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#22 Going Rogue

Greetings to a joyful, abundantly creative new year! The new year is a wonderful time to let go of the past that no longer serves you and to reorganize your reality into one that aligns with your greatest good and desires. But most people confuse their true, inspired (in-Spirited) desires for the outer desires of mass consciousness, and once again squander their time and energy in pursuit of meeting outer standards that are often completely opposed to their inner wants and needs. As we...


#21 You Are No Body

Hello sovereign creators. Today’s episode is called “You Are No Body.” It’s a continuation of a very important topic that I’ve been yammering on for the past two episodes, about your true identity as God, as I Am, Spirit, Presence, whatever you want to call it. This topic is so important as I begin this new season, because everything I talk about after this will be coming from this perspective: the perspective of your total truth, your total essence, your total sovereignty. Topics I'll be...


#20 From self-Consciousness to Self-Consciousness

[Transcript] Hello sovereign creators. I’m your host Alice Kim. Welcome to Episode 20, called “From self-Consciousness to Self-Consciousness.” In the last episode I talked about the most important thing you must acknowledge and know about yourself – that you are God. Today I continue the discussion by talking about the purpose of the Matrix and how it was designed to support our Self-realization, until we got a little lost along the way and ended up changing the rules of the game. Then...


#19 You Are God

[Transcript] Hello sovereign creators. I’m your host Alice Kim, and this is Episode 19, called “You Are God.” The title says it all – it’s the key to your freedom. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. So elegant in its simplicity that you gloss over it and search for more complicated solutions. If you would contemplate this title and live it at every moment until you fully embody your Presence – your I Am – you would be totally liberated, and the Matrix will spit you out! So, want to...


#18 After the Red Pill, Now What?

[Transcript] Hello sovereign ones. I’m back after a long podfade, ready to start a new season on how to live our days in freedom and joy regardless of the appearances projected in the Matrix. I’m your host Alice Kim, and we continue on with Episode 18 called, “After the Red Pill, Now What?” Since it’s been a while, I wanted to ease back in with a recap of the show’s primary focus – to remind you and myself why it’s important to address this, for us, and for the rest of the awakening...


#17 Game of Throne

[Transcript] Hello sovereign creators. Welcome to Episode 17 titled, “Game of Throne.” Are you ready to be Master of your world? Do you truly wish to be the Sovereign of your kingdom, take your rightful seat on the throne, and claim the scepter of your authority? If you’re serious about being a fully awakened, divinely embodied, integrated, and realized human in this lifetime, you’re going to be asked to take on a specific challenge that I’ll discuss today. Will you accept, or will you...


#16 Apocalypse Now

[Transcript] Hello sovereign creators. Thanks for tuning in. I’m your host Alice Kim and today is Episode 16 called “Apocalypse Now.” The Apocalypse is more than the destruction of the world or the cataclysmic event prophesied in religious circles. It’s much more intimate than that. Rather than being an external event, it’s an internal transformation that uncovers and uproots all your untruths so that you can create your own new Heaven and Earth here and now. The End Days What is an...


#15 Do You Love Yourself?

[Transcript] Hello sovereign creators. Thanks for tuning in. I’m your host Alice Kim, and this is Episode 15 titled with the question, “Do You Love Yourself?” This is one of the biggest questions you’ll need to answer if you want to be free. The good news is, you’ll never have to guess because the answers are always right in front you in the form of your reality. The Heart of Your Miscreations In this show, the Matrix is an umbrella term that stands for the network of collective and...


#14 Questions for a New Reality

[Transcript] Hello there. Thanks tuning in. I'm your host Alice Kim, and this is Episode 14 titled “Questions for a New Reality.” Are you bored, unfulfilled, or even totally fed up with your life? Would you like more happiness, laughter, peace and lightness in your world? If you really want to experience more joy and freedom in your life, you’re going to have to change your mind about what you think and believe about it, because how you choose to see your life is how your life will be...


#13 Be Who You Are

Our ideas of ourselves are heavily fed by stories of what the world thinks we are and ought to be. It’s time to stop believing in the hearsay of what we think we are and to actually know who we are. And the first step to living the truth of who you are is to give yourself permission to be who you are. [Transcript] Thanks tuning in. I'm your host Alice Kim, and this is Episode 13 titled “Be Who You Are.” Do you live your life as who you really are or who you think you are? Do you think you...


