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Each week, comedian Billy Procida sits down with former hook-ups to talk about sex, dating, sexuality and gender. Plus special guests from orgy organizers to sex researchers! RetroFuture by Kevin MacLeod ( Album Artwork by Branson B. II (

Each week, comedian Billy Procida sits down with former hook-ups to talk about sex, dating, sexuality and gender. Plus special guests from orgy organizers to sex researchers! RetroFuture by Kevin MacLeod ( Album Artwork by Branson B. II (
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Each week, comedian Billy Procida sits down with former hook-ups to talk about sex, dating, sexuality and gender. Plus special guests from orgy organizers to sex researchers! RetroFuture by Kevin MacLeod ( Album Artwork by Branson B. II (




Ep. 231: Bad Kissers, BDSM, and Confronting Your Abuser

Bad kissers are kind of the worst. It makes you want to stop and ask, “Who raised you?” Ginger and I met a couple of years ago during a lurid game of Spin The Bottle. She doesn’t quite remember it, so we ended up having a conversation about making out, BDSM, and how a young horny Ginger found herself in less-than-desirable situations. PLUS: bisexual high schooler, kissing coaches, bukkakes, Literotica, orgasm control, and Staples Guy! Get your tickets to Manwhore Podcast: Live in LA!...


Ep. 230: Girl, What's Your Fantasy? (Probably Submission) / Desire Resorts Debrief

Sarah Constantine is taking something sexy and turning it into homework. The sex researcher has spent the last several years looking deeper into (mostly) straight women’s fantasies. One woman had a specific erotic fantasy about a can of tomato soup. What’s that about? Find out on this week’s Manwhore Podcast! ALSO: Kenzie returns to co-host my intro recorded at the beautiful Mexican resort Desire! PLUS: guilt, bestiality, public nudity, sexual orientation, dating, and sexy Southern...


Ep. 229: Queerness, Exhibitionism, and Divorcing My Trans Husband with Chemda (Keith and the Girl)

“I’m saying ‘husband’ and I’m having a queer experience,” recalls veteran podcaster Chemda of her marriage to a trans man. “As far as the world is concerned, when we’re out we have to deal with queerness…So I felt a little outside of the queer community while having to deal with a lot of the stuff they have to deal with.” The Keith and the Girl host opens up about her divorce and how dating a transgender man made her sexual identity clearer. ALSO: Jamie from The V Club co-hosts the intro to...


LIVE from ManwhoreCon: "I'm the one baring my soul on stage and you’re wearing cargo shorts." (Ep. 228)

Well. It happened. I shared the stage with THREE former lovers in front of packed house during ManwhoreCon (it was supposed to be four but I had some cancellations and this podcast isn’t the easiest sell…)! Recorded live at Karma Lounge in New York City’s East Village, we discussed how my emotions might get in the way of a good thing over and over again. Comedian and friend of the pod Andrea Allan does some stand-up comedy up top and we close this week’s show with some Q&A from the audience....


Ep. 227: Gay Sex Does Not Mean Anal Sex (Lamont Baldwin) / ManwhoreCon 2018 Debrief (Intern Mia)

Lamont Baldwin is Hella Single. And it’s also the name of his podcast where the entertainer talks to his exes about sex, dating, and why they didn’t work out. Sound familiar? This week’s Manwhore Podcast explores how a gay black man and a straight white dude share the same struggles with love and dating! ALSO: Intern Mia debriefs ManwhoreCon 2018! PLUS: emotional f*ckbois, washing your hands, butt stuff, and relationships! Follow Intern Mia! Twitter: @miashmariahu Instagram:...


Ep. 226: Unplanned Public Sex, Strap-ons, and Love

Nicole jerked me off in the middle of a bar. It wasn’t planned. It wasn’t a Reddit post. We were just two people enjoying the spur of the moment. Public sex is so much more fun when it’s unexpected according to this week’s Manwhore Podcast guest. But these days, she’s not looking for casual sex as much as she’s looking for love. We discuss why our flame died out fast several years ago. PLUS: sex work, dominatrix, gigolos, public speed dating, and male feminists! Follow me! Twitter:...


Ep. 225: Pegging Your College Professor with Hallie Lieberman

Hallie Lieberman used to fear she would end up in jail…for selling sex toys. Texas’s strict obscenity laws made the selling of dildos a crime. And they’re not the only state that had sex-negative laws on the books! The marketing and innovation of sex toys are the topics of Hallie’s book Buzz: The Stimulating History of the Sex Toy. We talk strap-ons and other “marital aides” in this week’s Manwhore Podcast! (Batteries not included.) PLUS: getting tested, pegging your professor, Louis CK,...


Ep. 224: What Counts As Cheating Anyway? with Tracey Carnazzo

Tracey Carnazzo’s boyfriends have had a hard time admitting, well, that they’re her boyfriends. I’m not talking about “the talk” to decide if you’re in a relationship. I’m talking about admitting it to others. In her experience, it’s because a guy doesn’t want to admit to the woman he’s trying to bang that he has a monogamous girlfriend of four years. Tracey’s been cheated on enough to even change her stance on having kids and getting married! We cover this and more on a hilarious episode of...


Ep. 223: Ditching Gender Norms About Sex Work with male escort Anthony Asanti

Anthony Asanti knows that, at the end of the day, you might want someone else to make the decisions for you. An uncomplicated drama-free sex stud who will also pull out your chair while wearing a $2,000 suit. It’s the type of fantasy a woman would pay for. And they do! Asanti is a male escort servicing women all over the country! We get into his roots as a sex worker, why women hire gigolos when they can get sex for free, and why he was sent home once for wearing a shoddy belt! PLUS:...


