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Episode 013 | State of the Plate for Church Giving 2018 |

Did you know that 41% of regular church attendees give to church consistently? That’s less than half of your congregation. Alarming isn’t it? Listen as Kenny Jahng discusses the State of the Plate of generosity amongst churches far and wide and how church leaders can bring solution to your weekly giving. TRANSCRIPTION Hi there, this is Kenny Jahng with the Generosity Labs Podcast. Thank you so much for joining us today. One of the things that we have been getting questions...


Episode 012 | How Corporate America Views Social Good and Volunteerism |

Today's episode is different from our usual interviews. We sat down with Jason Altman, Regional Vice President of Enterprise Holdings, to talk about how the company moves corporate social responsibility forward to the community. Jason shares his unique experiences and examples of how their organization is involved in doing social good. Check out the episode below. CONTACT: TRANSCRIPTION: Kenny: Hey, welcome back, friends. This is Kenny Jahng, host of Generosity...


Episode 010 | Are you Ready for #GivingTuesday? |

Is your church ready for #GivingTuesday? In this episode, Kenny sits down with one of the most respected leaders regarding generosity, stewardship, and giving, Chris Willard. They talk about how to encourage not-yet givers to be regular givers and how participating in #GivingTuesday can help spark generosity and giving in the hearts of people in your church and outside of your community. Check out their conversation below. WEBSITES MENTIONED Year-end giving guide by...


Episode 009 | Text-to-Give Translates into More Giving |

We sat down with John Ray of Destiny Life Church to discuss their move from offering envelopes to digital giving. Here are a few highlights from our discussion: Show Notes In our discussion, John mentions Destiny Life ChurchKindridFellowship One Contact John at


Episode 008 | Dean Sweetman from|

Recently, we sat down with Dean Sweetman of to discuss the state of giving. In our discussion, we went how churches can find and use best practices when it comes to cultivating generosity. Here are a few highlights: [3:31] In ministry, we live on a budget and the budget has its forecast of regular revenue that comes in and whether it be weather-related cancellation or holidays or people just not showing up at the church on a weekly basis anymore on our culture. [4:09] A lot of...


Episode 007 | Joseph Sangl on Preaching about Money|

SHOW NOTES In today's episode of the Generosity Labs podcast, we interview Joseph Sangl who is on a quest to help pastors get over their fear about talking about money. He is the founder of I Was Broke Now I’m Not. Key points in the discussion: Reach out to Joseph Sangl on CHECK OUT WWW.GENEROSITYLABS.ORG for more episodes, blog articles and more resources about giving and generosity. TRANSCRIPTION KENNY: Good day everybody. This is Kenny Jahng coming at you...


Episode 006 | Conversation with Cesie Delve Scheuermann |

SHOW NOTES In today's episode of the Generosity Labs podcast, we interview Cesie Delve Scheuermann who talks about how simple expression of gratitude paves the way to instill a culture of generosity in every church and all over the world. She is the writer of a blog called, Inspiring Generosities. Key points in the discussion: Reach out to Cesie Delve Scheuermann on CHECK OUT WWW.GENEROSITYLABS.ORG for more episodes, blog articles and more resources about...


Episode 005 | Cindy Petroff of Faith Family Church |

SHOW NOTES In this episode of the Generosity Labs Podcast, we sit down with Cindy Petroff, the Director of Finance at Faith Family Church. Cindy has been serving at Faith Family for more than 18 years and has seen the landscape of giving change substantially In this episode, Cindy talks about What lead them to digital givingThe biggest challenge of digital givingWhy digital giving is 7x more efficient In this episode, Cindy recommends KindridFaith Family ChurchLeadership...


Episode 004 | Conversation with Nadine Raphael |

SHOW NOTES In our latest episode of the Generosity Labs Podcast, we sit down with Nadine Raphael. Nadine has been with the Christian Life Center in Florida for 16 years and is the current Chief Operating Officer. She’s really got a handle on finances, generosity, administration and how the three work together. In this episode, Nadine talks about What demographic they’re getting ready forCLC’S 5 different ways to giveHow much growth they experienced through digital givingHow they...


Episode 003 | Conversation with Jacob Paulkovitz |

In this episode of the Generosity Labs Podcast, we sit down with Jacob Paulkovitz, the Executive and Financial Assistant at Hope Fellowship in Texas. Hope Fellowship is a growing church in the North Dallas area. In this episode, Jacob talks about Early adopter of Digital GivingAdvice for pastor’s considering going digital In this episode, Jacob recommends KindridHope Fellowship ChurchFellowship OneGlobal Leadership SummitLeadership Network Find more interviews, transcripts and...


Episode 002 | Craig Olson of Highland Park Church |

We sat down with Craig Olson of Highland Park Church in Lakeland, FL to talk about digital giving. Craig shares his congregation’s experience in, not just digital giving, but with a newly adopted text-to-give strategy. The conversation includes how they are using keywords and text-based giving to raise funds for specific causes. Show Notes In our discussion, Craig mentioned: Kindrid -kindrid.comACS -acstechnologies.comWillow Creek Global Leadership Summit...


Episode 001 | Matt Allen from Thompson Station Church |

In our latest episode by Generosity Labs podcast, we meet with Matt Allen. This Tennessean is a Creative Arts Pastor at Thompson Station Church, a passionate Duke basketball fan and has a “Bluebell Ice Cream Only” policy. In this episode, Matt talks about His leadership role in introducing text to give at Thompson Station ChurchThe importance of communication in introducing text giving optionsHow they handle and publicize earmarked donationsOne example of how text-based giving surpassed...


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Generosity and Giving as it relates to the Church is one of the biggest and most important conversations we can have across faith communities. That’s why we’re here. On The Generosity Labs Podcast, hosted by Kenny Jahng --we will talk to pastors, consultants, service providers and other church leaders. We’re going to discuss the current trends, models and best practicesfor developing giving as a robust part of your community life and how you can get a culture of generosity to flourish...