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This podcast is all about Jesus and how we can grow in our relationship with Him, as we study His Word verse-by-verse.

This podcast is all about Jesus and how we can grow in our relationship with Him, as we study His Word verse-by-verse.
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This podcast is all about Jesus and how we can grow in our relationship with Him, as we study His Word verse-by-verse.






Acts Chapter 2 Verses 33-39

In this portion of Peter's sermon at Pentecost, he explains the Christian doctrine of the deity of Christ through a messianic prophecy in Psalm 110. The crowd of people who have gathered to listen to Peter is convicted of their sin and want to know what they should do in response. Fortunately, Peter has the answer. He gives his listeners an invitation to repent and receive a new life through Jesus. The podcast concludes with a look at four precious promises that God has made to us through...


Acts Chapter 2 verses 22-32

In this section, Peter uses Psalm 16 to demonstrate that the resurrection of Christ was foretold in the Old Testament. We also see that it is possible for believers in Jesus to experience joy and peace even in the midst of severe trials. It is the fact that our Savior rose from the grave that gives us assurance that we too will one day be resurrected.


Acts Chapter 2 Verses 14-21

Peter begins his explanation of what has taken place at Pentecost by quoting from the prophet Joel. We investigate why this particular passage in Joel is relevant to the coming of the Holy Spirit. Peter is giving us helpful examples of how Christian apologetics can be used to help people understand basic Christian doctrine, as well as how biblical prophecy can help us realize the ways certain historical events align with God's plan for humanity.


Acts Chapter 2 Verses 1-13

What can we learn from the events of Pentecost about the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives? For many of us, the manifestation of the Holy Spirit through spiritual gifts is a confusing topic. We can take comfort that the first people to witness the baptism of the Holy Spirit also found it a bewildering experience. As we continue our verse-by-verse study of Acts, we see that God's Spirit is here for us today to empower us to be His witnesses. Along the way, we learn the historical...


Was Matthias a Mistake?

In this follow up to our podcast on Acts chapter 1 verses 15-26, we look a little further into the controversy surrounding the choosing of Matthias, including an issue that we didn't have the opportunity to tackle previously: Should the disciples have waited for the empowering of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost before making this decision? We also look at what the Bible says about casting lots. We also consider again some of the positive ways we can apply the lessons of this passage to our own...


Acts Chapter 1 Verses 15-26

In this section of Acts, we look at the choosing of Matthias to replace Judas as the Twelfth Apostle. Did the disciples make a mistake, as some critics maintain? What lessons can we learn about making godly decisions in our own lives? This verse-by-verse study yields some interesting and surprising insights that we can apply to our walk with God today.


Acts Chapter 1 verses 9-14

In this passage we discover important details about Christ's ascension, an event that set in motion the coming of the Holy Spirit. We also discuss the related topic of the return of Christ, as well as the importance of unity and prayer among the body of Christ, His church.


Acts chapter 1 verses 1-8

We take a look at Jesus' final commands to His disciples before his ascension into heaven. Specifically, they were to wait for the Holy Spirit to empower them, and then go out into all the world sharing the Gospel. What does that mean for us today? What can I learn from this passage that will help me to receive power from the Holy Spirit? These questions and more are answered in this podcast.


Introduction to the Book of Acts

This brief (22 minutes) introduction to the book of Acts explores the purpose of this important part of the New Testament. What God did during the three decades covered by Acts was truly a miracle. We learn about Luke, the author of Acts, and why he was uniquely qualified to tell this story. Along the way, we consider how all of these things are relevant to our lives today, two thousand years later.


2 Corinthians 5:7 Living a Life of Faith

This teaching looks at 7 ways that we can live a life of faith today. Specifically, we see: The focus is personal application: what does a life of faith look like? What does the Apostle Paul mean when he says that we are to "walk by faith, not by sight?" Through this teaching, we will learn what faith is, and what it isn't. You will be equipped to walk by faith and to help others to do the same.