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Oasis Church NJ † Christian Podcasts on Dating, Parenting, Marriage, Finances, Life

Oasis Church NJ † Christian Podcasts on Dating, Parenting, Marriage, Finances, Life
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Oasis Church NJ † Christian Podcasts on Dating, Parenting, Marriage, Finances, Life




Dealing with Rejection as Singles

If you are a single Christian waiting on God for your soul mate, dealing with feelings of rejection can be very difficult! In a previous article we already mentioned how difficult it is getting over with unrequited love. I was recently talking to a young man, who after months of searching for a potential Christian dating partner online using eHarmony and Christian Mingle to no avail, developed strong feelings for a young woman who had recently started going to his church. They […] The post...


Dealing with Past Relationships as Single Christians

Fact: How people deal with past relationships is a great predictor of future success in other relationships. Many Christian singles I know are in bondage to the past hurts through cheating, disappointments, secret sins and relationship breakups of the past. Under the weight The emotional relationship baggage of the past, many singles gals and guys fail at their attempts to form positive dating relationships How To Deal With Past Relationships The great news about our following Christian...


Learning How to Argue and Fight

The best dating tip we could give Christian singles is learning how to argue and fight. That may sound like whacky dating advice unless you know that the top reason both dating and married couples break up is a lack of communication in the area of conflict-resolution. This is very important, so let me reiterate this dating advice a different way: Learning how to fight and argue successully is the best way to a lasting and happy dating and/or married relationship. […] The post Learning How...


Free Christian Singles Advice on Dating

Did the title Free Christian Singles Advice grab your attention? you know there is a lot of free Christian singles dating advice on dating on the internet today, and most of it is totally unbiblical or just plain sucks. To counter this problem, each week we search the web for the best free Christian singles podcasts advice out there for our thousands of listeners. Free Christian Singles Advice Podcast This week we have a free Christian singles podcast from Elevation […] The post Free...


NJ 2019 Easter Sunday Church Services

Join Oasis church for Easter Sunday Church service on April 21 2019 at 10am and 12 Noon at our great new meeting place at 2 Denman Ave in Clark 2019 NJ Easter Family Friendly Church Services If you reside anywhere in the NY or NJ and are looking for contemporary, non-denominational Easter Church Services, come check out Oasis Church NJ, the creator of this singles blog. We serve the following nearby NJ towns with our contemporary,non-denominational church services, experience: […] The post...

Managing Transition-Making the Most of Change as Christian Singles

Making the most of changes and managing transitions in our lives is often a difficult thing to do, but essential if one is to prosper in this life. How do you manage transitions in your life? Life’s transitions and changes can be a great opportunity, but also a threat. Managing Transitions as Singles If you are having a rough go managing transition and making the most of change, you are not alone. The fact is singles go through more life […] The post Managing Transition-Making the Most of...


Living Alone and Lonely as a Single Christian

As a single person, have you discovered the key to living alone without being lonely? If loneliness is a daily struggle, know that many others are going thought he same thing. In fact, according to our ongoing singles survey, one of the worst things Christian singles find about single life are the lonely feelings that go with the territory. Dealing with Living Alone After scouring the web for a church podcast that addresses the subject of being lonely, we came […] The post Living Alone and...


Signs of Physical Attraction

Do you know the signs of physical attraction? Experts tell us that there are certain signs of physical attraction that gives away a girl likes a guy, or when a dude is attracted to girl. In fact, if you were to go and Google “signs of physical attraction”, you would find a whole boatload of relationship advice on how to tell when there is a spark. Signs of Physical Attraction Podcast This week’s church podcast on signs of physical attraction […] The post Signs of Physical Attraction...


Christian Dating Tips Podcast

Our Christian dating church pod-cast of the week takes us to Bloomington, Minnesota (MN). Here pastor Chris Reinertson, of the River Church at Mall of America, speaks about the journey of Christian dating. If you are a Christian single presenting in a Christian dating relationship, or simply interested in dating, this message covers it all. If your church, Christian singles group or college ministry has a singles related message they would like pod-casted to thousands of singles for free,...


Single Chat-Hope for Singles

Single Chat? No, by using the term “single chat” we are not talking about the many single chat rooms out there on the internet. What we are referring to is single chat message for single Christians regarding the trials and tribulations of single life. It’s not easy living alone as a godly Christian single in today’s world. Many of us feel pressure on all sides. Others have written us telling of their heartbreak, guilt and discouragement. Well, the following “single […] The post Single...


