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168 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Step 1 So what am I fighting for?

This week has been about using the analogy of being in the ring fighting with my addiction. Fighting to overcome a habitual behavior that I want to change, control or eradicate. It'll be a behavior that I view as not benefiting me especially I view it as not leading me to the goal of who I hope to become.


167 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Step 1 I’m can’t fight for control

I like this metaphor of being in the ring and fighting with my addiction. It's given me a different perspective and that's added to the tools I've used over the years to continue to remain clean and sober as well as continue to transform and grow into the person I want to be.


166 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Step 1 The Fight

Well! In true From Booze To Buddha tradition I jump around subjects while I share my experience and try to make a point about how I find successful transformation.


165 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Step 1 Commitment

To take step one I need to find my willingness.


164 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Step 1 The Foundation and Key

Welcome to this latest chapter in my story of continued healthy, happy years of sobriety. Over the years I have woken up and had that same old feeling of "things gotta change" or "I really sick and tired of how things are going." Well in this next part of my podcast program I will demonstrate how I use the steps plus some other tools that I originally used to get clean as a way to continue to transform myself into the healthy individual I dream of being. It all begins with the feeling that...


163 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Yo-Yo-ing with Step 1

Step 1 of the recovery programs helps me dissect my behavior and look hard at myself. This helps me begin to remove bad attitudes and change the habits that were bringing me down. As I go through this process though I see now how my success and my feelings kinda yo-yo up and down. Identifying this has been a breakthrough in gaining stability in my until I experience a lot more feeling up than down. As well as what to do to bring myself up or prevent going too far down cause I'll see it...


162 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Today was great cause “I Get To!”

There are some basic keys to living a sober life. Don't drink or use, obviously. Also start by just showing up and then have some discipline. I think a cornerstone to living a healthy sober life also includes continuing to learn and apply. On today's show I quote Charlie Munger from an address he gave to a graduation class. I read it as part of starting my day. It help me to get my thoughts into the right place for me and the result was today was a great day.


161 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | The Ways of Practice – explain part 3

Well today in true From Booze to Buddha form I begin off track and then circle around to talking about the third part of our teaching, wisdom. I feel I understand it well for myself what I find challenging is expressing it well for others.


160 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | The Ways of Practice – explain part 2

Today we continue talking about a reading from The Teaching of the Buddha. Describing the meaning of concentration of mind.


159 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | The Ways of Practice – explain part 1

The teaching of the Buddha was the first book that I read and connected with. Earlier in my recovery from drugs and alcohol I struggled with the spiritual nature of the program of the 12 Steps. I am an agnostic, I was back then and I still am today but I have spiritual beliefs and I live a spiritual life based on the teachings of the Buddha. A few days ago I read from the teachings about the way of practice and now I'd like to share it's meaning to me and how I apply it for my continued...


158 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | 24 Years Haven’t Been Easy

Clean and sober 24 years is not something I brag about it's been a lot of work. I attribute my long lasting success to continuing to work on my personal growth as well as knowing that without reminders and effort it can be possible or even easy to slip into a mindset that believes I'd be safe to use again. Although not using now feels easy because right at the root using is not someone I want to be. I want to be able to face my life without turning to drugs and alcohol as a crutch for my...


157 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Can a leopard change his spots?

The philosophical question "can a leopard change his spots" is about whether a person can change something that is part of their base nature. Can I change a core behavior that has been a part of me since I was born or very young. If I was born with it like core personality trait or one that I grew into and held for my whole life, can it be changed? I believe it can. I didn't always but through the work in personal and spiritual growth I have come to see a new character in myself. I have...


156 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Continued Sobriety; Continued Success

Today I talk about, I think, a lot of things/ideas about continuing to grow, find happiness, stay clean and sober and achieve success. Just talking about some of the tools that are in my toolbox and how I have never forgotten they are there or to use them.


155 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | On Day at a Time

Alcoholics Anonymous meeting rooms usually have a little sign on the wall that say "One Day At A Time." I think I finally get what that means or it has evolved into an understanding that I us as a principle in my life. Gandhi said " The future depends on what we do in the present." The teachings on karma and merit tell me that where I will be tomorrow is dependent on what I do today. So if I just focus on today, one day at a time, I can accomplish great things or at least become who I want...


154 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Direction or Purpose needs Commitment

Today I talk a little more about having direction in my life as a key element. Without knowing what I want to be, do or have I just flounder around and that creates down feeling that leads to more floundering around until I'm totally down on myself and miserable. Knowing where I want to go though is only part of the solution because I need to be commented to it. In the Eight-fold Path of the Dharma there is Right Effort and that means "I don't care how much effort it will take I am doing...


153 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | A Key to Step One – Direction or Purpose

As I continue my story of recovery and how I've stayed clean and sober all these years I discovered a key element for myself. The Key I feel that helps keep me headed in the right direction is Purpose or simply knowing where I am going. I have a mentor who teaches to entrepreneurs and he has seen the same element that holds back their businesses. If they don't have a good idea of where they want to take the business then it doesn't grow or flourish. I'm the same way in fact I tend to drift...


152 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Part one of a story of growth

Today's episode is the beginning of my story about the realization that even though I was clean and sober I was still suffering and like the Buddha teaches it was suffering due to my own causes. This is the beginning of the story that I will share this week of how I grew to a high level of understanding, success and happiness.


151 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Begin with the truth

Welcome back to you all. From Booze to Buddha is a program about personal and spiritual growth. I share myself and my stories openly as a mentor who would simply show how they have accomplished something, what they did to achieve it and be an example. Here in these new episodes I am sharing my story of new growth and insight as I have taken myself to higher levels of success in my life as I define them for myself. I will be sharing the things I have been doing as I understand how it is...


150 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | 2018 Welcome Back

I've been working, meditating and growing! How about you? Welcome or Welcome back today listen to what you can expect in the days to come. Namaste!


149 – Buddhist 12 Step Recovery | Acting 100% Responsible

In an effort to be of service I share my experiences and the things in my life that are hard. It is my intention to show how I use what I have learned to break though the barriers that feel like the challenge that I need to push myself though. I've done this and found my continued success by maintaining 100% responsibility for my life.