#12 Disconnecting from the Matrix

This episode takes a step back to discuss the theme of this show, which is about the Matrix and, specifically, about disconnecting from it. There are many layers to the Matrix, but simply put, it's an illusory construct of mass consciousness belief systems. These are group beliefs that come from 'out there': from family, friends, society, culture, religion, education, politics, science, media, and the list goes on. The Matrix is made up of beliefs, and all beliefs are untrue. It's a...


#11 Eat Anxiety for Breakfast

Anxiety – what is it and what can you do about it? Anxiety is a state of being in constant worry, distress, nervousness, fear, or any negative emotion, often about an unknown future situation. Anxiety is insanity – it's a mental disorder, an imbalance of the mind. The crazy thoughts that populate your mind are like the lunatic inmates who've run amok and have taken over the asylum. This chaos then becomes the experience of your reality. The Matrix of the mind is like a labyrinth in a fun...


#10 Be-Do-Have

This episode was inspired by the story of my friend Linda's 9 year-old son, Dylan. It's a story that all of us can relate to about a time when we were young and free to dream to be, do, and have anything we imagined. But as we grew up, our parents and other authority figures, along with the rest of the world – often with loving intentions – quickly eroded the certainty and joy we once had of our limitlessness. Soon we were pegged into a small place of not-good-enough, not-smart-enough,...


#9 Abracadabra

Abracadabra! Did you know that Abracadabra is an ancient word that was originally spoken as a powerful invocation of creative powers? Sources say that Abracadabra is likely an Aramaic or Hebrew word that means: I create what I speak. Abracadabra – I create what I speak. You are a Creator. And as Creator, your words declare. Your words command. And whatever you speak, it becomes so. That's also why prayers end with 'Amen'. It means: So be it. In other words: What I just said, so it...


#8 The Word That Creates Worlds

It's bible study time! I discuss a new, 'Christed' perspective of the Bible verses John 1 : 1-5. The Word Became Flesh 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of men. 5 The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it. The Word here refers to Jesus...


#7 Freedom: Choice, Responsibility, and Trust

This session discusses the core theme of this show: Freedom. When and how is freedom experienced? What does it take to get free? And is there a price to choosing freedom? You create your own reality. And the first step to your creation is through choice. The universe is here to serve you, the creator, and the only way it can do so in its highest compassion is with your consent. Therefore, everything you experience in your world, without exception, is the fulfillment of your choices. As...


#6 Lent Vent

With the kickoff of Ash Wednesday last week, the Lent season is now in full swing. It's a time when Christians spend the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday in fasting, penance, and in reflection of the suffering, sacrifice, death, and resurrection of their savior, Jesus Christ. This episode is my rant on Lent from a consciousness perspective without the blindfold of religion. I talk about the distinction between the fictional Jesus of Nazareth of the Bible vs Jesus the actual man, whose...


#5 Love Rant

After finishing Episode 4 "What Is Love?", I realized that I wasn't done with the subject of love. This is somewhat of a continuation of the previous session, but more of a rant on the state of love – specifically romantic love and marriage – in the Matrix. Although loving relationships are one of the highest states of human experiences that are desired and sought after by the world, most people who sign on for it eventually end up feeling dissatisfied and trapped with all its controls and...


#4 What Is Love?

This Valentine's Day episode talks about love. What exactly is love? And do we even know what we mean when we talk about love? I discuss the limited, conventional meaning of love as commonly understood in the Matrix versus the transcendent, ultimate meaning of Love – the Love of pure consciousness with zero conditions. Because Love is your truth, your release to freedom begins when you start to embody the Love that you are, to be the Love that you are. And because Love is already what you...


#3 Leave the Weather Alone

The weather. It's always around. And there's no denying that it has a big influence on our daily lives. Most people have strong habituated judgments about the weather without even being aware of it. They get swept into believing that it's somehow responsible for their state of mind, when in fact what they're experiencing is a projection of their own emotions, the 'weather' in their own minds. Like any phenomenon, the weather in itself is completely neutral, blameless and innocent. By...