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#5 The Pope and the Prophet and interview with Per Herrey

OK, we’ve been quiet during some time, but we had a good reason; and now we’re back. We discuss the visit of president Nelson to the pope and the gifts they’ve exchanged, but we also take a look at the women during this visit. How important was this audience by the pope for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Secondly we have an interview with Per Herrey, famous Swedish singer/songwriter and author and member of our church. He and his brothers won the Eurovision song contest...


#4 We are no longer mormon and interview with elder and sister Partridge

After a few weeks of silence, Isabel and I are back home from their holiday and especially I’m puzzled about the almost revelation of president Nelson about the “new” name of the Church, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We understand the importance of pointing to the right name of the Church but it won’t be easy. I’m especially concerned with the fact that people who are searching for information, will still use phrases like “what do mormons believe in” or “do...


#3 Freedom of religion under threat, interview with the singing missionary sister Roach and humor as missionary work

Isabel and I are enjoying a beautiful holiday in Sweden. It is a very hot summer in Europe, the hottest in almost 40 years. You cannot BBQ outside because of the hazard creating a fire, but on the other hand it is nice to be outdoors so often, so we decided to record this episode of “A Latter Day in Europe” also outside, to enjoy the sounds and smells of nature while talking about our faith. This time we talked about the freedom of religion which is currently under threat in Europe....


#2 The church on holiday, BYU Folk Dance and Mylissa Demeyere, debut author

Isabel is on holiday in Sweden, making us wonder how we feel visiting another ward or branch while we are enjoying our holiday. It is amazing to feel as one big family across the planet. We also discuss the performance and fireside evening we experienced with the BYU Folk Dance Ensemble. Young people, students, who spend many hours practicing dancing, singing and music and still find the time to be ambassadors for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We had the opportunity to...


#1 A new global hymnbook, an interview with an American mission president in Europe and enjoying culture diversity in Europe

In this first episode Isabel and David Geens explain why they started this podcast. We want to share European mormonism with other people, especially with other mormons throughout the world. We will focus on how sometimes small differences in views and interpretations exists in the way we experience what it is to be a mormon in (secular) Europe. In this episode we wonder about the new global hymnbooks. Will it be a universal book or will it have more eye for the different cultures living...