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Stimulating thoughts, Announcements,Discussion on books
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Stimulating thoughts, Announcements,Discussion on books






Why didn’t the teacher teach Satyakama?

In the previous post we saw how the teacher Gautama arrived at the parentage of Satyakama, a son of a single mother Jabala. Gautama concluded that Satyakama must have been born to a Brahmin since he did not hesitate to speak the most dreadful truth of his life. Gautama even admitted him to his school. But did he actually teach him?

You probably are born to a Brahmin!

Let us continue our story of Satyakama that we started in the previous post.

Mom, who is my father?

Imagine how a mother would feel when her own son asks her this question. Today, single motherhood is not uncommon. So this question may not upset many a single mother. But I am talking about a mother who probably lived 5000 years ago.

Insightful stories from Upanishads

Today I am starting a new series namely “Insightful stories from Upanishads”. As I have been doing earlier, I hope to talk to you twice a week, every Wednesday and Friday.

Looking back (concluding Bhagavadgeetha)

For the past four and half months, we have been discussing various interesting topics from one of the most well known of the Indian scriptures namely the Bhagavadgeetha.

Which is the best path?

In the previous discussion we saw how all paths we have been talking about, lead to the same destination. But is any of these paths better than the others? Or are they all equally good?

NewBook: Was Jesus really in India?

I am happy to announce the release of my 18th book “Was Jesus really in India? : Deeper look into the mystery”.

Four paths, same destination

In the past several weeks, I discussed mainly about the four paths talked about by Bhagavadgeetha – namely, the path of inquiry (Jnyaana Maarg), the path meditation (Yoga Maarg), the path of selfless service (Karma Maarg) and the path of devotion (Bhakti Maarg). A casual reader of Bhagavadgeetha often gets confused. Each path seems to contradict the other. And some people have even criticized Bhagavadgeetha for this reason. But actually, there is no contradiction. The paths are...

BookTalk: Yoga Facts

In today’s book talk I am going to discuss about my book “Yoga Facts: Answers to some important questions about Yoga”.

Devotion does not mean rituals

For many of us devotion means erecting some grand place of worship, wearing some religious attire, and making all pomp and show. Are these really needed?

What does one achieve by devotion?

The obvious outcome of selfless devotion to God is getting closer to God. Getting closer to God is fine. But is that all?

The path of devotion

Most of us are emotionally oriented. Emotions come naturally to us. The path of devotion is a natural option for emotional people who can’t follow other paths such as path of inquiry (Jnyaana Maarg), or path of selfless action (Karma Maarg), or path of Yoga or Meditation. How does one go about on this path of devotion?

Is any form of God as good as any other?

In the previous post we saw how all forms of God are expressions of the same single God. Naturally, one may ask – in that case, can I worship any form of God and attain the same results?

BookTalk: A Mantra to enhance your mental capabilities

In today’s book talk I am going to discuss about my book “A Mantra to enhance your mental capabilities”.

Which God is the best?

For a Christian, God means Jesus Christ. A devout Muslim swears that there is no God other than Allah. A Hindu is more flexible – he has a wide choice of Gods ;-)

Isn’t devotion irrational?

In the previous discussion, I said that devotion or Bhakti can be a good alternative to a person – a person who cannot follow intellectual pursuit, a person who cannot do selfless service, a person who cannot meditate – an optiion to make spiritual progress. Devotion to some God is definitely a faith based concept. These days we come across many self claimed intellectuals who frown upon religious beliefs and faiths. They say that faith is the bane of all our present day ills. If that is...

Baby monkey or baby cat – which is easier?

You probably have noticed a baby monkey clinging on to its mother while the mother jumps from tree to tree. The mother is not at all concerned with the infant. It is the responsibility of the infant to take care of itself. Compare this to what a kitten does. It just cries aloud for its mother and the mother comes running to protect it from any danger. The kitten does nothing to protect itself other than calling its mother.

Ultimate realization – how easy it is to attain?

In the previous post, we talked about what is meant by the ultimate realization which is worth attaining. But the million dollar question is “can anyone ever attain it?”

BookTalk: Ancient wisdom - Modern viewpoints

In today’s book talk I am going to discuss about my book “Ancient wisdom modern viewpoints”.

Higher level view of the Universe

In a previous post, we started with two approaches to understand the universe and the concept of universal identity. One is through concepts that can be comprehended by our senses and the mind. The other one is purely abstract and more or less beyond comprehension. We discussed the former in the previous post. Now let us try to understand the other , namely the abstract view of the Universe.