in manifesting a life they love know and practice. In working with women seeking to change their life, we get to a point in their process in which they must choose to embrace their courage and their faith in...


"Women's Grit & Grace: The Price of Your Silence"

Every day staying silent harvests victims, for when we are silent, silence is not unlike a mortal illness. An illness that claims the dreams, the hopes, the desires of it's victims who have been told to be nice girls. Nice girls don't piss people off, nice girls don't hurt people's feelings, and nice girls for certain don't put themselves first. And being nice can kill you if not your dreams, your joys, your staying true to your life and self. In this show JaiKaur will talk about the price...


"Women's Grit & Grace: Are You Singing the Relationship Blues?”

Intimate relationships are held by many Eastern traditions as the highest form of yoga. Intimate relationships will bring the darkness hidden within us all out, for transforming in the light of day. It is the longing within the heart of all true loves, and we are instead taught to engage each other as "commodities on demand". "You are to do/be/not do this if you love me" or "If you loved me, you'd behave the way I want you to, agree with me", etc. To not much surprise, such relationships hit...


"Women's Grace & Grit: Crossing the Bridge of Midlife"

Women at midlife are called to cross the bridge from living the expectations of others to living what is true for them in their heart and soul. Midlife is a time when marriages are called to heal or die, hormones rage so you tend to your rage, and no longer can your busyness shield your unhappiness. Having spent years fulfilling roles and to-do lists, you may have forgotten to be a woman first and confused your value with making others happy with you. Crossing the bridge of midlife is...


"Women's Grit & Grace; Are You Loving and Embracing Your Power as a Woman?"

Women know they are powerful, but too often disclaim or don't engage their power, resulting in unhappiness and undesired results. Why? Because the cultural and family messages about powerful women have not been inviting nor flattering to most women. And the results? Well, take a look around you at a world imblanced and unhealthy. In this show, JaiKaur will talk about women loving and embracing their power in their life and love. Women's power is different than how we have both been taught as...


"Women's Grace & Grit: Are You Looking For Love in All The Wrong Places?"

We are taught to seek love and happiness from others and are often disappointed in others for how they love us. Yet unless you love yourself, your love for another will be seeking the wrong things from them, creating an unsatisfying relationship or even dooming the relationship. Learning to love yourself is needed for being able to love another as well as to receive love from another. Join me as I talk about how looking for another to validate you, to care for you in ways you do not do so...


"Women's Grace & Grit: The Power of Your Presence as a Women in Life "

Your presence as a woman is a power which you can choose to engage in your life for changing the outcomes of challenges and for realizing your dreams. This is not a power women are taught about as we live in a time when men's ways have had the stage of what we pay attention to and engage. And, the lack of women's ways of power being embraced by the world has impacted both men's and women's lives in ways not for the better. Join me as I share how you can do so as the power of your presence as...


"Women's Grace & Grit: Do You Know What Power is For You?"

Power is a subject up and front as women give voice to men abusing their power. Make no mistake, while the means may be sexual, the heart of the matter is power. We live in a male-centric world, meaning, a world created for and by men and their expereinces. And so by default, women's expereince of the world is not unlike being a round peg trying to fit into a square hole-not. And historically women as a result have had to be accomodating to being different than men, although the price of...


"Women's Grace & Grit: Want to Make Some Resolutions That Work?"

It's a brand new year, inviting renewal in our faith and belief in our ability to create a life we adore. Within you lies a source of unlimited creativity, wisdom, strength which can become buried beneath the bills, the to-do list, the distraction of political dramas. And so we become confused, believing the circumstances outside ourself are what make us happier -or not. This is why new year resolutions so quickly fold, for without tapping into what is infinite and eternal within yourself,...


"Women's Grit and Grace: Where Have Your Wings Been Bent?"

To be a woman is a gift, a privilege, a blessing....but has not been so much in the times and culture we live in. There is a reckoning a-foot as to the price of women's silence and the collusion which kept women silent and a distortion of men's power in play. Women's wings have been bent by the silencing of her outrage and wisdom, the relegating to the sidelines her values and compassion. This is no longer sustainable as the world created without women's presence and purpose is a world on...


"Women's Grit & Grace: How Do We Go From #metoo to #nomore?"

#metoo continues to reveal the misuse and abuse of power by men with women (and visa versa altho' less so). It would seem to be a moment in time for a reckoning, a rebalancing of the norms between women and men and the misuse of power by those dominant (men) upon those not (women). And, history shows us that getting to #nomore will not come about without conscious, on-going efforts on the part of women and men. Today I want to share how taking stock in your own life of where you stay silent,...


"Women's Grace & Grit: Where Do You Shy Away From Your Power in LIfe?"

In some spiritual traditions in the East, women are considered 10x more powerful than men and yet women often shy away from their power in some apsect of their life. They may be powerful in their professional roles, but feel unhappy in their intimate relationship. Or feel confident and effective as a parent and yet feel they have nothing to say in a school forum. Even the word "power" makes most women uncomfortable, perhaps through believing that men's manner of wielding power must be their...


Women's Grace & Grit: What the Bible Left Out About Women and Men--Part 2"

In the first part of "What the Bible Left Out About Women and Men" I spoke about some of the historical roots of violence against women and the subsequent silencing of women's voices. And how when you grow up as a woman in a culture where the "silence of the mother" is prevelant, it can be difficult to speak up and out for yourself and others. Yet, the world we've created through not challenging "the sins of the father and the silences of the mother" is a world which struggles with rampant...


"Women's Grit & Grace: What the Bible Left Out About Men and Women"

While men's patterns destructive to women and relationships are often passed on -what the Bible refers to as "the sins of the fathers"- missing is reference to how "the silences of the mothers" contribute as well. No surprise as the Bible-as are most spiritual books and writings of our time-written by men about men's experiences of the spiritual. In this episode of "Women's Grit & Grace", I will speak about how the silencing of women's voices has led in great part to our imbalanced world and...


"Women's Grace & Grit: We Are All in Transition"

We live in a time of transition and whether you like it or not, change will make it's way to your life. Learn how being pro-active with change will ease the process and invite you to bring your dreams to how change shows up in your life. For choosing to be an author with change is the blessing of change. Whether you are in a transition of your roles, your biology, or your relationships, change invites you to be pro-active with it's process of evolving your life and the world. Women are...


"Women's Grace & Grit: Being a Woman First and Last"

Women today have more choices than ever before and yet women today struggle to realize happiness in their lives and their relationships. What's up? In short, women have forgotten to be a woman first and a woman last, confusing roles and responsibilites for her worth and purpose. Add the cultural messages of how women ought to be-have and you have a recipe for women's feelings of helplessness and hopelessness to make things better in their life or the world. Join me as I talk about how...