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#10: How to Get Your Life Back

Divine Love and Light is always with you, through the tough times and the healing process. Brigitte Parvin is a beautiful lightworker, angelic communicator, yoga instructor, and author. With beauty, laughter, peace, and love, Brigitte helps those in need reclaim their Inner Truth. Join us tonight as Brigitte discusses her journey and offers tips and advice to help you Get Your Life Back!


#9: Sound Healing

Do you know sound has a profound effect on the overall emotional body? While playing a single Crystal Singing Bowl, Doug Parvin was able to reach deep states of meditation which in turn reduced stress and not only allowed his body to heal but facilitated an awareness of his own life's purpose. Join us tonight as we host special guest Doug Parvin. He will discuss his sacred journey with sound healing and offers tips and tools on bringing this ancient medicine into your life.


#8: Angels of Love

We all have a soul mate! The Angels of Love help you find, keep and heal your relationships. They want you to be happy and live fully! Find out who they are and what they do. Melissa and Grant will share some steps to help you: attract the love you desire; heal a relationship; and tend to your relationship. The Angels of Love are here for you, awaiting your invitation!


#7: Creating Your Dream Chamber

Creating your dream chamber is one of the most important aspects of excellent sleep and profound dreams. Your environment not only affects your emotional and mental states, but it also sets the energy of your dreams. Join Melissa Virtue and Grant Virtue to discover the keys of creating your soothing dream chamber.


#6: Awakening with guest Susan Dintino

The InPower Hour radio host Susan Dintino will be joining us! Susan gets to the heart of the matter with her listeners. A trusted and popular advisor, Susan uses her intuitive abilities to provide her clients with clear guidance and advice that assists them in choosing the best paths for their lives. Susan is a Hay House author, motivational speaker, intuitive advisor and radio show host. Her memoir, "Songs of My Life… Slightly Out of Tune," was an Amazon Hot Pick. Susan is the creater...


#5: Angels of Abundance

Abundance is yours now! You are the only person standing in your way of receiving your Divine inheritance. Melissa Virtue and Grant Virtue will discuss ways to clear your path to abundance. They will offer tools and techniques for you to step into the flow of your abundance to you now. Warning: Abundance is flowing your way! Get ready and open your heart and receive!


#4: Angels, Prayers & Talking with Heaven

Do you communicate with the Angelic beings sent by the Divine? Do you need to hear from a passed over loved one? Does prayer work? Angelic communicator, psychic medium, and spiritual counselor, Heather Hildebrand joins Awakening in an enlightening and powerful discussion of the tools we have been given by the Divine to heal, receive and communicate. We will take callers and give mini readings! Come awaken with us!


#3: Gateway to Your Dreams

Enter the magical world of dreams! Every night you receive messages from the Divine. Lift the veil of your nightly dreams to discover their meaning and profound healing. Melissa Virtue and Grant Virtue will guide you dream basics to interpreting the Divine messages of your dreams.


#2: How to Have a Magical Life

Radleigh Valentine will be joining us today! As a powerful claircognizant and medium, Radleigh’s readings reflect a view of life that is positive and self-empowering of the individual. He is a very compassionate intuitive who has the magical ability to help people see the beauty in themselves and in almost any situation. His demeanor is friendly, warm, and peaceful. And he often uses his southern charm as well as the power of laughter to dissipate worry for his clients. A reading with...


#1 Navigating Your Bliss

Do you feel your life as you knew it has been swept out to sea? Has the rug been pulled out from under you not once, but two or three times? Join your hosts, Melissa Virtue and Grant Virtue as they help you with the tools and techniques to transcend the overwhelm, exhaustion, and negative thoughts wrapping around you like an old cloak. Melissa and Grant will help you shuck off the junk and open yourself to the golden path of forward movement, joy, and love.