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FCN Church meets at 10am - St. Andre Bessette Secondary School - 2727 Tokala Trail in London, ON.

FCN Church meets at 10am - St. Andre Bessette Secondary School - 2727 Tokala Trail in London, ON.
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FCN Church meets at 10am - St. Andre Bessette Secondary School - 2727 Tokala Trail in London, ON.




iWonder - He Came to Seek and Save the Lost

The babies passion would be to seek and save the lost. He ended up in the home of Zach and in doing so reveals that no matter what we feel about ourselves, how bad we have been, how broken we are…he still passionately pursues us. Text: Luke 19:10 Speaker: Ron Baker


iWonder - He Came Not to be Served but to Serve

The King of Kings came to serve humanity by laying down his life as a ransom. We look at the baby Jesus with wonder, awe and amazement but ultimately He came to set us free from the powerful hold of sin and death. His act of serving us was to give us freedom and new life; this was his purpose. Text: Mark 10:45 Speaker: Ron Baker


Crossroads - Trust In The One

Knowing, seeking and trusting the Author of life can be one of the greatest GPS systems we can use to navigate the toughest decisions. The beauty is knowing that we are not alone in walking the path of decision making (Proverbs 3:5&6) Speaker: Ron Baker


Crossroads - Choose Your Friends Well

When we think about lego blocks, our minds develop an image of children playing with these small blocks building a masterpiece. When we stop to look at lego blocks, you’ll notice that they are not all the same size or even have the same amount of connectors. In choosing friends wisely, we must understand how many connectors we have on our own relational block, once we know who they are, we can make good decisions with who we allow to connect to our lives. Speaker: Kath Spoelstra


Crossroads - Vibrant Marriages

Velcro is a great invention and too often we allow it to influence our marriages. God designed marriage to be the union of two people, what we do each day can either pull us together or push us apart. We will learn what it means to love and respect each other in the decision making process. Speaker: Ron Baker & Desiree Baker


Crossroads - Raising Adults

Parenting can be the most rewarding but at the same time most painful thing someone will do. Where parents often get off track is they neglect this one simple truth, you are not raising children, you are raising adults. Psalm 127:3&4 speaks to this idea of children being like an arrow in a warrior's hand. We have the responsibility to guide, direct and release them. Speaker: Ron Baker, David Baker, Paul Baker


Crossroads - Focused Forward

Too often we make decisions based on the emotion of the moment. Well if it feels good, just do it. This is often when we get ourselves in trouble. Part of making great decisions is making sure we have the end in mind. The apostle Paul lived this pattern in his life when he said, I forget the past and look forward to what lies ahead. Speaker: Ron Baker


Brave - Heart

To see God’s work move ahead with momentum and impact you will often see a group of people behind it willing to sacrifice time, energy and money. We must be willing to step into this space sacrificially so that His work can continue to move forward. Mal 3:10 God dares us to release his blessing. The OT baseline for giving is 10% but the NT is radical generosity from a heart of Joy. Communion Speaker: Ron Baker


Brave - Moves

To boldly go where no one has gone before we must be prepared to give God full access to our lives. God’s people got up and went. They did not hold back. Our bold moves give God space to show Himself in the midst of a new future. Speaker: Ron Baker


Brave - Faith

BRAVE: Living Courageously Laying out the vision for our new location in Exeter. We're going to explore how, whether you were part of FCN's first gathering or you came out for the first time last week, every single one of us has a part to play in seeing this new future take shape. Speaker: Ron Baker


Words - Perseverance

In life we short circuit our ability to grow perseverance when we bail out to early. Is it possible the resistance we face in life is the very thing we need to grow our faith. Speaker: Ron Baker


Words - Courage

Courage is not the absence of fear, but is the fortitude to take steps of faith knowing that God will be there in each of the steps. Courage is knowing that you can attach yourself this year to Someone greater than yourself. Joshua 1:6&7 Speaker: Ron Baker


Words - Intention

Too often we move through life allowing it to just happen to us. Today, we are going to talk about how we can move into this new season with intention and purpose. Speaker: Ron Baker & Pat Fortin Mussieux


The Lord's Prayer: The Path to a Vibrant Faith - Don't Give In

Jesus knew all too well that life is filled with temptations that pull us away from the things God is calling us to. The enemy would love nothing more than for you and me to give in to those the temptations. Prayer can give us the strength to overcome the power of temptation. It allows our minds and hearts to be realigned to the work of God in us. Speaker: Ron Baker


The Lord's Prayer: The Path to a Vibrant Faith - Nothing Between Us

A powerful step in prayer is the ability to deal with the wedges that grow between ourselves and others in our lives. Our inability to forgive has an impact on our prayer lives. It’s also essential that we keep short accounts with God when it comes to sin in our lives. Prayer can expose the sin that so easily trips us up and bring us to forgiveness. Speaker: David Baker


The Lord's Prayer: The Path to a Vibrant Faith - The Essentials

Once we understand the first two steps of prayer, we can then have the correct attitude for step three, where we bring our daily needs—not wants, but needs—before Him. Speaker: Ron Baker


The Lord's Prayer: The Path to a Vibrant Faith - Connect the Dots

August 12. Connect the Dots (Vs10) Is it possible that when we pray we are connecting heaven and earth? Prayer can hold the power to bring about God’s work in this world. I would like this morning to have a very pointed moment where we challenge our community to choose someone specific in their life for whom they can pray. Speaker: Ron Baker


The Lord's Prayer: The Path to a Vibrant Faith - Tip The Hat

The goal for this series is to help people understand that prayer can be as simple as focusing on the five areas Jesus covers in Matthew 6. Prayer is something that takes time and intention, and we often mis-understand it. We come to God like He’s a genie granting us three wishes. But prayer is actually incredibly powerful, helping us walk humbly with God in the full knowledge that He is sovereign. Key Passage: Matthew 6:9-13 August 5. Tip the Hat (Vs9) God is not our bro, the Man Upstairs...


Summer Psalms - The Sweetness of Community

Psalm 133 - We'll look at a bigger picture - the Israelites and the psalm of ascents (which psalm 133 is part of), then hone in on psalm 133, and how good and pleasant it is when 'brothers' dwell in unity. We'll explore why it is important to cultivate spiritual friendships. And some ways we can pursue Christian community. Speaker: Kath Spoelstra


Summer Psalms - God..the way you have never seen Him

Psalm 86:1-7 Speaker: Kirk Harper