Information on Single Parenting Hood

Need information on single parenting hood? Many single parents are seeking information on how to balance their Christian dating lives with raising their kids properly. There is a lot of information on single parenting hood on the web. However, not all that info is good for Christian single parents. Information on Single Parenting Hood Tips Raising kids in a single parenting hood environment is very difficult. However, if you are even thinking of dating as a single parent we […] The post...


Christian Dating Advice for Men Seeking Marriage

This podcast is all about Christian dating advice for men seeking seeking to get hitched. A whole lot of Christian men and woman for that matter seek Christian dating advice on spiritual relationships soul mates, and what makes for good marriage material. Many people feel the best determining factor in determining a successful marriage (or dating relationship for that matter) is how close the couple is spiritually. Studies show that those couples who experience close spiritual relationships...


Christian Dating Tips for Men and Women

Are you looking for Christian dating tips for men or women? I have to say the following Christian dating podcast for guys and girls is probably the best and practical we have put on air. Pastor Marc Driscoll gives out dating tips for men and women in terms that are both funny and informative Christian Dating Tips for Men and Women Huh? Yeah, I thought so too, but here is what happens: During his message on Christian dating people were […] The post Christian Dating Tips for Men and Women...


Christian Debt Consolidation for Singles

As we mentioned previously singles stress out over money, so that is why we are talking about Christian consolidation debt today. I meet a ton of Christian singles who would like to learn about Christian debt consolidation and ways of avoiding debt, but simply do not know where to begin, Christian Debt Consolidation Podcast In answer to to all the debt problems singles suffer money worries, our Christian podcast for the week deals with this issue. Christian Podcasts Christian Dating […] The...


Best Sex Tips for Christian Singles

Sex tips and tricks for Christians? Well, okay, maybe the words in the title “Sex Tips and Tricks” is a little bit over the top, but but I happen to know Christian singles are desperately looking for some straight talk on how they can balance the fact that God created them to be both sexual and holy beings. Best Sex Tips Christian Podcast Without a doubt our Christian podcast of the week from Pastor Tim of Liquid Church is the […] The post Best Sex Tips for Christian Singles appeared first...


Relationship Compatibility Test for Christian Singles

Lately I’ve been reading about the relationship compatibility test. Just Google “relationship compatibility test” and you will get hundreds of sites where you can take a test. While most of these relationship compatibility love tests are bogus, there a few interests ones out there that test dating couple on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels Relationship Compatibility Test Podcast Many Christian singles write to us wondering what makes for a good Christian dating relationship. The...


Fear of Intimacy in Relationships

Many Christians and non-Christian, single or married, suffer from what we call fear of intimacy in relationships. Wearing a mask is not God’s idea of being transparent and vulnerable. Fear of Intimacy in Relationships for Christians Unfortunately, many of us walk around not “being” the person God has called us to be because we fear other people getting close enough to see the real us. When we do this, we not only cheat ourselves out the fulfilling relationships Jesus wants to […] The post...


How Singles Deal With Stress

How to deal with stress while being single is a much talked about topic among singles whether they Christian or pagan. Stress is in fact one of the biggest “joy robbers” of singles. In fact, we recently wrote an article on what single Chrsitians stress out about most. Dealing With Stress Podcast Well, todays’ Christian podcast about how to deal with stress comes from Liquid church, and if you’re singles and dealing with stress in your life poorly, this will […] The post How Singles Deal...


Single Parents and Prodigals

We already mentioned how difficult it is to be a Christian single parent. Being a single parent of a prodigal son or daughter is even more difficult. Our following single parenting podcast takes a biblical look on how parents should deal wit their prodigal kids. Single Christian Parenting Category Other Singles Podcast: Christian Singles Relationship Advice Christian Podcasts Christian Dating Service The post Single Parents and Prodigals appeared first on Christian Dating Service Reviews |...


Love, Sex and the Bible: Christian Dating Podcast

Love, Sex and the Bible. These are topics nearly all Christian singles find most interesting. Well, we have good news, This week Dave Butler, the founder and pastor of Oasis Singles, brings us our Christian dating podcast featuring the message, “Love, Sex and the Bible”. Today we will be in the Song of Songs, which has a whole lot to say about courtship, love and sex. While some scholars feel this scripture (it was really a song) is allegorical, most […] The post Love, Sex and the Bible:...