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Each week, comedian Billy Procida sits down with former hook-ups to talk about sex, dating, sexuality and gender. Plus special guests from orgy organizers to sex researchers! RetroFuture by Kevin MacLeod ( Album Artwork by Branson B. II (

Each week, comedian Billy Procida sits down with former hook-ups to talk about sex, dating, sexuality and gender. Plus special guests from orgy organizers to sex researchers! RetroFuture by Kevin MacLeod ( Album Artwork by Branson B. II (
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Each week, comedian Billy Procida sits down with former hook-ups to talk about sex, dating, sexuality and gender. Plus special guests from orgy organizers to sex researchers! RetroFuture by Kevin MacLeod ( Album Artwork by Branson B. II (




Ep. 258: Spanking Billy at AVN // Nerding Out About Porn with Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals

Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals was a curious grad student who infiltrated the adult entertainment industry. A genderqueer dominatrix named Grape talks to me while I get spanked over a bench. AVN and the Adult Entertainment Expo were such a blast this year—even if it left me with some bruises! PLUS: academia, BDSM, watching porn, sex work, and creativity! Tour De Manwhore tickets: ManwhoreCon passes: Follow Dr. Tibbals! Twitter:...


Ep. 257: New York Sex Party Drama

Stevie Balkon spills tea all over the New York City sex party scene. Like me, she’s also grown tired of the play party drama and the demands to cancel people with no questions asked. As I say on this week’s juicy episode: It’s okay to hate me–but you should know why. PLUS: break-ups, sexual assault, texts from your ex, high school crushes, and being problematic! ManwhoreCon weekend passes are ON SALE at! Follow Stevie Balkon! Twitter:...


Ep. 256: Ditching the Porn Drama with Kendra Sunderland

Kendra Sunderland doesn’t want any part of your porn beef. I mean, she might chime in—but who on Twitter can resist?! Kendra returned to The Manwhore Podcast at this year’s AVN Awards where we discussed her potential retirement from the adult entertainment industry and how she dates as, well, Kendra Sunderland. The answer is: Yes, she’s on Tinder and yes, she probably swiped left on you. ALSO: Alice Vaughn tells me how she liked her first AVN Awards! PLUS: weed, moaning men, Kamala...


Ep. 255: Taking the Toxic Out of Masculinity with Daniel Sloss // Guest Host Rosa Escandon

Daniel Sloss wants to take the toxic out of masculinity—but he still wants to say horrible, horrible things to his mates. “Trying your hardest to upset your friends with jokes is absolutely what I was put on this planet to do,” the Netflix sensation told me before he ran his latest show, Daniel Sloss: X, in New York City. Sloss wants the woke crowd to focus more on converting ignorant men into allies instead of seeing how loud they can shout. Sometimes, we’ve got to meet people where they’re...


Ep. 254: Feminista Jones Spills Tea on R. Kelly, Racism, and Cancel Culture

“Let Floyd Mayweather get a white girlfriend and punch her in the face. He’d lose everything.” Feminista Jones is one of Black Twitter’s biggest stars and a talented feminist author. We spilled some tea (and wine) on everything from R. Kelly to lame pick-up lines to her social justice retirement plans. She also makes a monstrous mistake by calling me a “different kind of white.” The last thing you should do to a mediocre white man is make him feel special! PLUS: South Philly whites,...


Ep. 253: The Ethics of Shaving Your B*tthole with Mandii B (WHOREible decisions)

It’s a fierce debate that sparks a variety of emotions and makes Thanksgiving dinner super awkward: Should men shave their b*ttholes? I say you always wanna be ready should good fortune come your way. WHOREible Decisions co-host Mandii B joins me to discuss the finer points of shaving your backside. I also share a story about a booty call that tried to make me say the n-word. PLUS: queerness, pegging, play parties, trans strippers, and the down-low! Bring Tour De Manwhore to a city...


Ep. 252: How to Mix Cake and Cunnilingus // AVN Debrief with Eitan Levine

“I totally forgot that you and I had sex.” Well, that’s not what you want to hear when you ask someone to do this podcast. Nicolette gave me some clarity on our sexual history—and teased moments of hope. My beautiful guest joins to explain how she escaped a dead bedroom to explore the swinger lifestyle…and how Billy ended up eating cake off her p*ssy. ALSO: Eitan Levine pops by to debrief the AVN Awards! PLUS: nonmonogamy, advocating for yourself, sex party participation signals, and...


Ep. 251: How to Organize a G*ngb*ng with Liza Treyger

Liza Treyger is newly kinda gay. No loss! The raunchy stand-up comedian thinks men are bad at sex anyway. The porn superfan joins me at AVN talking about the year of watersports, party planning, and Louis C.K.! PLUS: soft dicks, roller derby, Reddit, misogyny, and laser hair removal! Bring Tour De Manwhore to a city near you! Get discounted pre-sale tickets at Follow Liza Treyger! Twitter: @glittercheese Instagram: @glittercheese Glitter Cheese Snag...


Ep. 250: Sexual Orientation Labels Are Bullsh*t with Jase Lindgren (Multiamory)

“None of these labels make any sense anymore. All of it is bullsh*t. We’re into who we’re into.” Jase Lindgren doesn’t let a label dictate his desires. With our society’s changing views of gender, terms like gay and straight don’t tell us the full story. Just do you, boo boo! PLUS: gang bangs, opening up, jealousy, straightness, and Finland fans! Bring Tour De Manwhore to a city near you! Get discounted pre-sale tickets at Follow Jase Lindgren! Twitter:...



