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Lasting Love Connection is a podcast dedicated to helping couples have Lasting Love. In the podcast Luis Congdon interviews leading relationship experts as well as experts in various other fields to help couples have the leading edge information to make their relationship last.

Lasting Love Connection is a podcast dedicated to helping couples have Lasting Love. In the podcast Luis Congdon interviews leading relationship experts as well as experts in various other fields to help couples have the leading edge information to make their relationship last.
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Lasting Love Connection is a podcast dedicated to helping couples have Lasting Love. In the podcast Luis Congdon interviews leading relationship experts as well as experts in various other fields to help couples have the leading edge information to make their relationship last.




Intention for Love - Lynne McTaggart

In the book ‘The Field’, Lynne McTaggartshowed us how clear the connection between intention and outcomes are. Very much like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Lynne helps us navigate spirituality in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Using science, research and her journalism background, Lynne is able to inspire us to use our thoughts, our hearts and our minds towards outcomes we want. Lynne’s book, The Field, is a fantastic read and it shows such astounding proof that our thoughts do impact our...


Terry Real - Breaking out of Complaints and into Compassion

In this week's episode, we look at how to help women have astrong loving voiceand menopen their hearts. Terry Real offers many amazing insights including: -There is nothing harshness does that loving firmness can't do better. -The first thing we need to do is remember love. -Look for what you can do to help your partner give you what you're asking for. -Make requests,not complaints. -Focus on appreciation. Click to Tweet-Terry Real - Breaking out of Complaints and into Compassion Big Take...


Reid Mihalko - Geeking Out on Sex

Sex - everyone does it...and yet most of don't know how to talk about it. If you want a long term committed relationship you better find a way to get around that hurdle. Talking or not talking about sex can make or break a relationship. In the work of Drs. John and Julie Gottman they say the main pain points for couples are: sex, money, and children. Today we're going to dive into one of those. Hopefully it also gives you more confidence to talk about anything else that is considered taboo...


Dr. Joel Fuhrman - Disease-Proof Your Kids

What is your health and the health of your family worth to you? If you ask me - I’d say everything. With the staggering incline ofcancer and chronicdiseasesone thing is clear: Today’s society doesn't understand health. Being healthy is crucial to everything you do. With health you canenjoy family, sports, hobbies, sex, intimacy, friendships, your children, vacations, money- everything depends on your health. The more sick you are, the less you can truly enjoylife. In this week'sepisode, we...


Gretchen Rubin - Habits for a Happy Relationship

What’s the key to finding happiness? I’m sure you’ve thought about this a lot…maybe even obsessed over it. On this week's episode,we're talking with author Gretchen Rubin to talk about Happiness. Her book,The Happiness Project, has picked up a lot of attention and even garnered her a NY Bestseller Award. In this episode,we delve into how we can create a relationship happiness project and what that journey was like for Gretchen. As you listen in, you’ll get insights from her on how to...


Bruce Muzik - Being Vulnerable so We Can Connect

Is it hard to recover and make up after a fight? According to Dr. Harville Hendrix, it's not about how often you fight - it's about how quickly you can recover. Kamala and I agree. It's during those fights and those times of distance that many couples grow apart, fall out love, or decide it's just not worth it. But here's the thing -- every couple struggles sometimes, and every couple has to master the critical skill of recovery and reconnection. Before I continue, let me tell you that...


Michaela Boehm - Relaxation is Key to Pleasure

In this episode,we want to dive into being embodied. Let’s find that space where we can feel what is here and what is available to us right now. To do that, we've brought on special guest, Michaela Boehm, the only practitioner who has been certified byDavid Deida. If you're wanting more connection, more peace, more love, and more embodiment of those states—then this episode has got you covered. Click to Tweet-Interview with Michaela Boehm - Relaxation is Key to Pleasure Big Take Away-Men...


Armin Brott- Being a Great Dad

Fathers and Mothers are incredible special to our society. They are the backbones of our culture. This week on the LastingLoveConnection podcast, we want tocelebrate fathers. In order to do that, it’s our pleasure to bring on Fatherhood Coach and Author ofmultiple books onFatherhood - Range from raising babies to raising teenstoraising children as single father. Armin Brott is father of two daughters, and because of his contribution to fathers, we felt he'd be great to have on the show to...


Charles Orlando- Cheat-Proof Your Relationship

In a quick period of time Charles Orlando has been able to become one of the most loved and respected relationship experts online.With his combination of honesty, humor, and clear writing it’s obvious why he’s so loved.When we caught up with Charles, he had just done on expose on the infamous website, Ashley Madison, the site who’s tagline is: Life is Short, Have an Affair.In this interview he shares the impact that going undercover to understandthe minds of cheating men and women.What we...