Ep. 222: How I Lost My Virginity (because of a black Escalade)

Jean deflowered me 11 years ago. We were set up by a mutual friend of ours. I used to think it was a pairing of misfits: the slutty friend and the awkward, chubby virgin. But after catching up with Jean all these years later, maybe that wasn’t the case. “You didn’t know how good-looking you were,” this week’s Manwhore Podcast guest shares. “Like, you didn’t get it.” This is news to me. And I left our recording with a whole new perspective on me in high school. Jean and I chat about that...


Ep. 221: Be True To Yourself When You Fake It On Cam (Nikki Night)

Cam girls (and other-gendered performers) have the unenviable task of being themselves and being someone else’s fantasy at the same time. Each cam show involves managing multiple demands, fetishes, and conversations.’s camming coach Nikki Night has plenty of tips to help you get your webcam career underway! “Don’t try and be perfect,” she advises newbies. “Whatever you’ve got, use it to your advantage. If you’re nervous, be nervous. Every single thing that you’ve got is a tool to be...


Ep. 220: How to Handle Your Friend's Trans-ition (Hint: Don't Make It About You) with Margo Reis

“Do you have any idea how many female comics want to f*ck the shit out of me?” Comedian Margo Reiss knows that many are taking her transition into womanhood more than nicely. But others are still stumbling over their words, over-apologizing, and acting generally nervous around her. “Stop apologizing. This is not about you,” is what Margo has to tell people in her life since coming out as transgender. Because as difficult as switching the pronouns you use may be, living that switch is a hell...


Ep. 219: Even Porn Stars Get Social Anxiety at Parties (Ela Darling)

Just because you’re an outgoing, sultry, all-holes sexpot in front of the camera doesn’t mean you’re not petrified of parties when your clothes are on. Ela Darling is more comfortable webcamming to thousands of unknown horny men than being at a party with 50 strangers. I feel the exact same away (about the parties and the webcamming). Ela opens up about the social life of a porn performer (or the lack thereof) and shares her gripe with tacky interview questions. Join us by pouring a vodka on...


Ep. 218: Awkward Relationship Questions and When to Ask Them

Every college crew has their Fun Gal. Ours was Sarah. Fun Time Sarah has grown up and slowed down her sluttier ways, settling for a good Catholic boy who she’s trying to talk into some innocent public sex. But as the relationship progresses, awkward questions arise. When is the appropriate time to ask those questions? After this week’s Manwhore Podcast, you’ll hopefully learn that the answer is “not mid-make out at your high school reunion”! PLUS: marriage plans, beach sex, hiding your...


Ep. 217: Artgasms and Escaping Ohio with Madison Young

“All sex is political,” shouts Madison Young during her one-woman show Reveal All Fear Nothing. She shouts the war cry with a stiletto kicked into the air, rope wrapped around her topless body. Her career as a feminist pornographer, performer, and writer pushes against the typical stigma attached to female sexuality and the male gaze. Madison shares her story of escaping Ohio to San Francisco and how she creates authentic sexual performances on camera (as opposed to, what she playfully...


Ep. 216: Stealing Toilet Paper from a Gang Bang with Angela Spera (This Is Why You're Single)

“Don’t you find that hosting a podcast about this stuff, we are just swimming in lube?” says Angela Spera, co-host of the hit dating show This Is Why You’re Single. And she’s right! After appearing on her and Laura Lane’s podcast a couple years ago, Spera joins me to discuss sex, dating, and men who steal toilet paper during dates. We both have faced the burden of dating while podcasting—or podcasting while dating?—and the difficulties of discerning what goes on the pod and what stays...


Ep. 215: Play Party Masturbation Etiquette

“Just don’t be creepy,” might be the most worthless piece of dating advice men receive. My guest Jennifer and I go over the ambiguous instruction and how it carries over into play party etiquette. My friend and former lover also has some valuable thoughts on how to manage tertiary partners when practicing polyamory. ALSO: Someone very close to me said she thought it was disgusting and disrespectful that I talk on social media about eating p*ssy. Know what I think is disgusting and...


Ep. 214: Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex Ed

Jessica Drake is one of the last true stars in the adult entertainment industry. With nearly 20 years in the business, she is one of the most sought-after actresses and wins an award or two nearly every year. Drake, a condoms-only performer, is also an award-winning sex educator. Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex is a series of educational DVDs teaching adults what they didn’t learn in school “through intimate demonstrations performed by some of today’s hottest adult stars.” We tackle her...


Ep. 213: From Hasidic Jew to New York Escort

A young Hasidic woman who battled her views on religion grew up to have sex with strangers for money. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that! The more questionable decision was when River Summers mounted her manwhore-ish Tinder date and contemplated having sex with him for free. My guest this week is a wonderful woman and sex worker who recounts our brief (unpaid) time together a few years ago. We also discuss the harmful effects of the new FOSTA/SESTA laws that attack women’s safety, free...


Ep. 212: Slut-shaming, Sex Education, and Faking Orgasms with Emily Lindin (The UnSlut Project)

Slut-shaming is a cause near and dear to Emily Lindin’s heart. She published the beautiful and heartbreaking diary and memoir Unslut to shine light on the sexual bullying she faced as a coming-of-age girl. Today she runs The UnSlut Project fighting sexist stigma and shaming. We discuss mens’ roles in building a consent culture. “Get over the fear of friends, brothers, whoever, rolling their eyes at you and being like, “Oh, maybe you’re a cuck.” Cuck off! ALSO: I announce how YOU can win a...