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Ep. 249: August Ames, Hot Girls Wanted, and Directing Porn with Holly Randall

Holly Randall grew up around porn—not in a creepy kind of way. Her mom was a famed porn director and her dad also worked in the business. The adult entertainment industry has changed a lot since Holly was a totally normal teenager. “I have to do five times the work for a third of the money,” she shares on this week’s Manwhore Podcast. #PayForYourPorn! PLUS: the mute button, feminist porn, age requirements, porn scripts, and gang bang party planning! Pre-sale discounted tickets for Tour...


Ep. 248: The Dark Side of Survival Sex Work

Women get hurt when sex work lives in the shadows. Survival sex work is the less glamorous version of prostitution we don’t often discuss. In our part two, Chris reveals that she sometimes feels guilty sharing her story for fear it will be ‘bad for the cause.’ When we demonize sex work and outlaw message boards where pros can exchange safety tips, we get Chris’s story of fear and abuse. More on pro-subbing from Dazed. Follow Billy: Twitter: @TheBillyProcida Facebook fan page Snag...


Ep. 247: When Bisexuals Open The Relationship // Guest Host Chris Cheney

“Until Instagram suggested that I follow you, I had totally forgot who you were or that I f*cked you.” I’m going back to my roots by catching up with a former flame Chris! We dive back into the memory hole to figure out why we stopped sleeping together and how we kept missing each other later on. The theme of this episode is, “So…there’s still a chance?” ALSO: Comedian Chris Cheney pops on to re-hash some fashion sense before I try to convince him to pay for his porn! PLUS: banned from...


Ep. 246: Club Kids, Play Parties, and High School Ho Vibes with Rachel Green

Rachel Green has always been a ho—the ho everyone respected. After her club kid days and poly parties, the busty comedian is ready to settle down with one partner. From polyamory to monogamy, Rachel has had quite the journey! PLUS: virginity loss, therapy, play parties, New Year’s, and sex work slang! Follow Rachel Green! Twitter: @the1rachelgreen Instagram: @the1rachelgreen Website Follow Billy! Twitter: @TheBillyProcida Facebook fan page Snag yourself some manwhore...


Ep. 245: The GOP Is Coming For Your Porn with Brian Watson // The State of Sex Work with Kaytlin Bailey

The Republicans are coming! The Republicans are coming! But they don’t want you to! Brian Watson warns us of the anti-porn legislation the GOP is trying to pass in a variety of states. The porn historian dishes on obscenity, sexuality, and the GOP’s attack on your adult content on this Manwhore Podcast. ALSO: Kaytlin Bailey pops by to update us on the state of sex work! PLUS: ignorance, asexual, ancient porn, nerds, one-penis policy, and sex work! Today is the LAST DAY to get this...


Ep. 244: Fluid Bonding, Sobriety, and Dating a Cheater with Rebecca Rush

Rebecca Rush is going to be sober. Eventually. For real. Rebecca dives into toxic relationships and sobriety as she works toward a more positive future. She thinks the term ‘fluid bonded’ is weird, but we don’t fault her for it. Hear us recap on an all-new Manwhore Podcast! PLUS: pregnant, casual relationships, toxic relationships, condoms, and change! Follow Rebecca Rush! Twitter: @RebeccaRush639 Comic’s Book Club Hear me on the Social Villains podcast! Snag yourself some...


Ep. 243: Dating a Straight Girl When You're Gay with Lauren Flans

Being gay isn’t easy. It’s even harder when you’re dating a straight girl unsure of her identity. Actress and podcaster Lauren Flans looks back on her last meaningful relationship, which happened to be with one of these “straight” women. Flans feels ‘forever single’ and uncomfortable with online dating. The Coming Out host talks about dating and coming out and who the young queer kids she teaches workshops to know more about queerness than she does. ALSO: a big ol’ rant on herpes. PLUS:...


Ep. 242: My Husband Forgets I've Been Raped—Sarah Cooper // guest host Sonia Harcourt

It’s difficult—in a world where we don’t teach sex education and where we teach women to be subservient to a man’s desires —to accept that you were raped. It’s even more difficult when your husband keeps forgetting about it. Comedian Sarah Cooper discusses how she came to terms with her sexual assault as well as her new book How To Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings. PLUS: cheating, corporate life, kissing, gender, Patreon, and seeming smart! Buy Billy something nice from his...


LIVE from Los Angeles: "Didn't I blow you in a cab?" (Ep. 241)

I’ve come to learn to have no expectations for my live podcast shows. Each one has been a unique experience with unexpected twists. My LA live show was no different! One guest inquired about a topic I don’t like to talk about in-depth on the podcast often: my break up with P. We delved into the beautiful meet-cute and the unfortunate end of and the mistakes made in my first, real adult-person relationship. Three wonderful women shared the stage with me as we delved into what happened between...


Ep. 240: Are Dick Pics Women's Fault? —with Brian Howie

This may come as a surprise, but men and women…are different. Apparently. Fellow podcaster Brian Howie and I have a great love (and sex) debate on the latest Manwhore Podcast! He claims that men are desperately navigating the post-#MeToo dating waters and are not sure what they can do. I think it’s good that men are more nervous, because their desperation may actually cause them to learn about consent and appropriate workplace behavior. What do you think? PLUS: confidence, orgy etiquette,...