Wendy Maltz- Sexual Healing

If you or your partner are not sexually connecting the way you'd like- than this episode is for you. In today's episode we've brought trauma and sexuality expert Wendy Maltz When Kamala and I read her book, Sexual Healing, we knew we needed her on the show. Too many people don't feel safe talking about their sexual traumas and yet statistics tell us: 1 in 3 women have been sexually abused and 1 in 5 men have too. Today we will talk about the elephant in the room and hopefully guide you and...


Niyaso Carter- Doorway to Intimacy and Tantra

In this interview, we uncover how tantra is about feeling alive and turned on by life. Niyaso has a brilliant way of simplifying intimacy to make it more accessible. We explore how when we slow down, we have more access to pleasure. Join us as we dive deeper into Tantra with renowned teacher Niyaso Carter. Be sure to tune in until the end where you’ll also be guided through a simple meditation to help slow down, find your center, and get in your body. Click to Tweet-Doorway to intimacy and...


Dr. Stan Tatkin- Wired for Love

How can we wire our brain for love and not war? How can we train our brain to stop fighting, to listen, open up, and most importantly behave in ways that make our partner feel safe? These essential questions are covered in Dr. Stan Tatkin's book, "Wired for Love." Today Dr. Tatkin goes into the topic deeper and shares with the audience the key aspects of wiring ourselves and our relationship for love and safety. Click to Tweet- Our brains are wired for love or war- how can we make sure...


SoulFeed Hosts Share their Relationships Struggles and Get Advice

Find out what happens when four podcast hosts get together to talk about love, success and what it takes lasting love. Join in for this special segment called Lasting Love Couple, where we feature regular people with real problems on their journey to Lasting Love. Alex and Shannon are the hosts of the hit show, Soul Feed, they have come on the Lasting Love Conneciton podcast to get some coaching, find some tips to assure their current relationships last. Listen in as they share their...


Your Brain on Porn- Gary Wilson

Porn addiction is a problem for more couples and singles than most of us would like to think it is. Many porn addicts are in the closet and would never admit it to themselves or anyone else. Today we have brought on porn addiction expert, Gary Wilson. He's authored one of the top books on porn addiction and researches the impacts of porn on the brain. In today's interview we talk about the research, the impact of porn, and how couples and singles can quit their addiction. Click to Tweet-...


How to Raise Great Kids

What does it take to raise a great kid? In today’s episode, Deborah Owen enlightens us. We discuss everything from how to handle toddler temper-tantrums to misbehaving teens. Deborah has skillfully crafted an A to E methodto handle difficult situations with kids. And the surprising thing is, these incredible methods can even be applied to disagreements with your partner as well. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there. May this interview give you the gift of easier parenting. Click to...


Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks - Movement Can Change Your Life

The work of Dr. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks has been some of the most influential work I've come across. Through their book, "Conscious Loving" I was able to discover some very simple ways to open my heart. To become more expressed. Their advice impacted me so deeply that I went from being nervous and shy around women--to open, honest, and confident. Their advice was so simple. It changed me forever. It changed how I did relationships. Today I'm excited to share with you an amazing interview...


Dr. Gay Hendricks - Creating Intimacy with Your Partner

If you've ever felt stuck in your relationship - this interview is for you. Dr. Gay Hendricks is one of the best at helping people open up, share their feelings, and get unstuck in their relationship. His powerful guidance on learning to 'tell the minute truth' significantly chnaged my life-- and my practice as a Relationship Coach. Boiled down to its most simple form, 'telling the minute truth' is about sharing with your partner minute by minute what is going on for you in a non-blaming...


Larry Bilotta - Save Your Marriage

Larry Bilotta's education comes straight from the trenches. That's why I invited him on the show. He was unhappily married for 27 years. He used to refer to his marriage as hell. Then he discovered some keys to help him shift, transform, and make his marriage a safe haven. A place of love. He went on to teach his discoveries to thousands of couples. His insights, teachings, and methods work. Interestingly enough, Larry believes that to save a marriage it only takes one person. If one...


Dr. Daniel Siegel - The Gift of the Teenage Brain

Dr. Daniel Siegel is renowned for his work in interpersonal neurobiology. His contribution to the research of mindfulness is incredible. He is a leader inmerging mindfulness and sciencetogether in a way that nobody else has. In this episode I discuss with Dr. Daniel Siegel his most recent book, “Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain.” The book highlights thepositive qualities of being a teen—such as seeking novelty, a deep desire for experiences, curiosity, and big dreams....