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In the book of James, we read that we’re to take joy in trials and suffering. This sounds bizarre and completely counter-cultural, but God has a purpose in our sufferings. Daniel Secomb from Israel, Islam, and the End Times returns to talk about the role suffering plays in the life of the Christian. This role is a shocker, but contrary to contemporary Christian teaching suffering has been taught to be a teacher and molder for the Christian.



The common motivator or those who have held on to their faith against the most difficult odds is the age to come—Heaven. Unfortunately, modern teaching on Heaven sells it short. The Bible gives are more details about this age-to-come than is let on by most preaching and teaching. Past generations understood these details. Daniel Secomb, of Israel, Islam, and the Endtimes, and a leading teacher on the Millennial Kingdom shares these overlooked details. The Millennial Kingdom is a...


Behind the Scenes

There is a spiritual world and there is a raging battle within that world that also breaks through into the physical world. This spiritual battle is behind many of the challenges of our faith. C.S. Lewis provided the world great insight into the demonic opposition upon our following of Christ in his classic, The Screwtape Letters. Author Beckie Lindsey has taken a modern spin on the topic covered by Lewis. Her latest Young Adult Fiction series, Beauty from Ashes, is flying off shelves. In...



The pushback and objections raised to Hold On, have been that there is no need to talk about the issue of people leaving their faith because God will provide strength in that time. And He does, but it's not from left field rather its been cultivated over time. In previous episodes, guests have shared how in difficulty they turned to God and He provided a peace like no other, but Rita Halter Thomas of Hold On Stories, shares the secret behind Lora Jones’ faithfulness. And the answer is...


The Horrific

Believers constantly face challenges to their faith. Challenges like have been presented in every episode of Hold On so far this season, but no challenge may match persecution of one’s faith. Timothy and Darcie Gill spent many years as missionary representatives for Voice of the Martyrs. They would spend time in the field with persecuted believers and then return to states to share in churches. Through their work, Timothy and Darcie gained a great insight into the reality of persecution, as...


The Impossible

The Bible tells many stories of God doing the impossible whether that be bringing a child to a barren womb, a virgin birth, or the other miracles. Those feats of the Bible seem ancient history to us today. When we face the impossible, its easy to give up and given in. But God calls us to be faithful and trust Him to do the impossible. Ralph and Evelyn Mann did just that – when the received word that the baby in Evelyn’s womb had a lethal form of dwarfism, Thanatophoric Dwarfism, and was told...


Time Out

Taking a pause from the powerful stories and interviews, Jake slows down to make sure everyone is on the same page as he takes a timeout and pumps the break to talk about what is faith and why people really are leaving. Jake also shares his own story of coming to faith in Jesus.


The Unthinkable

From episode one, guest David Sanford shared that one of the main causes of an individual leaving the faith was when tragedy strikes. The question becomes how a loving God can allow something so evil and tragic to occur. But the call of faithful from the Bible calls the follower of Jesus to remain faithful no matter what. Christian teaching points back to Job who lost everything. Job faced the unthinkable and remained faithful. Lora Jones faced the unthinkable in her life and like Job was...


Returns Happen: Part Two

Each guest interviewed, and each story told becomes part of the cast and tell the narrative of the reality many American Christians face, a challenge to hold on and keep their faith. Statistics and experience tell us that few returns to the church and the faith after leaving. But Ronnie did. Ronnie was a Christian—actively serving in his church. He had even committed his life to be a pastor, and then he left for the Navy. And on the high seas, well more like the ports, Ronnie fell into...


Returns Happen: Part One

This season began with the identification of an epidemic in America---millions leaving the faith. The outlook is bleak and seemingly hopeless, but in episode two our guests share there was hope and that people could return to the faith. This reality is music to the ears of all of us because we all have someone we deeply love who is currently away from the faith. Although, David’s words are encouraging—finding someone who has returned is far in-between. To prove that returns do happen Jake...


There is Hope

Past generations in America saw people leave the church and even the faith as teenagers, but they typically returned when they began to have families of their own. Statisticians tell us now that is not the case. That especially, young adults who have grown up in the faith and leave are not coming back. The research makes the possibility seem hopeless, but author David Sanford has personally been able to help others come back to their faith and even come into a stronger faith. David has been...


An American Epidemic

Hold On is tackling one particular issue head on—the abandonment of one’s faith. In the process of coming to understand this issue, many more will be addressed. In episode one, Jake sets out to quantify just how big of a problem this is in America. There are many researchers and statisticians who have written about the large number who have left the faith, but there is one author who has gone beyond the numbers and examined the stories of those who have left. David Sanford began exposing...


Season One of Hold On with Jake McCandless

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